The Conduit

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All 18-year-old Celeste Garrett wants is to head off to college and make those fun, yet ill-advised, choices college kids are known for. And maybe to spend some time with the hot cameraman she just met. Instead, because of a pact her ancestors made in the 17th century with a mythical creature, she has to save the world.

"The life of a superhero. Glamorous, no?"
-The Conduit More
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Published by Anchor Group
Words: 61,940
Language: English
ISBN: 9780985266325


The Conduit
"The life of a superhero. Glamorous, no?"

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Review by: Chene Sterckx on Feb. 10, 2014 :
This was quite a nice read. It had different paranormal angles and kept me intrigued. I actually liked that there was no direct heritage link when it came to the siblings inheriting their powers (The Gran or mom didn't know about it - it dates back a few centuries). What was happening was all new for all of them.

Characters: 3/5
Stacey creates great likable characters. There is room for development and depth, but it is good work for the first book. They have the potential to be something even more special and spectacular later on. The sibling bond between then is great! I could picture the banter and teasing easily, and laughed out loud a few times. I loved the humor between them. I enjoyed the story line with all three of them being important, and they balanced each other out perfectly.

Celeste - Celeste is easy to like and connect with. She is strong and the center of the family but I don't understand how she mastered the empathy power so quickly (This applies to all the siblings powers actually). I would have liked to know a bit more about that - the development and control of the powers. I love Celeste's quirkiness and sense of humor and enjoyed her referencing to super heroes.

Gabe - Gabe is the typical older brother. By the end of the book he was my favourite character. I really just loved the roughness of his character. In my opinion he grew and developed the most out of all three in this book.

Kendall - Kendall is Celeste's younger sister and a complete lovable being of love. She is so sweet and fun. She is who she is and you cannot help loving her. I wish I had a younger sister like her.

Alec - (Celeste's love interest) I loved his sense of humor and gentlemanlike manners. He played a smaller role in this book, but I think he is going to be quite something in the next one.

Aliana - (Their spirit guide) Aliana is wise and angelic. I loved her graceful commitment to the siblings and enjoyed her character role in this book.

Plot, Pace, Writing style 3/5
Stacey has a great writing style. The flow of the story is quick and easy. At some points I think the pace is a little bit too quick - it would have been nice to slow it down and expand at some parts. Stacey really brings a great sense of humor throughout the book. Her witty quotes had me giggling in so many parts. The chapters are nice and easy reading lengths. The ending was amazing! Wow - I really cannot wait to see what happens in the next book.

Cover talk: 5/5
I love it. The green eyes contrast to her red hair. The wings are beautiful. The symbols are magical. It is just awesome.

Final Thoughts: I am so glad I started this series and cannot wait to continue it.
(review of free book)

Review by: Stacey Mitchell on July 26, 2013 :
The Conduit is a refreshing take on Young Adult fiction. I think it's fair to say that YA books can often be angst-filled, with troubled teens making tricky decisions. Celeste Garrett, her brother Gabe and sister Kendall have their fair share of tough decisions to contend with, but they deal with everything in the book with a big pinch of attitude and snarky humour.

The plot itself is unique, with the three siblings finding out they have roles to play as superheroes, thanks to a pact their ancestors made way back in the 17th century with the Gryphon. I love books that are set in the “real world” but have elements of fantasy, and this certainly didn't disappoint.

What I love most about The Conduit is that it's a funny book, and I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. It's not surprising that the author won an award in 2012 for writing humorous fiction—it's definitely well deserved!

I also really like Celeste as a character—she's so real and relatable because she's a normal teenage girl, personality-wise at least. I also love the way she interacts with her brother and sister. It feels like a real, sibling relationship, complete with bickering at one end of the scale and supporting each other through epic battles at the other. Grams completes the family unit while the kids' mother is out of town, and she's also a colourful character! She takes no nonsense and doesn't act the traditional way a grandmother might be expected to act, which I love!

The novel ends with a cliffhanger that made me seriously happy I already had the second book—I wanted to get stuck in straight away, and that's exactly what I've done. Anyone who wants to read YA with a difference—this is your book!

(Free ebook copy received in exchange for an honest review)
(reviewed 72 days after purchase)

Review by: Sandy on June 29, 2013 : (no rating)
I fell head over heels in love with the characters in this novel and I could not tear myself away from the sarcastic humor and the fresh life that they put into the tale of mythical creatures. Celeste, her kid sister Kendall and her older brother Gabe are shipped off to their grandma’s house but Grandma is far from the typical apron-welding, cookie- baking grandma of the past. This hip granny is out keeping the town hopping and her refreshing tone had me laughing and smiling throughout the book. This tone is invigorating considering the path the book is headed and it made the book so enjoyable. When Gabe finds a treasure out in the garage, bizarre things start to happen to the trio. Celeste stumbles upon an extraordinary winged creature, and has an encounter that she will never forget. When the creature finally materializes and explains the situation to Celeste about how her family is part of an ancient pact, the book takes off and you are swept away on quite an adventure. The teens have to undergo their own transformations to combat the demon that is coming but what will this entail and what is the sacrifice? What will be the outcome when all is said and done? Poor granny, I loved her so much and as I read, I feared for her safety throughout this whole ordeal.
I felt so connected to the characters in this story, it was crazy! I loved the sarcasm and the little pokes of humor that were thrown in everywhere even in the face of danger, it felt so real. It felt like you were there and perhaps that is because I throw in humor when I am scared so I could relate to the characters so much but I loved it. The characters had other male-female relationships in the book and I liked the way they were handled in this story- not front row seats but ¾ row like they had a place but the main story was the mythical theme but they wanted them there for companionship. An excellent book!
I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)

Review by: Samantha Mullins on June 19, 2013 :
I was given this book, in return to give an honest review of this book, and the following two books as well.

Conduit is about an 18 year old girl named Celeste, and her older brother Gabe and her younger sister Kendall (wicked name by the way). They had just moved to a podunk town in Tennessee to stay with their grandmother, after a strange bout of break ins, in their hometown in Michigan.

Things seemed to be the everyday ordinary life in a small town, up until Celeste finds a statue of a Gryphon. Cutting her finger on this statue is where the story truly begins, because afterwards things start going strange for Celeste. The only thing that wasn't strange was meeting Alec, a cute up and coming reporter. Further into the book, you are thrown into a legend and from there, you get to see what becomes of Celeste and her siblings.

Conduit is a well written, well thought out story, that had me laughing so hard in some places. But the minute I picked up this book I was instantly hooked and could not put it down unless I absolutely had to. I loved the character outline of this book and how each character had a significant role to play in it. I also loved the plot-line which is original and never before have I read a book about a gryphon or where a gryphon is involved like this one, sure I've read a few that are more for the paranormal romance side of things, but this isn't one of those. This is an adventure, and one I'm anticipating on continuing as soon as I am done with this review.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE!
(reviewed 37 days after purchase)

Review by: Nichole Leonard on June 13, 2013 :
This story takes you on a journey of three siblings that just moved in with their grandma to please their mom. As any siblings they have their differences but come together in the end to help each other out in the time of need.
When a statue is found in the garage Celeste Garrett is drawn to it and doesn't understand why. Finding that statue will change her and her siblings lives.
This book kept me guessing at what was coming next. I loved that the grandma was witty and didn't act like a grandma it made for a more interesting insight onto the family and how they all come together.
The ending leaves it up in the air to just wait for the next book to see what is coming next for this family.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)

Review by: Alicia Marietta on June 02, 2013 :
Ever since I was in upper elementary I have been a big mystery/horror reader. I read Stephen King's IT when I was in 4th grade. However, as of late I have been getting more and more into YA. Especially Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal YA. Therefore, when I was given the opportunity to read The Gryphon Series recently I was beyond stoked. I belong to the Anchor Group Street Team and had helped promote The Gryphon series, even though I had never read any of the books.

I couldn't put The Conduit down. I was instantly drawn in by the prologue, which I don't think has really ever happened before. From start to finish The Conduit is full of action and keeps you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. I can actually visualize The Gryphon series becoming a movie! However, as always I can only help that they wouldn't slaughter it!

The Garrett siblings - Gabe, Celeste & Kendall - have just moved from Michigan to live with their Grandma in Tennessee after a string of break ins in their neighborhood. Their Mother has stayed behind until their house sells. Shortly after arriving in Tennessee strange things begin to happen. It's not long before Celeste discovers that she has is The Chosen One, The Conduit, Gabe is Protector & Kendall the Guardian. The trio must stop the Dark Army before it is too late, but can they?
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: Cheryl Hufham on May 22, 2013 :
The author provided me with this book to write an honest review. I LOVED this book! I started on the second book, Embrace, and then remembered I promised to write a review! The book is classified for young adult but truly any age will enjoy it from Grams to Keni.

A few of my favorite lines in the book from Celeste are "Like a well-cared for Chia Pet, hair sprouted all over his body." and "Batman had it easy. He was an only child.". If you have siblings, you are able to relate.

There were numerous times I found myself laughing out loud at the situation and how these three siblings coped with it. This is a great read and I am looking forward to reading more by Stacey Rourke!  
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)

Review by: Claire Eustace on March 04, 2013 :
The Conduit is a truly wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would suggest that anyone who enjoys a fast and lively paced book with plenty to keep you gripped right till the last end is a definite must read. I was truly looking forward to reading the second instalment: Embrace, Gryphon Series 2 and with reading the first chapter I am pleased to say it does appear to be as good a continuation from the first novel.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)

Review by: Alana McKinney on Feb. 21, 2013 :
The Conduit Review


I was given this book for an honest review.

Oh my word!! I honestly think that I would have read this book in one sitting if I had not had an eight month old at home! This action packed book has an easy-to-follow plot and left me longing to read the next page, chapter, and book as quickly as possible. I even allowed my OCD-ness to overlook the grammatical/typing errors because I was enthralled with the plot of this young adult novel.

The Conduit is an adventurous tale of an unlikely sibling trio that is dripping with humor and sarcasm. Celeste, Gabe, and Kendell are assembled, transformed, and trained to fight the Dark Army. Facing three-hundred year old, evil forces is a daunting task; but the Garrett siblings learn that teamwork is an invaluable weapon in their fight. Self discovery, close relationships, and forces unseen are revealed along the journey to an epic battle of good and evil.
I look forward to reading the continuation of the Garrett siblings’ adventures in the rest of the Gryphon series. I am thankful I don’t have to wait for book two to come out!
(reviewed 17 days after purchase)

Review by: Leann Luckett on Feb. 08, 2013 :
The Conduit is the first book in the Gryphon series and I have to say I began reading it and was sucked into the story quickly. Celeste Garrett is clumsy, sarcastic, and a little bit displaced, meaning she does not know her path in life just yet; that is until she finds a carved wooden gryphon in Grams garage, then all things strange begin happening in her life. She finds out she is "the one" to save the world from evil with the help of her siblings Gabe and Kendall.

Why I enjoyed this book; well the first four chapters of the book I cracked up laughing at the sarcastic puns between the siblings and even Grams, sarcasm is my second language. Then when the action started it was full steam ahead and no time to put the book down. I enjoyed the family aspect of the story how Celeste, Gabe, and Kendall stuck together through everything that happened throughout the book. Also, I enjoyed watching Celeste learn who she is and her place in the world and to grow into what she says a "superhero." I can't wait to read the rest of this series.
(reviewed 89 days after purchase)

Review by: Shannon Nicole on Feb. 04, 2013 :
Good read! I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the book from the author for an honest review. This is a fantasy book for young adults. It is clean, action packed and filled with humor. I enjoyed the characters of the three siblings: Celeste, Kendall and Gabe. They are 18, 15, and 20 years old, respectively. They are sent to live with grandma for the summer. Celeste cuts herself on a statue and the story begins to unfold. I found the kids to be real. They bickered and they were sarcastic with each other, but they had each other’s back when it mattered most. There are quips that will have you chuckle out loud. Celeste is mature, independent and the leader of the family. She is a strong character and you can’t help but root for her, and her siblings, as they take on the bad guys.

The author did a good job of unfolding the siblings’ abilities. I thought Kendall’s initial reaction to her new found ability was realistic and entertaining. It was easy to empathize with Celeste in the beginning when she was feeling a little jealous about her brother and sister’s powers.

I was hoping for more with Celeste’s love interest, but I look forward to seeing what happens in the next book, Embrace.

The Conduit is an easy read and builds momentum as you read along. I can see it being a big hit with fans of all ages. This is really a great book in a new young adult series!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Stephanie Ruppert on Feb. 04, 2013 :
I have to say that the first few pages had me thinking "do I really want to read this?" But I kept on going, and page by page, I became entranced in the story. Becoming one with the Characters. Feeling their emotions, transformations, love and protection of not only eachother but also the ones they love.

Meet 3 siblings, Celeste, Gabe and Keni. Having just left their home to go and live with their Grams, change takes a turn when Celeste finds a statue of a Gryphon in her Grams' garage, pricks her finger and is never the same after that. Life changes, she and her siblings meet Barnabus.

This is more than Good meets Evil, or paranormal, it's about family,love and protection. What doesn't tear you apart, brings you that much closer. You can't stop from feeling the warmth,love between these 3. Even going through their training with their Guide, the fight with evil... Their love for each other and those around them grows.

I must say this book did not disappoint in any way shape or form.. Even the epilogue makes you laugh...
You'll have to read to find out the rest, and TRUST me, you WON'T be disappointed.. I Wasn't...
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Amanda Nolastname on Nov. 01, 2012 :
I was completely captivated from the beginning. The prologue was a hooker and it worked. For the Garrett's quirky sarcasm runs in the family and had me laughing more often than not. The comic relief was good and I didn't feel it overshadowed the plot. The Conduit has action, a sprinle of romance, and a family of superheroes. An ancient oath sets the destiny of the three siblings without giving them a choice.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)

Review by: Carrie Blair on Oct. 18, 2012 :
This is a great change from many of the other paranormal novels. I enjoyed every minute while reading this book.

Celeste is your average awkward new college student and the stereo typical middle child. She is one that keeps a family together under times of great distress. As middle child who keeps a family together, she is now blessed with the responsibility to keep the human race from being over-ran from the wicked depth of Hell and demons.
Love how she involves the whole family. And grams, who wouldn't love to have a grandma like that.
Can't wait for the next book
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

Review by: Amanda Heath on Oct. 18, 2012 :
  Wow! This book is so great!! It was a quick read and I found myself wishing it was longer. Thankfully I was asked to review The Conduit and Embrace together so I don't have to wait for long. Celeste is an amazing character. I love her witty banter and was laughing out loud so hard at some points. She is a really strong character who didn't freak out about the freaky changes in her life. She embraced them with open arms and fought her enemy's to the best of her abilities. Gabe really surprised me. I thought he was going to be grumpy unemotional man but he had heart and learned to focus his anger on other things. There was a touching scene between him and Celeste and I was surprised as much as her that he was as in tuned to what was going on. Keni was so cute. She was just as funny as Celeste and she handled what was going on better then you would think a 15 year old would. Grams was awesome! Her choice of fashion was so hilarious! I mean come on a leopard print bikini on an old lady is just to much! All in all it was fantastic with plenty of action, drama, and a little romance thrown in!  
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)

Review by: jennifer blaney on Oct. 17, 2012 :
If your looking for a book that will take you on a adventure
well i am here to tell you This book is it !!!!!!
The story begins with three siblings Gabe,Celeste,and Kindel
traveling to live with there grandmother and once they
reach there
that is will the adventure begins
these three ROck and made me laugh too
Stacey Rourke is a Amazing author
she make you feel as if your
watching the story unfold in your
mind (like a movie )
One more thing you know a book is really good
when you start to read it and you can't seem to stop
you just have to know what happes its like
you get sucked rate into the book
and this book was one of those books
where you get sucked rate into the story
i am looking foward to book 2
and many more books from this author
i rate this book 8 stars
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

Review by: Kayla Moran on Oct. 16, 2012 :
I was a little worried at first that I wasn't going to like this book because I had a hard time getting into it. But since the author was gracious enough to give me this book in exchange for an honest review I made myself keep reading and I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up enjoying it!
I loved the relationship between Celeste, Gabe, & Keni. I found myself laughing out loud at parts and could completely relate being that I have 3 siblings. =)
I really wanted more out of Celestes & Alecs relationship. I'm hoping to see it develop more in book 2. But if your looking for romance this is not for you. If your looking for action, humor, & a butt kicking brother sister trio then you have found it!!
All in all this book satisfied me & I'm excited to see what book 2 has in store for this family!

I found myself wanting more out of Celestes & Alecs relationship.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Airicka Phoenix on Oct. 16, 2012 :
This book was generously donated to me by the author, Stacey Rourke, in return for a fair and honest review.

The Conduit was an interesting read. It’s about a girl, Celeste, who, with her siblings, move to live with her grandmother (who I loved!). I really liked Celeste. She wasn’t the angst-filled teenagers I’ve been seeing fill every book. She was strong and funny and quirky in a way that I can totally appreciate. Her sarcasm touched my heart and made me want to adopt her. Everyone in the family, Kendall (the sister) and Gabe (the brother) and grandma had their own personalities. They had their own flaws. They were real people. The only other author I’ve seen build characters like this is JK Rowlings and you guys know how much I love my Harry Potter!

So, I was given four days to read The Conduit (book 1) and Embrace (book 2). All I can say is that the end left me very glad I had book 2 in hand. Otherwise, I would be grumpy right now. Ms. Rourke leaves us in a position where you’re like, No Freaking Way!! There was a moment of panic before I remembered oh way *ha* I have book two *wipe sweat* Whew!

This book was very fast paced with lots of action, humor and family bonding. I think the later was my favorite part. There were hints of romance, but it wasn’t as romancy as I like personally. I think there could have been a little more. Even then, the way Ms. Rourke has everything placed, you KNOW book 2 will be a blast.

Other than that… this book is perfect for anyone looking to stay glued to their chair. I couldn’t put it down, not when I vacuumed, not when I cooked… I even washed dishes and read this (I am super talented, and determined, like that). Plus, this book was just worth every second.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: De Ann Townes, Jr on Aug. 07, 2012 :
The Conduit (Gryphon Series Book 1)
By: Stacey Rourke

As I started reading, I was quickly drawn in like a Lullaby Lovingly Rocks you to a Happy Sleep…. I say this because to me that’s a feeling of wonder as it took to one of the few happy memories of my childhood…. “A really great book, with an amazingly incredible story that transports me to a super fantastic place….

The detailed visuals of each character “mythical and human”, the scenery, even something as small as what Gram was wearing to her manicured nails, sonrisa…. Then the awesome wonder began…..

I was transported to such a place, where adventure and excitement awaits….. “Author Stacey Rourke” flows beautifully in and out of the scenes and between the real world and the mythical world so effortlessly, that you begin to wonder if they are even two separate worlds, sonrisa…. It felt like the sky, when the sun is setting and the moon is rising….the harmony between the day and the night is so brilliantly fused that if you even blinked, you would surely miss the Glory of the moment…. This is how “Author Stacey Rourke” pens her novel…. I felt at times that I was in the Mythically Magic Worlds of Merlin, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger one minute, and The Never Ending Story with a touch of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe the next….. Often times all of them at once, sonrisa….

I was truly Captured, not wanting even to stop and eat sonrisa…. Muchas gracias “Stacey Rourke” for allowing me the privilege to venture back to that wonderful other world of adventure and amazement. Your talents as a writer, truly knows no bounds…. A riveting and mystical tale, that is truly a 5 STAR MUST READ!!!!

Reviewed by: De Ann “Native” Townes Jr., Author of “Peer Inside My Soul and See Me”
(reviewed 40 days after purchase)

Review by: amy Bowling on Aug. 04, 2012 :
Excellent Read! Ms. Rourke does an great job mixing modern concepts with the ancient battles of good and evil. Celeste is not your typical 18 year old. Even from the beginning she is more mature than most, dealing with the family tragedy she becomes the “head of the house”. Ms. Rourke does a great job of embracing the sibling relationships with Celeste, Kendall, and Gabe in a very real manner. The rivalries as well as affection are very genuine and give the characters and incredible amount of depth. She embraces the sibling rivalries and differences. Ms. Roarke sends these siblings on adventures dumped on them by their ancestors, with a great deal of background and well integrated theme. Her battle scenes are well written, without being overly ostentatious. Ms. Rourke’s writing increased in passion as more of the “bad guys” showed up. Her evil characters we well written and the ending led me right into her next book “Embrace”. The best part of the book is Ms. Rourke’s wit as shown through Celeste. More than a dozen times, I laughed out loud at the quips and dry humor set forth amidst the intense battles of good and evil.
This was a great book by Ms. Rourke and the best part is that is is only the first in the series!
Reviewed by AB – August 3, 2012
(reviewed 18 days after purchase)

Review by: jaime cross on July 31, 2012 :
I really enjoyed this book. I had been told by several people that it was a must read & I am glad I did. In this book we met Celeste, Gabe, and their little sister, Kendall. After a bunch of break-ins at their home, they are sent to live in a small town in Tennessee with their grandmother. They really don't like it, but decide to make the best of it. Things start to happen and Celeste finds out that she is they are the "chosen ones" and it is up to her and her siblings to save the world from an evil being who wants to take over.

This is a fast and easy read. The chapters are fast to get through and you won't want to stop until you have finished. Definitely a must read for any paranormal fans out there.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)

Review by: AC Wright on July 23, 2012 : (no rating)
I have received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I'd like to start by saying I throroughly enjoyed this book. I dare say I could see a bit of myself in the main character of this wonderful story as I'm sure many other readers could as well. Celeste is an average every day young woman that only wants to go to college and fulfill her life's dream of becoming an art teacher. She is also a middle child of two other siblings, Gabe and Kendall, that she feels have a much better chance at life goals than she does. She feels a bit left out at times due to Gabe, her older brother, being the football star and Kendall, her younger sister, being a beautiful cheerleader, actress and all together perfect in every way including looks. They have all suffered from the loss of their father which turns their life around completely. Gabe, loses his football scholarship, Kendall takes a break from acting and cheering and Celeste drops out of art school all to help take care of things after their tragedy.
After several home break-ins their mother sends them to live with their sassy and hip grandmother in a small town in Tennessee. This is not their idea of living, but they make the best of it while their mother sells the house back home and moves to Tennessee with them. While there a few unexpected things happen, like finding out you are the 'chosen one' to help save the world from some nasty evil character that wants to kill you so he can take over. Yep, lots of fun things make this book extremely funny, exciting and hard to put down. So, before you read it grab your popcorn, nachos and soda and get ready for a thrilling ride. Embrace (The Gryphon Series)
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)

Review by: christine bonner on July 19, 2012 :
the is a book about 2 sisters and there brother and the powers that there get, it was funny in places,this book starts by them getting their powers and how there react to them,
could not put this book down and i had to start the next one straight after
the demons and there black cloud
(reviewed 16 days after purchase)

Review by: Damla K on July 17, 2012 :
“The Conduit”, which welcomes you in the world of fantasy, offers you the door of adventure with the three main characters; Celeste, Gabe and Kendall who are siblings. When the actions happen, you feel the familial tie between them that is supported with courage in a real cooperation. All in all, how many times in your life you can see a dragon and fight with it? And don’t forget the supernatural powers. :)
This is a fun read which you can complete in one or two sittings. You will really enjoy the book as the author sometimes uses the language in the humorous way unlike many other fantasy book stereotypes.
PS: By the way, I’ve always dreamed of being able to fly (this is the power of Kendall in the book); I used to collect bird feathers and try to fly with them like a bird when I was a small kid :D
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)

Review by: Damla K on July 17, 2012 :
“The Conduit”, which welcomes you in the world of fantasy, offers you the door of adventure with the three main characters; Celeste, Gabe and Kendall who are siblings. When the actions happen, you feel the familial tie between them that is supported with courage in a real cooperation. All in all, how many times in your life you can see a dragon and fight with it? And don’t forget the supernatural powers. :)
This is a fun read which you can complete in one or two sittings. You will really enjoy the book as the author sometimes uses the language in the humorous way unlike many other fantasy book stereotypes.
PS: By the way, I’ve always dreamed of being able to fly (this is the power of Kendall in the book); I used to collect bird feathers and try to fly with them like a bird when I was a small kid :D
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)

Review by: TJ on July 14, 2012 :
The Conduit is the one book I’d pick up to re-read over and over again! It follows Celeste Garrett and her siblings Kendall and Gabe as they head to stay with their Grams in the small town of Gainesboro. The prologue itself is so interesting that I wanted to know more and read faster. The characters were just amazing and react as any of us would when the weight of saving the world rests on you. Celeste, Kendall and Gabe are sucked into being superheroes because of a pact made by their ancestors centuries ago. Follow their story as they follow their destiny and try to save the world and manage to get on each others’ nerves as well! Well isn’t that what siblings are supposed to do? :P
This book has what are now my favorite one liners ever! Ms. Rourke knows how to reel you in with her superb writing and keeps you wanting more! Funny, Snarky, Action packed, Dramatic, Delightful! All in all well worth the read! (During my exams coming up that is... Nothing better than a good book to help you relax right? ;) )
(reviewed 36 days after purchase)

Review by: Ever Star on July 14, 2012 :
I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

I could not put this book down, I was engrossed in the story that was weaved by Stacey. I loved how she described the transformation of Gabe. There was a part in the book when he transformed that had me laughing because of what he did with his sisters. Another character that I laughed at and loved was Grams. The way Stacey described her I could actually picture it in my head.

The Conduit has a great story line, love able characters, bad guys, and a destiny that has been picked for the 3 teenagers. Everything in this book flowed together and nothing missed a beat.
Now this story starts off with three ordinary teenagers Celeste, Kendal, and Gabe they all are visiting there Grams for the summer, then that is when the action starts happening. Celeste finds a small statue in her Grams garage which her Grams has no idea how it got there, soon after Celeste finds it and touches it, things start changing. Celeste and her siblings get thrown into a destiny that has been chosen for them. They each have their own skills, and transformation. They have to learn how to work together to stop an evil that has been in the works for years. This is only book one and I can not wait to read book two in this series.

If you enjoy paranormal stories then I recommend you give this book a read you will not be disappointed. I can not wait to read the second book in this series.
(reviewed 17 days after purchase)

Review by: Kitty Boodles on July 03, 2012 :
The Conduit by Stacey Rourke

I was given this book to read in exchange for an honest review.

Perfection seems to surround, but not include awkward, 18 year old Celeste. Her little sister Kendall is blonde and perfect, and her older brother Gabe is the perfect All-American football hero. The family is moving, going to live with wacky grandma when we first meet them. They bicker with each other, but soon must learn to fight with each other to save the world!

The characters speak to you, the descriptions are so perfect, you can literally see and hear them. Grams is a hoot and a half!! There were parts that made me laugh out loud, and I found myself speaking out loud to them as I was reading. I could see the world they live in very vividly, Stacey Rourke is a very talented author who does a fantastic job bringing you right into the story.

Even though this story is geared towards Young Adults, don't let that stop you. I started off just wanting to check out the first couple of paragraphs before I went to sleep, and wound up reading straight on through the night needing to finish the story. Then, while my device was charging, I grabbed 3 hours of sleep, woke up and started right in on Book Two.

Not your average "Chosen One" story - it's brilliant, and for all ages!
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: Heather Schrock on June 12, 2012 :
This was a really fun read. A lion, an "angel", and dragon...Oh My! Rourke knows what makes a great story. A little action, a dash of romance, pepper with great twists and add lots of snark. Then BAM! Just like Emeril, a cuisine that will sate your YA hunger! I didn't want to put it down. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next with this rag tag team of "super heroes". The pace was just right. Everything moved along nicely. I loved both the main and secondary characters. And what an ending! I cannot wait to read Embrace, the second book in the Gryphon series!

My favorite quotes from The Conduit:
" I mean, you just made and angel cry. I can't say for sure that you'll go to hell for that kind of thing, but it doesn't look good."

"Keep telling yourself that. I'm sure you'll find it very reassuring while you're burning in the eternal hell fires, right next to the puppy kickers."

"Celeste is going to go get herself a boyfriend today."
"The grocery store. They keep them in the meat department right next to the tenderloin."
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)

Review by: Heather Alexander on June 12, 2012 :
Wow, this book was fantastic. From the very first page, I could not put it down. I don't want to give to much away but the synopsis is 3 siblings move in with their grandmother and wierd stuff begins happening, first to middle sis Celeste, then to big bro Gabe and little sis Kendall. They find out that they are special and have a specific mission to complete. There are quasi angels, gryphon,a bad guy that defies logic, and the three siblings all battling to see wether good or evil prevails. This book is very well written, the author knows how to keep it interesting throughout and you will fall in love with all of the characters. Wait until you meet Grams. LOl Great for Adults or Young Adults.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

Review by: Mallory Heart Reviews on June 08, 2012 :
What an utterly delightful, fascinating, fast-paced, engrossing YA fantasy. It captured me from the first page-and I am not in general a devotee of fantasy-but this book is so well and smoothly written, so full of immediate suspension of disbelief, engaging characters, vivid settings-and some really villainous villains-that I could not help but delight in the story and race through it faster than I could have expected.
Although the protagonists are fifteen, eighteen, and twenty, and the book is no doubt targeted at a YA audience, if you’re an older reader, don’t let that stop you. This story is worth reading, because of the quality of the writing, the sympathetic characterizations, the plot line, and as I said above-the suspension of disbelief is immediate. Action-filled, romantic, emotional, dramatic-all one could ask for! Get this one now!
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

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