50 Best Jokes Ever

Rated 2.84/5 based on 25 reviews
Love jokes? Here's 50 of the best! All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more ...
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Published by Quikees
Words: 640
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476044811

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Review by: Michael Hunter II on June 26, 2017 :
Humor is subjective and collecting old jokes that are pretty predictable seems over-rated to me. Not terrible but not great either and definitely not the 'best ever.'
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Review by: Live2Read4Eva on June 11, 2017 :
Fun jokes for school age children who like trading them in the schoolyard.
(review of free book)

Review by: JayHawkFan1 on April 30, 2017 :
Considering that this is one of the top 20 most downloaded books on Smashwords, I thought it would be half way decent, but I was wrong. The jokes in this book are simply not that good.
(review of free book)

Review by: David Concly on April 21, 2017 :
I agree with the other reviews on here. These jokes are not really that funny at all.
(review of free book)

Review by: petepee1111 on Jan. 22, 2017 :
Not the best jokes ever by a long shot, but to each their own, I guess.
(review of free book)

Review by: Paul on Sep. 01, 2016 :
A couple of good ones but not really my cup of tea.
(review of free book)

Review by: Mike White on May 08, 2016 :
The most I got out of any of these jokes was a smile. Most of them merited an eye-roll. If the book was longer, I might be able to forgive some of the irritating jokes. However, with only fifty jokes available, it's that much more important for each individual joke to be good. I really hate all 'dumb blonde' jokes and fat jokes, so I'm already at a disadvantage trying to get some laughs out of a book like this one.
(review of free book)

Review by: RockySlattery on April 17, 2016 :
Why is this listed in the fiction section? It aint' fiction . . . it's a joke book and not a very good one at that.
(review of free book)

Review by: Sarah Jones on Feb. 03, 2016 :
Yo mama is always good, but a short book should make every word count. Too many too overplayed jokes.
(review of free book)

Review by: J Rethy on Aug. 05, 2015 :
Hmmm, not sure where to start with this. Well I thought this was a children's joke book as the first few pages contained those familiar jokes that we've all heard; Why did the chicken cross the road, yada yada yada, but then I found the Yo mama jokes and wondered if they were child appropriate.

So, if you're looking for a book that contains many of the short jokes you heard repeatedly throughout your childhood, this book is on point.
(review of free book)

Review by: ReyRey on June 26, 2015 :
Some mildly amusing jokes; probably meant for a younger audience. There should be an age range stated on the cover and description.
(review of free book)

Review by: Hobbe Noxious on June 10, 2015 :
Your book is so bad, the local library has decided to support a book burning, just this once.

Do you desperately need to find a few good jokes to tell your friends, because you're about as funny as a kick in the face? Well, look elsewhere, because all you'll find here are terrible, kindergarten-level jokes.

If only there were some sort of electronic system, where you could search for things via keywords, and possibly find decent jokes....
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Review by: Jornado on March 20, 2015 :
Meh ...
(review of free book)

Review by: Anton Swanepoel on March 06, 2015 :
50 One liner bad jokes.
If you are into jokes like
"Yo mama is so ugly that she tried to take a bath and the water jumped out!
Yo mama is so ugly that if she was a scarecrow, the corn would run away!" then this book is for you.

In total, 5 page pamphlet of jokes not to tell.
(review of free book)

Review by: ddsangster on Oct. 17, 2014 :
The jokes were not funny
(review of free book)

Review by: Prasant on Aug. 25, 2014 :
Not the best.... It is surprising that smashwords most downloaded books are the weakest ones. Good books by few other authors remain in oblivion... Opposite should have the case...
(review of free book)

Review by: Book Beast on June 27, 2014 :
Really? Please change the title to "50 'Jokes' For Children"
(review of free book)

Review by: Mustafa Kenj, Sr on Feb. 14, 2014 : (no rating)
Guy Would you have a look on the following book!

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Review by: Freda Mantor on Nov. 09, 2013 :
(review of free book)

Review by: Marc Ironwood on Sep. 15, 2013 : (no rating)
Nicely done !
(review of free book)

Review by: D.J. Harris on Aug. 28, 2013 :
Kind of funny, some I heard before, good for a few laughs
(review of free book)

Review by: Manisha Singh X on Aug. 23, 2013 :
(review of free book)

Review by: Liz Rich on Aug. 01, 2013 :
The blonde jokes were kind of funny.
(review of free book)

Review by: Suzie Louis on June 23, 2013 :
A collection of real OLDIES!
(review of free book)

Review by: Patrick Jane on March 29, 2013 :
Good jokes to get a few laughs.
(review of free book)

Review by: Terry Dries on Feb. 10, 2013 :
Very funny, witty! Worth reading for lots of grins and chuckles.
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Review by: Mark Martin on Aug. 08, 2012 :
Funny, funny, funny. So good I would have paid for this.
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