50 Best Jokes Ever

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Love jokes? Here's 50 of the best! All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more ...
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Tommy Altuna, Jr reviewed on Oct. 9, 2019

Screw the haters, it's a JOKE BOOK. Get a sense of humor and while you're at it if you think the jokes are ordinary then by all means enlighten us with some better ones. Here's a few...

Knock, knock
Who's there
Lettuce who?
Let us in or the cat gets it (I thought it was funny)

What's the mating call of a brunette?
When is that blonde bitch going to leave.

And really can you ever hear enough 'yo mama' jokes. No. No, you can't.
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GinaVaio reviewed on Dec. 31, 2018

Okay for kids
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TiraPlum1 reviewed on May 20, 2018

These jokes were terrible, not even funny for kids.
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Chad Ruggerio reviewed on March 23, 2018

This is terrible, not funny at all.
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jellyroll5000 reviewed on Sep. 26, 2017

I bet this book is downloaded a lot because people hit SW and see it, so they grab it. But, as you can tell from the vast majority of reviews on here, this book is kinda lame. Yeah it is.
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Michael Hunter II reviewed on June 26, 2017

Humor is subjective and collecting old jokes that are pretty predictable seems over-rated to me. Not terrible but not great either and definitely not the 'best ever.'
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Live2Read4Eva reviewed on June 11, 2017

Fun jokes for school age children who like trading them in the schoolyard.
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JayHawkFan1 reviewed on April 30, 2017

Considering that this is one of the top 20 most downloaded books on Smashwords, I thought it would be half way decent, but I was wrong. The jokes in this book are simply not that good.
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David Concly reviewed on April 21, 2017

I agree with the other reviews on here. These jokes are not really that funny at all.
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petepee1111 reviewed on Jan. 22, 2017

Not the best jokes ever by a long shot, but to each their own, I guess.
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