Embrace - Kane Wolves, #2

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Old traditions reign supreme in Sophie’s world. Stunning revelations about her ancestry threaten everything she has worked hard to build. The day is coming when she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice or risk losing everything, including her family. Can this female Alpha keep control amidst the chaos or will she be torn apart by the ones who should follow her?

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Words: 54,160
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476172101
About Annalise Grey

Pennsylvania native, dreamer, explorer.

I write because I like talking to the voices in my head. They are (usually) good company. I love to travel (when I have the $ for it). My family is everything to me.

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Review by: Angie Lenkevich on Oct. 20, 2012 :
Sophie Matthews is trying to adjust to the changes of being an Alpha wolf while rebuilding and repairing the damage done by Jason Larsen. She feels at times that she's not getting anywhere and others it seems to be working. Only one loose end can make or break both packs~Daniel. Daniel was told to leave by Sophie and never come back yet she's offering him a choice to do just that. Daniel is unsure of Sophie's motives yet decides to take her up on her offer much to the dismay of her twin brother Tristian. Sophie had to break off her relationship with Jamie for both of their sakes yet wants to remain friends with him. Sophie is unsure of how she feels about Daniel yet wonders if he's her mate. Sophie receives a text about more murders in the human world around the Virginia and Georgia forest areas and agrees to look into it. Sophie feels that she should convene Lycos Council about the situation which is greeted unhappily by other Alphas. Magda is stirring up trouble within the pack and is unhappy about Daniel's reappearance. Sophie names Tristian as her Beta yet he reluctantly does his job as Beta. Daniel steps in as a natural Beta. Everyone knows about the Blood Wars yet no one person knows the whole truth of it either. Daniel asks Sophie if she knows that she's the great-granddaughter of Joren Eisler and wonders what Granddad really knows. Sophie asks Granddad about the truth and is stunned by what he tells the whole family. Magda's father Albion makes unexpected visit to the Matthews house about the attacks on humans and convening of Lycos Council. Who is behind these attacks? Where is Joren Eisler now? Can Sophie admit her feelings for Daniel? Will Daniel confess his feelings to Sophie? What will happen at the Lycos Council? Your answers await you in Embrace.
(reviewed 43 days after purchase)

Review by: Leanne Goon on Oct. 17, 2012 :
*More like 4.5 stars
**Received free e-book in exchange for an honest review through the ARR (Authors Requesting Reveiws) program on Goodreads

Embrace by Annalise Grey is the sequel to Howl which introduces Sophie, the female Alpha of two packs. I loved how it continues right after the cliffhanger of the first book - I hate feeling that I may have missed something which can happen with other series. I felt that Grey improved with her writing, but successfully kept the blend of action and romantic tension in the story. I found the main characters of Sophie, Jamie, and Daniel to be more fully developed and was pleasantly surprised by how my feelings changed from the first book. There was never a lull in the plot and I finished this in one sitting!

Overall, Embrace was a well-paced, engaging read. I would definitely recommend this book to teen and adult fans of paranormal and urban fantasy, such as those by Andrea Cremer and Rachel Vincent, but start with Howl first!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Alison Gussack on Oct. 01, 2012 :
(3.5 stars)I received Embrace from the author for review through ARR/Nexus on Goodreads. The continuation of the Kane Wolves story hit the ground running and the action did not stop. At the end of Howl, I was not sure about Daniel, but feel he redeems himself in Embrace. Sophie finds her place protecting her family and pack even though it takes her awhile to admit it. And Jamie turns out to be the great guy I thought he was to begin with. Great characters, engaging story, I enjoyed it very much and was disappointed to find out this is the end.
Thanks to the author for the opportunity to review!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Nicole Peterson on Oct. 01, 2012 :
I really liked Howl and couldn't wait to get my paws on this one. This is the perfect ending! Short and sweet with only 123 pages, but full of action, romance and drama. Daniel returns at Sophie's behest. Everyone seems to be OK with it but her twin Tristin. Tristin still doesn't trust Daniel and makes it very apparrent. Not knowing quite why he's there, and Sophi unwilling to admit why she called him back even to herself, there is a lot of sexual tension between the two.

Sophi is still Alpha, pack master of hers and the Larsen's family pack, but she is being sorely tested by Magda. A trouble maker if ever there was one. Turns out she is also daughter of an Alpha, Albion, in Virginia. Magda calls in her father to cause further trouble for Sophi. The other packs don't think that Sophi has the right or is good enough to be Alpha, because she's female. *sigh* Sounds like a classic case of Uterus Envy to me... Sophi has called the council to convene and to stop a rash of attacks on humans along the East coast. She wants help curbing the renegades before they expose them all to the humans. Shortly after she gets back from her failed attempt, her family is attacked. The house is set upon fire and bullets are being shot at them. In the melee they are all seperated. Daniel disappears when he risks his life for Sophi to get her to run for safety.

Did I mention something of great interest happens between Sophi and Daniel right before the attack? Oh, and that Sophi is of elven heritage? Huh...Gonna have to read it to find out what's up with that...
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)

Review by: Jen Hill on Sep. 21, 2012 :
I think overall it was a very good book that was exciting and ended the way I wanted it to. However, at times I found it too cheesy romance and the transition to the epilogue could have been smoother. I preferred book 1.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Amber Garza on Sep. 20, 2012 :
I liked Howl, so I was anxious to get my hands on this book. It didn't dissapoing. I really enjoyed it. It starts off where Howl left off with Daniel gone and Sophie leading her pack. Then Daniel gets a letter delivered from Sophie's brother stating that he can come back to the pack. That's when things start to get interesting.
The chemistry between Sophie and Daniel was undeniable. I remember being on Team Jamie when I read Howl but Daniel really won me over in this installment.
I thought it was a quick, enjoyable read. It really had me flipping the pages to see what would happen next.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Lolita Verroen on Sep. 20, 2012 :
Some time ago I read Howl and thought it was a standalone book, then i found out that there would be a sequel and immediately added it to my to-read list. It really is a great sequel, I thought that the first book could be read as a standalone, but after reading this book I think that the sequel was nessecary.

The story is fast paced, involves lots of wolves and actions and even some drama and romance. The romance is an important part of the story I think, but not everything resolves around it, it mostly is about some issues the newly formed pack has to deal with. The story surprised me quite a few times, some twist I didn't see coming and then afterwards I thought what would happen and was surprised again. The story was really interesting, although there where some parts I didn't like.

I really liked Sophie in the first book and I still do, she makes some dumb descisions, but she does realise this and tries to make up for it. She has to struggle, but also shows some real power. I still think that many of the side characters get too less attention, and while some have some interesting aspects I think that we learn too little about them.

I really liked this story, it is just a bit different from most werewolf books. The story is intriguing and even a bit dark at times, but it does display the nature of wolves very good.

To conclude: a great sequel and I would certainly recommend this series if you are looking for an original werewolf book. The side characters could use some more attention, but I really like the main character.

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(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Christina Condy on Sep. 19, 2012 : (no rating)
This book continues where we left off in Howl. Sophie is the Alpha of two packs but really doesn’t want to be the Alpha and in fact simply wants to be with her family. But strange things happen suddenly with the return of Daniel. Secrets that her Grandfather hid for years are now coming out and are important to the future of their pack. With these secrets and all the discoveries she can not only be Alpha for her pack but basically every pack. But it will come with sacrifices and the question is, is she .willing to make them. In the end she makes the only choice possible for her, and the perfect ending to this wonderful book even though not the end of the tale.

I definitely recommend this book and the others in the series. The pace was perfect and I just couldn’t seem to put it down until I reached the end. The story moves along quickly and always is in action of some sort.

As for the Characters, I loved Daniel even though I thought he seemed to be so besotted with Sophie that it was almost crazy considering what a strong male he is. Then we have the romance aspect between Sophie and Daniel, her inability to commit due to her feeling overwhelmed by her feelings for him, and she comes off a bit wishy-washy at times. If I have to choose a favorite character from this series so far I would say it is Daniel, he seems loyal, brave, strong and yet so very tender with those he loves.

I thought the author truly set the stage for many of the scenes, especially the hunts which made me feel as if I was there. My 9 year old son saw my tablet sitting on the counter while I was cooking tea and he started reading I happened to be at a very intense battle scene and he immediately grabbed the book and started off with it fully intending to keep reading. So I can say that it even caught his attention with its vibrancy. The only thing that was unique is that the wolves strip down before shifting, which is a different take on it and I had a bit of trouble believing that men and women would strip naked in front of each other before shifting. And in a few scenes they shifted without stripping so there was a little bit of inconsistency in that aspect. But other than that there is nothing to complain about.
All in all it was a fabulous read for both young and old alike.

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

Review by: ELSA CARRION on Sep. 19, 2012 :
Title: Embrace (Kane Wolves #2)
Author: Annalise Grey
Genre: YA (mature), Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy
Format: EBook
Length: 402

The story continues right were it left off in Howl. Sophie continues to be Alpha of two packs but has a lot to learn. When she discovers the truth and what her grandfather was hiding. You are going to say “Shut the Front Door”! With the new discoveries she can be Alpha for her entire race but with it comes sacrifices and what else will she gain with this new discovery.

I loved the first novel and I loved the ending of Embrace. I will definitely be reading the conclusion of the series as soon as it comes out. It was paced right and finished reading it in about 8 hours. There was always something happening in the story and never seemed dull, the story had a good pace.

In Embrace I found Sophie’s annoying at times. I saw her as a tease, hot one minute cold the next, she had Daniel wrapped around her finger and eating out of her hands or should I say paws. However, once she discovered what she wanted she became less annoying. I don’t see her as being a very strong person, not Alpha material anyway. I think Tristan got cheated on that part. Don’t get me wrong I love when novels have strong females in lead roles, but Sophie is just not one of them.

Jamie was my favorite character in Howl and Daniel was well let just say not a favorite of mine. However I have changed my mind, I still love Jamie’s character but he wasn’t a major character in this novel, Daniel was a major character and he’s now my favorite in this series. I love the way he is witty, honesty, loyal, brave, strong and very tender. I was very surprised by his character and loved the way it turned out. He has completely done a 360.

Embrace had a section that might be for Older Young Adult, but I found it was not too bad. There are also sections that are very descriptive especially when they go hunting, which I didn’t really enjoy reading and could have been left out in my opinion. I mean I didn’t read the book to see how they kill their pray, how it looks after they kill and how it taste. I can’t get over the fact that when the shift to wolves is planned; they undress themselves right in front of each other, so I question myself what happened when they don’t plan the shift and their clothing get shredded? Are they without clothing until they find some or until they return home? It just didn’t sit well with me when it did happen, but I guess it’s better than the alternative, I understand where the author was going with this, she wanted too keep it grounded as much as she could, instead of having the clothing disappear and reappear on their bodies, it makes sense. I just had difficulty with the taking off and putting on (the clothing).
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

Review by: MaryAnn Schroeder on Sep. 16, 2012 :
Embrace is the second book of the Kane Wolves series and begins where Howl left off. I really enjoyed the first book and this book does not disappoint! The story has action, romance and deals with family. Sophie is a brave, bright lead in the novel and of her pack. She faces many difficult issues in this book, and shines throughout. Her family history was interesting, and adds another layer to her werewolf heritage. In her romance triangle, does she finally choose between Jamie and Daniel? Great book!

I received a copy of this book by the author and through The Nexus groupin Goodreads, for an honest review.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)

Review by: Jilleen Dolbeare on Sep. 13, 2012 :
I really liked this story. I received this book free for an honest review. Before I read it, I figured it was fair to read the first book in the series so I could have a good idea about the story. I'm glad I did because I was comfortable diving in and knowing what was going on. The first thing I noticed was that the flow of the story was much improved from the first book and the main character, Sophie, had matured into her promise from the first book.

Sophie has to take on a lot more responsibility and her duties and pain from her losses really shows in her character. I'm a character reader and I have to relate to my main character to enjoy a story, and Sophie is easy to get into and she seems real and well-rounded. We got the new introduction of the point of view of Daniel, which was nice, but he never felt as fully developed as Sophie. He seemed rather one-dimensional and no explanation was given for his about face from the first book that felt really believable. Frankly, it wasn't really believable how he acted in the other book if you considered how deeply in love he was supposed to be with Sophie.

Pros: The book was a quick read, it was easy to get into the story, follow, and the action flowed so it never felt boring. The world was interesting, and I loved the introduction of the elven magic hinted at in the first book. I liked finding out the mystery of Sophie's ancestry.

Cons: Both books were too short. At under 150 pages a piece, they were more novellas than novels. There was enough meat there that both books could have been expanded and time spent on characterization of the supporting characters and the villains. The villain in this story was very one-dimensional and the motivation was never really believable. More time could have been spent on the elf background/magic and the great-grandfather's motivation and experiences. Having his "ghost" hanging around was very forced and felt deus-ex-machina-y (but ended up doing nothing really). Her ex-boyfriend Jaime, was sort of written off and although he appears, he is also flat and his presence feels forced. I guess I just wanted better development and more story building, which could be an easy fix, since there could be another 100 pages added (hint hint) to make it novel length.

Overall, it was a decent book, and since I read it quickly and had a hard time putting it down, I can recommend it to other readers of the genre (it would be best to read Howl first though). So, if you love paranormal romance, want a decent, original tale this is a story for you! I could also recommend this to older YA paranormal romance readers as both books contain adult themes.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)

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