Teddy Hunter: The Underground

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Runaway robot teddybears get hunted down as they try to escape to the underground.
SF action adventure: Everything either explodes or giggles at you... and the dropping anvils are ticking. More
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If you don't fall over laughing at least once while reading, the book is a failure.

Other than that, SF is the lit/philosophy of western urbanization.
the effect of tech
on people
via new mythology.

Beware, you MAY learn something. Or think a bit here and there, even in the comics..
Cartooning? Does-is-ought. Take a does, show what is it is, discuss the ought. (ie: table= work-server= that gossips)
SF? what if, then what, so what?
Fantasy? Any sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic. (Characters in conflict over issues)


Readers are welcome to proof-read; if I think it's a good correction, it goes in. (just send an e-mail, book-name + quoted line)
Thanks. (One long-suffering reader got a few books dedicated to him.)

On a personal note; I've got nearly 2 million words published at smashwords.com now. SF + fantasy novels, cartoons + short-stories.

Jeez, lemme see; This whole mess got started in grade school; shorts in HS; novels after. (first one done in pencil after HS.)

Dozen or so 80,000 word novelettes (mostly type-writer.); first computer stuff, 80's; novels+shorts.

Years of zines,quarterlies,novels,cartoons; (apple-clones, compacts, pcs) '86: BBSing a shorts echo (rogue-bone), blogs, cartooning

I THINK I can add another million words there. Maybe. Most of them are lost unless some old CD backups turn up.

Oh, if you don't make the best-seller list with your first novel today, you don't get a second. An 8-million hit web-wonder is entry level committee stuff. I think my count is 28 novels published over 7 years; and another dozen or so early works lost.

* WARNING! * Live and live, (long i vs short) tho and thou. I use thou as tho sometimes. It's the most common complaint.
Writing has been a hobby of mine since the third grade, and was an ambition even earlier. Cartooning, music + philosophy are other bad habits I keep up. (Plus a few secret ones I'm NOT telling you about, so there!)

I zined SF cons with shorts for years (on the freebie table). Well, till they started charging for intros, placements and contests. Quarterly editions, mostly: fantasy, horror (Halloween), children's (Christmas), romantic comedy, (Valentines, st pats) hard SF, on july 1st or world con. Most are in the short-story collections, tho I'm still writing the occasional one today.

Enjoy, thanks, pass it on! (Have a day of it, eh?)

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About the Series: teddyhunter
runaway robots start it; the teddybear bots, in fact.

New bountry-hunters get chased by cyborgs, mutants,

borgs, other robots, zombie farmers and DEEP underground monsters.

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John Bee reviewed on on Sep. 27, 2013

I thought this story was so good, that I bought the second book. And based on how well this story was told, I also purchased The Gateway Project (another series by the author), based on how much I liked TeddyHunter.

Note: the second book in the Gateway series is now out. (Girl-Ghost!)
(review of free book)
Emmelina Audigier reviewed on on June 6, 2013

My Kindle says I've hit the 25% mark on this and although it's not often that I give up before I've finished it, but I'm going to have to on this one. I have nothing against the characters though there is nothing about any of the them introduced so far that make me want to know what happens next. I think the biggest problem may lie in context. I know that sometimes it's good to leap right into the action with no background but in a world that is quite obviously so different from our own it probably would have been good to paint the scenery at some point for the readers stumbling helplessly though this book. I can see a little potential for a book like this but feel as though it needs a little more work before it joins the shelves of books I'd recommend to a friend.
(review of free book)
Edwin Davis reviewed on on Jan. 6, 2013

Good read. I felt the character development was good. Enjoyable story. Could use some editing. Looking forward to the next book.
(review of free book)
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