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Is control over the elements a gift, or a curse?

Roxy thinks that she is in control of everything: with flames flaring at her fingertips and an equally fiery attitude, what more could she need? But then she meets Brae, a prince from a rival Realm, who turns her assumptions of superiority upside down.

Jasmine has none of Roxy’s confidence or intensity. But she does have a secret - and Brae - and

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About Heather James

Heather James is a young-adult author who writes about heroines with amazing powers, heroes who will break your heart and fantasy realms that you will want to move to.

She works as a librarian in a school and spends her school holidays writing, reading, playing flag-American football and baking.

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Also in Series: Elements of Power Trilogy


Anna Engelman reviewed on on March 14, 2014

I remember reading this book, very well, and I really loved it. Unfortunately at the time that I had read this book, I wasn't able to get online to post a review. And now I have to find a way to reread it, in order to give a proper review now.

But I can try from what I remember for now.

I really enjoyed this book, but it did take me some time to read it. I enjoyed the switching POV's, especially Jasmine's. Roxy to me was slightly too cocky, and too reckless, which is probably why she was able to control fire.
Brae seemed sort of like he didn't really care about much, he liked his friends, and he didn't really hate anyone, which is always a nice thing.
Jasmine was way too concerned, had she maybe mentioned to Brae, or someone about her hair, maybe then she wouldn't have been able to understand more about herself.
I find the ending fight, interesting least to say, and I really really would want to read the next book in the series.
I also hope to find a way to reread this book for a better review.
(reviewed 12 months after purchase)
Ms4tune and TeROAR reviewed on on May 24, 2013


I'd love to leave this review as just that comment but I was asked for a review so I feel I should at least try and explain what I loved about Fire. :)

Firstly though I would like to thank YA/NA Fanatics (previously YA Readers Lounge) and Heather James for providing me with this copy to review.

Sooo what I loved:

This story reminded me of Avatar - (the cartoon series not the James Cameron film) - the last airbender one. There are 4 different cultures each protected by a select group of people with special abilities to control an element.
In a similar way to Avatar - the fire realm are trying to control all the other elements. Their obsession with power and competitive 'firey' nature causes them to call a meeting where they use a 'special power' to try and take control of the other realms.

Brae, Prince of the Arcan (Wind Element) Realm, is a delegate at the meeting. Roxanne, Princess of the Helian (Fire) Realm, is ordered to follow and befriend Brae, make him trust her, to make him more easily manipulated. However what they don't know is that Brae's friend Jasmine has a secret, a power that the Helian's haven't prepared for.

I must warn you there is a Love Triangle in this one - it is obvious, you will see it coming but I didn't actually mind. This one made sense.

I loved the characters. Jasmine took a while to grow on me, I found her a little whiney at the beginning but I liked the way she grew as her character was challenged. I Loved Roxanne, she was so mean and selfish but she as well gradually changed.

The only reason I gave this book 4*s was because I can't wait for the next book and I anticipate it being amazing so I wanted to give it somewhere aim for :)

Well done Heather James - a great start to a series.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)

I would like to thank Heather James for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Heather James created a very interesting world in this series. There are four different realms in the world, each vastly different from one another from the atmosphere to the people that live in each of them. Each Realm has Protectors, those who have special powers associated with their heritage. The Helian Realm (the Protectors powers are related to fire), the Arcan Realm (the Protectors powers are related to air), the Brizan Realm (the Protectors powers are related to water), and the Sephan Realm (the Protectors powers are related to earth). Aside from the Realms being associated with different elements, the people in them all have very similar hair, eye, and skin colors which are different in each of the Realms. The people of each Realm also have very strong opinions about how the other realms behave, dress, and live. I really enjoyed the creative world building throughout Fire, along with the crazy difference in character across the different societies. The story was different from anything I've read before, and it was refreshing to see a new spin on elemental magic.

I have kind of mixed feelings about the rest of the story though. I was kind of confused about the difference between the Realms and their people for a while, but it ended up clearing up for the most part within a few chapters. It took me a long time to feel like I cared about the characters (it was somewhere around 85%), which made the story move kind of slowly for me. In the beginning I really thought I would like how spunky and strong Roxy was, and I ended up thinking of her as a pretentious spoiled brat until the last couple chapters. I suppose her attitude fit well with the society she lived in (the Helian Realm, since they were all like that). Jasmine and Brae (from the Arcan Realm) were much more easy to like, but they didn't really do anything to actually impress me for a while either. I will say that I was (actually I still am) incredibly curious about what exactly Jasmine is (I developed a theory pretty early on and now I'm curious to see how close I am).... I won't say anything else because I don't want to spoil too much! I also wish there was a little bit more about the other two Realms and their people added to the story (the Brizans and Sephans).

Overall, Fire was a really quick and entertaining read. I liked a lot of things about the world Heather James created and how unique it was. I loved how the people were so wildly different, and got a kick out of how they would use "Flames" or "Air" as an expletive depending on who was talking. The descriptions of each realm and the people in them were also amazing. There were a couple things that kept this at 3 stars for me though. I'm a sucker for romance so I definitely wish that there had been more, it felt like there was a little flicker of it but it was mostly absent throughout the story. It also bothered me a little to read "stood" and "sat" in place of "standing" and "sitting," I'm not used to hearing it so I couldn't help it getting to me. I felt like nothing really exciting happened until almost the very end, but I'm hoping now that most of the details are in place the next book will have more action. I'm definitely looking forward to book two to find out what happens.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Casie L reviewed on on March 29, 2013

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 stars - I loved it!!

Can't wait for the next book and hope it is not long!!

Wow, this book is awesome! I never would have known about it, if I hadn’t won it in a giveaway. It immediately had me sucked in their Realms and intrigued about what I would find out about the secrets involved. I definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves fantasy/adventure especially with elemental magic. This was a fantastic surprise, and I loved the journey. The story is told from the perspective of two characters Jasmine and Roxy. They are different, but both strong female characters. They do what they believe is right. I do not like giving details away because I think it should be your own fantastic journey. You won’t be disappointed.
(reviewed 29 days after purchase)
rachmi febrianty reviewed on on Feb. 14, 2013

This is a story about a world with 4 realms, Helian, Arcan, Sephan and Brizan. Each realm has different element as their power. They live side by side but don’t get along well there is prejudice against each realm. In this series the stories focus on Helian and Arcan realm. Helian with fire as their power considered the strongest among others while Arcan has air as their protector.

I rarely read a story told from 2 heroines. It usually told from female or male POV or even both of them, but rarely from 2 females POV. So I was quite surprise when I found out I read it based on Roxanne and Jasmine POV. Roxanne or Roxy, as she prefer is a Helian who is just completed her training as a Protector. She, of course, can control fire and a second line of throne. While Jasmine aka Jazz is raise as an Arcan. She (thought) didn’t have a power. She’s an orphan who has a close relationship with the royal family especially with Brae, the prince of Arcan. Between those POV it’s quite hard to guess who are the protagonist and the antagonist. Each person has their own virtue and vice. Although I like Roxy more than Jazz I think I can predict what will happen to Jazz next, yet I would like to know more about her.

I like the idea of this story but I’m quite confused with the world building and the setting of it. In the beginning of the story, I picture it happen in some long time ago. The elementals that influence 4 realms and the dagger which Roxy used made me think it’s like in Robin Hood kind of time. But then I read about technology and electronic devices. They have car yet they take their journey to another realm by ship. I assumed if they invented car, they also have a plane and live like in our time now. While I picture the ship is just like a traditional ship from a long time ago.

There is also inconsistency which made me have to reread a couple times to understand what it’s all about. In chapter 11, it mentions that Roxy take a ride by bike with Vincent I was desperate for the bike to move faster so that I could reach them then it mention they got out of the carVincent pulled over in a secluded district by the river and got out of the car. And then again Elated by my double victory, I followed him back to the bike.

Then in chapter 32 Jazz and Imogen hide under the table I gestured wildly to one of the tables which had a long table cloth hanging down in front of it and Imogen and I dived underneath, moments before the door opened and a large group walked in. Through a small gap to my left I watched as five Helians came into the room, accompanied by Lorelie, the youngest of the Brizan Protectors.I recognised one of the Helians as Roxy's friend Avery, but Roxy herself was missing. She was smiling joyfully at an older man - also a Protector - and said "I can't believe it's worked! This is fantastic! What are we going to make her do?"A tall, stern woman, whose brown hair was bland compared to the vibrant blue and reds of the Protectors, rounded on Avery instantly. They dive underneath the table so I assume they aren’t stand straight but some kind of in squat position or even sit down. Hence they couldn’t see who are stand beside the table moreover see their smile and hair color. They more likely could only see their feet.

Again in chapter 35 Before I could react he grabbed my wrists and slotted ornate manacles onto them….. Avery grinned widely as I approached and I was quick to conceal the manacles behind my backhow do you conceal your wrists which have manacles on it behind your back? I couldn’t picture it.

The inconsistences kind of bother me but after read a few reviews it seem no body mentions it. Am I the only one who realizes it? Or did I misunderstand it? Or did I miss something along in the sentences?

Thanks to Ms. Heather James and YA Reader’s Lounge for the opportunity to read it for honest review. This is as honest as I can be.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
Jonel Boyko reviewed on on Feb. 13, 2013

This story is based on a very unique concept. I can definitely say that I’ve never read anything even remotely like it before. It was a very refreshing and exciting read.

This story was exceptionally well written, especially considering that it is the first novel for this author. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that she has a well thought out and intriguing plot. This novel is going somewhere specific. It never wanders or loses its reader. I also appreciated the way that James didn’t leave anything at loose ends at the end of the novel, but yet left so much to be explained and discovered in future installments. Nothing is left in limbo, but there is more than enough to bring you back for more.

The main characters were quite interesting and very well developed. They were the type of people that you could see yourself being friends with. I truly wanted to see them succeed. You find your heart going out to them on multiple different occasions. They are so real that you can’t help it. I also love the mix of interesting powers that the characters possess. They aren’t your stereotypical supernatural powers, but this makes them all the more interesting. The powers are also integrated into who the characters are and into their beliefs. They aren’t superfluous to the characters but rather an integral part of who they are.

This is definitely a one of a kind story with many one of a kind characters. I was so drawn into this world of many realms and into the lives of the characters that I can’t wait to continue on this journey with them in the sequel.
(reviewed 18 days after purchase)
rachel storey reviewed on on Feb. 12, 2013

The 1st book in the element of fire series was really good! The book switches from the points of view of a girl named Roxy, to a girl named Jazz, a.k.a Jasmine. Roxy is a princess in the Helian Relm (its a hot realm where people control fire) and has just finished her training. Her attitude is as firey as the element she controls and I love it! Jazz is a quiet girl from the Arcain Realm (people control air in this realm) and is best friends with the prince of the realm, Brae, who must set out for a diplomatic meeting in the Helian Realm. Other than these realms, there are also the water and earth realm. (they have different names of course) All the realms leaders have been called to this diplomatic meeting in the Helian realm to discuss treaties and trade negotations. But Roxy and her fellow Helians have a power the other realms don't know about, and they intend to use it to gain power over the others. Jazz also has a power not even her best friend Brae knows about, and when she starts having weird, prophetic dreams, she must follow Brae and risk uncovering a secret that will ruin everything she holds close.

I'm very suprised how much I liked this book after I finished it. When I first started reading it, the switching of the point of views really confused me until I figured out what was going on with the characters and what kind of world they lived in. I didn't really understand the romantic connection between Roxy and Brae though, It just felt under developed. I loved Roxys personality and it's awesome when the heroine makes her own rules. Jazz's character was alright, but I think I know where the author is going with the purple strands in her hair, but I could be wrong. I loved the end though and it makes me want to read the next one!

I would like to thank the author, Heather James, and the YA Readers Lounge for this opportunity and I loved reading and reviewing the book!
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
Mary Coolbaugh reviewed on on Jan. 16, 2013

Very Interesting...Assuming there will be a second story.I am wishing for Brae and Jazz...
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aramide reviewed on on Jan. 11, 2013
(no rating)
PDF pls, ta.
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