Rae of Hope

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How hard do you have to shake the family tree to find the truth about the past?

Fifteen year-old Rae Kerrigan never really knew her family's history. Her mother and father died when she was young and it is only when she accepts a scholarship to the prestigious Guilder Boarding School in England that a mysterious family secret is revealed.

Will the sins of the father be the sins of the daughter? More
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About W.J. May

Wanita May grew up in the fruit belt of Ontario - St.Catharines. Crazy-happy childhood, she always has had a vivid imagination and loads of energy.

The youngest of six -- four older brothers, and a sister -- taught her at a young age to be competitive in all aspects of life.

At sixteen, she began competing in athletics (track and field) and before she turned seventeen, she was representing Canada in high jump. She continued to compete, breaking Canada's JR High Jump record (1.92m - 6' 3 1/2" for those metric-ly challenged). She attented University of Toronto, and Kansas State University - winning CIAU's and becoming All-American 6x - NCAA Indoors Runner Up + more.

But you're not interested in her athletic career - unless of course you're curious to know she stands 1.70m (5'7") and has jumped 20cm over her head on more than one occassion. She's represented Canada at the World Championships, World Jrs., won Francophone Games, and loved every minute of every competition. From the grueling workouts, the crazy weights she lifted on her back, the days she thought her lungs were going to spit out of her mouth for lack of oxygen, the travelling around the world and the opportunity to read - her favourite past time.

Life continued with her husband (a distance runner from Liverpool, UK, who she met at KSU) and then their first, then second and finally third child. Their house became full of more imagination and stories.

Wanita and her husband run an online business, dealing in antiques and collectables - particularly jewelry and porcelain (one of the business' website: www.wadeincanada.com ).

After her father passed away in 2009, from a six-year battle with cancer (which she still believes he won the fight against), she began to write again. A passion she'd loved for years, but realized life was too short to keep putting it off.

She is currently represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency. Wanita is a writer of Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction and where ever else her little muses take her.

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Review by: dorothymathewson3432 on Nov. 25, 2017 :
This story was a real joy to read and I never saw the twist coming at the end it suprized me .I like that the story was easy to read.
(review of free book)
Review by: Justine Winans on Sep. 30, 2013 :
Sometimes, I know exactly what I am looking for in a book. I can think to myself and say, hmm, I could go for a Victorian-style ghost story right about now... I get an idea, and the yearning is there until I can fulfill it. Other times, I will come across a book, not entirely sure what to expect, but upon reading, I realize that this is exactly what I have been looking for. Whatever that was, this is it.

Rae of Hope was one of those books for me. Okay, okay, it wasn't a total surprise. First of all, it has a unique plot, which is not as easy to find in YA fantasy. Not to mention, I have a little bit of a thing for boarding school stories. Especially when they involve something supernatural. But these vague characteristics alone do not automatically craft an amazing story. No, May manages to do that all on her own.

There were so many things that I loved about Rae of Hope that it is a little ridiculous. First, the idea of the tatùs. Absolutely beautiful, and exciting. The description of the markings and the power behind them is nothing short of enchanting. All the different abilities shown really added to the story, and gave a true feeling of a whole community throughout the school.

Second, the plot. Folks, this one is a wild ride. An absolutely brilliant back story (if you read my reviews a lot, you should know how I feel about a good back story) created a great foundation for the novel. There were many twists and turns. Even in scenes that were relatively normal days, I felt incredibly excited reading. Certain parts toward the end? A complete surprise! It definitely kept me on my toes.

Third, Rae herself. I feel like I mention if a novel has a great voice a lot, but character is such an important part of narrative that I can't overlook it. Especially when there is a great female character, and Rae is definitely one of them. She is the kind of person that I could see myself hanging out with and really talking to, which allowed me to feel closer to her during the actual read. I think that is very powerful.

Might I add, I would absolutely love to go to Guilder. Okay, maybe it is a little much that I nearly fell in love with every single male student that was introduced, but I can't exactly complain. They just all had there own thing going on, and it works so well. Maybe the high amount of swoon-worthy males is not entirely realistic, but a girl can dream, right?

On that topic, I would like to add that the romance in Rae of Hope is tastefully done, and unique from a lot of other stories, which is very refreshing to read. My inner romantic definitely approves.

All in all, Rae of Hope is a brilliant start to a series. With everything from casual fun teenage exchanges to incredible supernatural abilities to dark secrets from a darker past, this novel really does have it all. I can highly recommend this book and not even feel guilty if that means I'm asking people to spend money. (It's kinda worth it.) It's the kind of book that sticks with you, so you can make guesses and think about it afterward, and I can't wait to read more.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Review by: Maghon Thomas on May 3, 2013 :
Lets start with this… WHY didn’t I know
about this series before now?! I will use the excuses but I can’t
believe I was missing out! This first book if the series has been
out for a good bit and I’m disappointed in myself for not knowing-
HOWEVER- I’m all pumped because now I get to jump straight into
book two! You will all need to do this as well it’s a fantastic
story, and yes the going away to a “special school” has been done
before- including some of my all time favorite books- but I can’t
compare them because it doesn’t feel the same. This book has
different aspects and different characters and a whole different
feel to it. So Rae seems like a normal girl, she may be an orphan
but her family treats her good, but then she has to go this school,
and why I say special, it’s mildly putting it. I loved that as Rae
discovers the truth about her past and family, so do I. It’s also
creepy that EVERYONE ELSE knows but her. But when she finds out the
truth, it totally rocks her world. In going to say that Rae is a
very likable character, she’s smart, she’s determined, and no
matter what everyone else around thinks, she’s a good person. But
boy, do I expect some serious trials ahead for her Molly is the
coolest kid ever! As Rae’s roomie, she made me laugh and giggle.
She’s definitely a force to reckon with! I loved her! She’s a great
character. And there’s plenty if HAWT pieces to go around. LOL!
Lots of young men and other characters we meet her. I like the way
the author has played out an developed some of these characters.
I’m always a huge fan of secondary characters and there’s a good
bit of very interesting characters here! I think this is a great
start to a series. There’s a little but of everything to go around,
and it’s a perfect blend. It flowed well, and it made me connect!
I’m definitely looking forward to jumping right in to book two and
I know I will enjoy it just as much as I did here! I am gunna say
to anyone who enjoys YA paranormal and like a variety to your
stories, you should definitely go for this one. 5 POWERFUL PAWS!
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Review by: Emily Fay on Feb. 22, 2013 : (no rating)
Remarkable first book to a marvelous new series…I am officially Hooked! The Chronicles of Kerrigan has this awesome Harry Potter mixed with X-men vibe. Children that will become inked are selected to go to a school for the “gifted” where they will receive their tatu at 16 and then learn how to use and harness the power they receive from the tatu for the next 2 years. In Raes’ case she will be learning a lot more than she ever bargained for.

Rae has no idea what a tatu is, why she is at Guilder, and why everyone keeps looking at her and whispering behind her back. With the help of her bubbly roommate Molly, a senior hottie Devon, and the compassionate Headmaster Lanford, Rae learns the legend of her past, the depth of her fathers evil, and how her tatu could be very dangerous. Unfortunately everyone is too blinded by the past to see the good in Rae. Through out the course of the school year we follow Rae and her friends on her journey to uncover the truth about her family, fight off the same demons that tormented her father, and get a grasp on this new crazy world she is living in. But someone will turn on her when she needs them most.

I am in love with this character, the story line, and the magic! Rae is this beautifully strong girl that in the face of everything has hope and determination not to be what everyone thinks she will become. “You can’t undo the past. The sins of the father are the sins of the son, in this case the daughter.” She has an amazing power and a strong will to do good with it, something her father did not posses. Devon is a dream of a guy that helps Rae with her familys’ past. Molly is that awesome best friend that can put a smile on your face even when your are feeling down. She is the cause of out loud laughter in this book. :)

Rae of Hope is full of suspense, attraction, friendship, deception, and not letting ones past define you. I am immediately jumping into book 2 so that I can get more of the adventure and to see what type of women Rae is becoming. I highly recommend this book to lovers of Harry Potter. You will not be disappointed.

4.5 Bookshelves
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

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