Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall

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Dinosaurs return to Earth from space. Now humans are the endangered species! More
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About Thomas P Hopp

Thomas Patrick Hopp routinely imagines the unimaginable. He writes science fiction and mystery thriller novels that draw on his background as a scientist and scholar of the natural world in all its glory and terror. His stories have won multiple literary awards and garnered him a worldwide following. He is a member of both the Mystery Writers of America and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and served for several years as President of the Northwest Chapter of MWA. Tom is also an internationally recognized molecular biologist. He discovered powerful immune-system hormones and helped found the multi-billion-dollar Seattle biotechnology company Immunex Corporation. He advised the team that created Immunex’s blockbuster arthritis drug Enbrel. He developed the first commercially successful nanotechnology device, a molecular handle for manipulating proteins at the atomic level, which is used by medical researchers around the world to study human cells and every major microbe known to science.

Tom’s NORTHWEST TALES are thrillers set against backdrops of disaster, whether natural or man-made. Earthquakes, eruptions, and epidemics are grist for these gripping adventures. Tom’s mystery stories follow Dr. Peyton McKean, a super-intelligent sleuth known as “The Greatest Mind Since Sherlock Holmes.” Viruses, microbes, and evil geniuses form the core of his opposition. Tom’s DINOSAUR WARS science fiction stories read like “Star Wars meets Jurassic Park.” Featuring laser-blasting space invaders and huge beasts from the past, they follow Yellowstone Park naturalist Chase Armstrong and Montana rancher’s daughter Kit Daniels, who struggle to survive in a world where dinosaurs live again. Most of Tom’s tumultuous adventures are suitable for readers young and old.

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About the Series: Dinosaur Wars
When laser-blasting dinosaurs from outer space invade the Earth, humans are the endangered species! Join Yellowstone wildlife biologist Chase Armstrong and Montana rancher's daughter Kit Daniels at ground zero, where the invaders' 66 million year old lost civilization lies buried under a mountain of sandstone. Nearly non-stop action, a bit of romance, and a cast of astonishing prehistoric animals fill every page with excitement!

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Reviews of Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall by Thomas P Hopp

No Zee reviewed on Dec. 30, 2012

This book lives up to its promise of "Star Wars meets Jurassic Park." It reads a lot like a blend of those two stories, but it is very original at the same time. The action is fast paced, and the dinosaurs and human heroes are intriguing. Action, adventure, and some light romance. A fun read for all ages.
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Shelley Young reviewed on Sep. 23, 2012

This book reminds me in some ways of the adventure fantasy films I watched as a child. One of my favorites was Jules Vernes' Journey to the Center of the Earth. In Dinosaur Wars, the characters are not adventuring out, but living their normal lives in Montana when the adventure overtakes them. Dinosaurs are landing in spaceships from the moon! There is a wonderful retro quality to this imaginative story that calls up the 1950s for me. Dinosaurs with a superior technology is an interesting idea. After all, they were on the planet longer than humans. Kit and Chase have an innocence about them that is refreshing. The archeologist, Dr. Ogilvey, is an entertaining and eccentric character that provides the reader with information about dinosaurs. Now the beast is not only huge, powerful and frightening, but has the human capabilities of language, weapons and organized warfare as well.
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R Ralan reviewed on Sep. 18, 2012

Good grief!

Here we have a decent premise, written by someone who paid attention during English class, yet who has no conception of how people act during a crisis. When the nation is invaded and being bombarded, people should be having hysterics, not be spending time worrying about lesser concerns, or strolling about as if something merely inconvenient is happening.

Worse yet, perhaps, the characters make rookie mistakes that put themselves into bad situations, all with the (author's) idea of making the story more exciting. Another thing: huge herbivorous alien animals cannot be treated like pets. Would anyone go near a moose or buffalo without taking precautions? How about a rhino or hippo?

One scene particularly galled me. When the rancher's daughter is threatened by a dangerous animal, she runs upstairs and hides under her bed. Excuse me, but I'd expect a cowgirl to run to the gun cabinet for the biggest rifle on hand, not cower like a delicate debutante.

I could go on, but what's the point? Simply take warning -- you'll need to suspend a whole lot of disbelief to get through this one. Too bad, for the story has some good points.
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