The Seedbearing Prince: Part I

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Dayn Ro'Halan is a farmer's son sworn to a life of plowing on his homeworld, Shard. After finding a lost artifact called a Seed, he's thrust into an ancient conflict between voidwalkers of the hated world Thar'Kur, and Defenders from a floating fortress called the Ring. Dayn must become a Seedbearer and learn to use the Seed's power to shape worlds before the entire World Belt is lost.
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About DaVaun Sanders

If imagination was a mutant power, DaVaun Sanders could have enrolled at 1407 Graymalkin Lane. Instead, he went the safe route and earned a Bachelor's degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 2002. He eventually acquiesced to the student loan gods and took up architecture in Phoenix. Yet his passion for the field faded as he spent more free time writing and performing spoken word poetry.

The Seedbearing Prince began as a dream vivid enough to play like a movie trailer. Deciding to write the debut novel took some time, as it wasn't part of "The Plan," but the housing market collapse forced DaVaun's small design firm under in 2008. He decided to plunge into writing full-time, and is loving every minute of it. When the keyboard cramps his fingers, DaVaun gets lost in the great outdoors of Arizona or hits up open mic spots in the Valley. He responds to email from fans, but postcards are even better!

DaVaun is currently hard at work editing Part II of The Seedbearing Prince. Follow him on Twitter and like on Facebook for updates and giveaways!

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Review by: Samantha Ryan on July 22, 2013 :
"The Seedbearing Prince” by author DaVaun Sanders is a Young adult/Teen fantasy/sci-fi novel. I thought it was amazing! I almost read it in one night (took 2). It was truly above and beyond anything I expected to read. I’m not going to act like this book was perfect (what one is?) But one thing is for sure and that is DaVaun Sanders can write! I felt like I was part of a movie while reading this (btw would make a great one, or a TV series…). There were so many characters it was hard to keep track of them all, and some only seemed to be there for the sake of being there (not really fleshed out or made individual). But the MC’s were very well done, and even though I have some unanswered questions, I hope the next one delves further into character development and motivations and backstory. Great editing (I notice this!!) and this was definitely an enjoyable book to get lost in. Looking forward to the next.
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Review by: Anabella Johnson on July 22, 2013 :
I admit at first when reading this book I felt like I’d been thrown in the middle of a strange place and had to take some time to get my bearings. Like a roller coaster just taking off. But what an amazing ride it was! Once I was fully immersed in the story, I found it hard to put the book down. Although there are some familiar fantasy elements here, the author puts such a unique spin on everything that it feels refreshingly original. If I had one gripe, and unfortunately for me it’s kind of a big one, I wasn’t a fan of how it ended. I understand the reasoning and will absolutely be getting the next book, but I would have preferred to have more resolution. Otherwise a fantastic read that I recommend to anyone who likes a well-written fantasy adventure tale.
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Review by: Kaylee Stevens on July 18, 2013 :
The Seedbearing Prince was the first book I’ve read from the author DaVaun Sanders, but I assure you it won’t be the last! If the next one were out I’d be reading it right this minute! I’ve read many, many YA fantasy novels by indie authors over the past several years and I can say with all certainty that this novel ranked up there among the very best of them. Mr. Sanders writes with confidence and utilizes great word economy. I appreciated how detailed the world-building and characters were without being weighed down with excessive purple descriptions (a common flaw I find in this genre). Dayn is a likable character and it is great to see the events unfold (for the most part) from his perspective. This novel is a great addition to the YA fantasy genre, and I think adults will enjoy it too! It is a quite lengthy book, but it is worth the read.
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Review by: Stacy Decker on July 16, 2013 :
Dayn Ro’Halan lives in the world of Shard working on his family farm. He dreams of “offworld adventure” and wants to race in the torrent. This opening reminded me a bit of Star Wars, but in a great way. From the very first pages of this book to the last the story flowed smoothly with a functioning, cohesive plot. I can’t stand when an epic fantasy adventure meanders all over the place with no coherent central focus. As with any fantasy novel sometimes the names can get a bit confusing, but they are fun to read. Mr. Sanders style of writing is clear and intelligent, and this was a surprisingly easy read, and gripped my imagination in a way that few novels have done for me lately. His effortless prose reads like one from a seasoned pro. My only real complaint is that I don’t have the next one already, and that’s pretty brutal considering how the book ends. “The Seedbearing Prince” could easily find a nice home on any bookstore shelf and hold its own. Clean enough for younger readers, and exciting and intelligent enough for older ones.
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Review by: Tamika Lamb on April 21, 2013 :
I do not normally read science fiction/fantasy books, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Seedbearing Prince! Because of this book, I am now reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I am excited about reading the next book and seeing how Dayn fairs with the seed. Thanks for writing an amazing story and opening me up to the world of science fiction/fantasy!
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Review by: Andrzej Babij on April 05, 2013 :
Great Story. Incredibly detailed. Character development is full and believable. The larger context, including history of the place and relationships between people, is also very well developed and well observed for the kind of emotional detail that fleshes out characters in the book. I had a hard time envisioning the actual universe, however, where gravity, and atmosphere were so fluid. For me that was a drawback, and I can't think of any published sic-fi work that I've read that that requires this much envisioning and faith from the reader - perhaps this is the reason this book wasn't bought by a publisher. Still, I am looking forward to reading a sequel.
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Review by: helen james on March 28, 2013 :
I can say that I did not experience any problem with formatting, so for those that did perhaps they might want to check their devices! This is a great book, speaking as a non– professional book reader! I can not wait for the sequel and will gladly pay to read it. I did find the end abrupt however that leftme wanting more and looking forward to the next book in the series with great anticipation.
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Review by: Dean Johnson on Feb. 23, 2013 :
This was a terrific book, miles ahead of most of what you'll see on this site from unheralded authors.
There was a problem with the formatting of the epub I downloaded; almost every em-dash in the book had been replace with a question mark. I have to admit this took away from some of the enjoyment of the book, as I kept getting pulled out of the fictional dream to suss out what the author meant to say.
I can't imagine why the traditional publishing houses all turned this down. The only flaws were minor ones, which would have been easily caught and fixed by a professional editor. I doubt most people would even notice them. The only one that bothered me (a little) was the author's insistence in using 'alright' instead of 'all right'. Like I said--minor.
This book was as readable as anything I have read all year. I can't wait for the next volume, which I will certainly read (even if it's not free)
Bravo Mr. Sanders!
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Review by: Richard Estes on Feb. 19, 2013 :
My mind keeps churning as I set down the last few pages of this book. I keep envisioning new possible scenes, imagining the interplay between well developed characters, and desiring to find out more.

The end of the novel does seem to come quickly, almost a bit rushed, it still sets the scene for a great Part II.

I had not heard of this author before stumbling over them on Smashwords, but I am eagerly awaiting any more writing that I can devour. Captivating worlds and plots continue to intrigue me even after putting the book down and moving on.

Well done!
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Review by: SSernau on Feb. 10, 2013 :
The Seedbearing Prince is a page turning rampage through a skewed reality where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Dayn is a bright and curious farm boy trained to care for the fields, and to wield a staff. As a consequence of his own misadventures in the Dreadfall, he is thrown headlong into an escalating conflict between the worlds, and must gather his wits and his meager resources together to stay alive long enough to complete his mission.

I enjoyed the characters in this book immensely. Sanders provides just the right amount of humor and hormones to keep them vibrant and engaging. His great world building skills get free play on the many worlds Dayn visits, but it was the action scenes that kept me riveted to my seat.

There was an earlier edition of this book that was posted on this site that may have garnered the single star, but I'd rate this a solid five.
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Review by: Frank Aaker on Feb. 09, 2013 :
I REALLY wanted to read this book, the story captivated me. BUT, the formatting, typos, pov issues, and grammatical errors are a disaster. I stumbled and tripped through fifty-three pages, reached chapter four, closed the book and put it down – mighty disappointed.
A book I can't read to the end automatically gets a one star. Please, Mr. Sanders, clean up your prose, you have the makings of a best-seller here.
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