Songs of a Loving Heart - Special Edition

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I welcome you all to bathe in the beauty of love and romance…in this offering of love; you will feel the aroma of love is embracing you in sacredness of romance….

These are reflection of our soul….the longing…yearning that we feel for our beloved….and then finally uniting and feeling that joy….

Ahhh!! Come take this journey with me… Let me take you to the paradise of Love and beauty…..

~ Vibhu More
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About Vibhu Ashok

"All beautiful souls are welcome in my world of love and beauty. I am ready to embrace you all with an open heart."
~Vibhu Ashok

Vibhu is a spiritual soul, born on February 1, 1985 in the city of Indore, India. He has always been a mature and deep thinker, with high personal expectations. In order to fulfill his ambition of distinctiveness, he obtained his MBA and then cleared SAP certification, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious courses in the IT field. Yet his spiritual soul had a different plans.

Forever interested and involved in different paths of human evolution, Vibhu practiced past life regression. Where he discovered that not only he was an old soul, but that he had been a renowned writer in the past. From that day forward, there was no looking back.

Love flows from inside Vibhu's core, and the only way to express it is to write about it. And he writes continuously, without thinking about what to write, or how to write it. Vibhu's love of music gives him hope and enthusiasm, and inspires him to write about the beauty he feels within his spirit. Seeing the beauty of love in everything is what sparks his inspiration to write in a very natural flow. His poems are an innate expression of what is created within. He has been expressing himself poetically for four years now, and each day he puts pen to paper and effortlessly writes a new poem.

Vibhu loves to share, and believes strongly in collaboration. Collaborating gives a new dimension to all artists involved, and where a uniquely beautiful work of art emerges. Innovation is a constant aspiration. When he looks at the world, he sees love, and wishes it for everyone. His love of words to convey his true feelings have resulted in multiple verses and accolades from many friends around the world

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Review by: Patricia Passaris on March 2, 2013 : (no rating)
Vibhu Ashok…has opened up the portals of connectivity with the unspoken in the most ease-full way words can be expressed.

While reading His Songs of a loving heart... the awakening of my own truths within each flow was an awakening to endless possibilities to love and be loved. Vibhu takes you like a guide to validate the truths within and merge with the souls long to experience the eternal connection. He has a wonderful way of holding the mirror that reflects the forgotten within. Its a beautiful way of expressing love as divine that love is.
(review of free book)
Review by: April Parr on Feb. 28, 2013 :
I'm so happy to know this writer and to have been directed to this on my birthday. Having been busy with my own revision and writing, I've eagerly wanted to get some time to read this. These poems express what is sorely needed in the world right now: love and tenderness. I have never had much interest in poetry, but this author has a captivating way of expressing himself and stirring up such wonderful emotion. I highly recommend this to everyone. It is absolutely lovely work.
(review of free book)
Review by: Mariela Saravia on Feb. 25, 2013 : (no rating)
There aren't enough words to describe such book. Vibhu doesn't write with his mind, but with his soul. Amazing poems to warm your heart
(review of free book)
Review by: Rich Okun on Feb. 22, 2013 :
I have been following Vibhu's work for several years and eagerly devoured this offering. He has an extraordinary way of expressing Love, something that is in great need today and not often touched upon in a world of distractions, shoot'em ups, computer generated graphics and generally a lack of connection. His tender vision sees the love in all things, something that I aspire to do in my life. This is a wonderful read and something to cherish forever...
(review of free book)
Review by: Salwa Samra on Feb. 20, 2013 :
It is evident that Vibhu Ashok has a connection with writing about love. He desires to share with his readers the depth of where love can take the human spirit. Each of Vibhu's pieces delves deep into the richness of love and what love can offer to anyone that is willing to accept from love.
Salwa Samra
(review of free book)
Review by: Chase Boehner on Feb. 20, 2013 :
I believe the best way to review this collection is simply like the emotion of the book itself. What is more simple than love? We all crave it and cherish it and even though it is simple it has myriad forms of complexities woven throughout it's meaning just like the collection of poems within this book. Vibhu captures the basest form of love and weaves it into many distinct forms expressing it's purity and beauty in its many incarnations. A soft and intimate exploration of the most important human emotion shines through in this artistic and beautiful presentation on LOVE!! The book also benefits from an incredible collaboration of artists that showcases the talent of all involved from Cover and Graphic Designer Aphrodite Smiles to photographer Bella Tokaeva and artists Marize Bodini and Luise 'Mignon' Andersen. Each person contributes a different style to help convey the messages of love contained within and with equal aplomb.
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Review by: Sass Cadeaux on Feb. 20, 2013 :
This book of poetry is one of the finest I have read in long, long time! The author leads the reader through a gauntlet of emotions, including love, heartache, longing and, of course, want. In the end, you want much more!
(review of free book)
Review by: linda strother on Feb. 18, 2013 :
Songs of a Loving Heart...I was blown away by the depth of the emotions conveyed as well as the incredible art work that accompanied each poem. Flow of the Heart moved me to tears, I found it so touching yet so easy to understand the sentiment beyond the words. The words are very beautiful. This is a must read!
(review of free book)
Review by: Idan Hadari on Feb. 17, 2013 :
Great songs book, would recommend it to everyone who likes beautiful songs, with inspiration. Just enjoy it as I did!
(review of free book)
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