A Moment

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Lili would much rather be doing homework on Valentine's then hanging out in a Burlesque bar, until she meets the brooding Ryan. What she doesn't know is that Ryan has decided tonight he'll end it all, but fate has other plans for him. Lili is determined to save not only his body, but his soul too.

This is their moment... More
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About Marie Hall

Marie Hall has always held a dangerous fascination for creatures that go bump in the night. And mermaids. And of course fairies. Trolls. Unicorns. Shapeshifters. Vampires. Scottish brogues. Kilts. Beefy arms. Ummm... Bad boys! Especially the sexy ones.

Then the day came she realized apart from the sexy bad boy she married, there'd be no vampires/shapeshifters/mermaids/fairies/or even stinky trolls in her future unless she wrote about them. More often than not she can be found roaming the wild, lush tropical forest she calls her backyard (a.k.a. Hawaii) and day dreaming constantly about her latest project.

Her Mad Hatter is the first book of her Kingdom Series.

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Review by: Natt little on Dec. 03, 2013 :
Got so entranced in this book, thoroughly enjoyed it. Got very emotional towards the end due to how realistic the storyline was. Well written
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Review by: Jutzie on Aug. 07, 2013 :
A Moment by Marie Hall
The Moment Series Book 1
Ryan Cosgrove is a man with demons. The biggest night of their haunting is on Valentines Day and it has once again arrived. This year he’s tired of fighting them, at twenty-five he’s been fighting this battle for fifteen years. He’s made the decision this will be the last year. Then the unexpected happens, a green eyed beauty enters his life and she’s determined to save him.

Liliana Delgado has had quite a hard life. Pregnant at a young age, an autistic son, her mother is ill and more. She has chosen not to date in the seven years since her son was born. The one night she agrees to go out with Alex, only as friends, her life changes. Lili likes to try and save people and Alex’s cousin Ryan is definitely in need of saving.

This story is intense at times. It is worth reading but don't go into it thinking it's a warm and fuzzy romance. You'd be disappointed. There is definitely romance but the road to love is definitely an unkept back road, bumpy with plenty of deep ruts. Ryan had something really bad happen when he was young and he’d rather bury it then tell Lili the truth. Only when you bury things that aren’t dead, they find a way to always come back. Book two in the series will be Alex's story, Right Now.
**Sexual Content and Language
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Review by: angela gagliostro on July 14, 2013 :
great finished it 1 afternoon.
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Review by: Christie Mitchum on June 27, 2013 :
Addition to Review....It should be 5 stars not two...So we will try again...

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.***

I'm not sure how to begin this review except by saying that my emotions have been all over the place. This is a good thing. When an author can make a reader feel this way, he or she has succeeded. I wasn't sure how I would feel about reading A Moment because of the deep issues the writer explores (suicide, teen pregnancy, and child sexual abuse). But, I found that I really enjoyed this read.

I don't want to write too much because I don't want to spoil it for other readers. But, it is a love story of two people, Liliana and Ryan, who have suffered unimaginable events in their pasts. Their love could possibly heal them both, but is it enough to keep the darkness of their pasts from ruining their future?

I must say Marie Hall does a phenomenal job of dealing with extremely dark and sensitive issues. The emotions that Ryan is dealing with are incredibly realistic. As a mother of two boys myself, I wanted to hold Ryan close and take away his pain. Lili is such a strong character as well. She has to be on the top of my list of heroines. She doesn't feel sorry for herself. She deals with the hand that life dealt her. I also like that I got to see how she and Ryan are doing years later. Do yourself a favor and read this book and share it with your friends. It's a great story but could also help someone who is dealing with the same issues as the characters in this book. Cannot wait to read the sequel about Ryan's brother, Alex.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Delpha Goodman on June 25, 2013 :
First of all, I did receive a free copy of this book for an honest review and here it is!

In case you're wondering, i never write reviews by recapping the same info you an get from the story synopsis you should already know that if you are thinking about reading the book.

Emotionally I connected with these characters. Wow Lil's life is hard, really freaking hard. She's not a simpering little fool although she falls pretty hard for Ryan, she mostly keeps her wits about her. There are lots of great moments of sadness, happiness, anger, fear, and pain in this book. I love this style of writing personally it is more real.

Real life is full of bad things that happen to good people and these two are great examples of that. I like how they are each fighting their own battles when they find each other.

I also love Ryan's cousin Alex and I can't wait for his story. I also can't wait to see if John gets what he has coming, someone should take a base ball bat to him.

This series is going to be addictive. :)
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Mandy H on June 18, 2013 :
I would first like to thank the author for providing a copy for honest review.

There are some books that leave you breathless. A Moment was one of those books. Marie Hall has put together a hauntingly beautiful story about how a single moment can change your life.

Liliana Delgado gets dealt a tough hand. Fourteen years old, pregnant, and shattering the relationship she had with her father. Ryan Cosgrove is fighting his demons, literally. Maybe if he hits something harder, drinks more, that February night will have ceased to happen.

"I could have told him to save his car for someone who matters. That I'm not worth caring about. That there's nothing left in me anymore. I'm a used-up, hollowed-out shell of a man"

As they find themselves drawn to each other they learn the strength that comes from finding the one person that will love you no matter what.

This book deals with some serious issues, and handles autism beautifully. I cannot wait to see the next chapter in this story. Alex deserves his happy ending.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Sara on June 18, 2013 :
* Ho ricevuto una copia del libro in cambio di un’onesta opinione *
* Attenzione SPOILERS *

Come sostiene l’autrice, un momento è quell’insieme di istanti, di attimi, che messi insieme danno un senso alla tua vita.

Liliana Delgado ha quattordici anni ed è in una sala d’aspetto d’ospedale col padre. Sa di essere incinta, sa che anche il padre ne è a conoscenza, eppure quella visita cambierà per sempre il corso della sua vita, e non solo la sua. All’improvviso si aprono le porte ed entra Ryan Cosgrove. È chiaro il motivo per cui si trova lì, la faccia contusa ne è la prova; il tempo di farsi sistemare e lascerà quella città che l’ha incatenato ad una vita che l’ha distrutto lentamente. Quando i loro occhi si incontrano, per un momento Liliana sente di aver trovato forse l’unica persona in grado di capire che cosa stia passando. Ma è solo un attimo.

Passano sette anni. Lili ha un bambino autistico di sette anni, studia per diventare infermiera e deve occuparsi della madre malata da quando il padre li ha lasciati. Ryan è tornato in città dopo essersi arruolato nei Marines, vive col cugino Alex e si guadagna da vivere con gli incontri di lotta.
La sera di San Valentino e Liliana e Ryan si ritrovano per caso a sedere nello stesso bar, allo stesso tavolo. C’è subito attrazione tra i due. A fine serata si ritrovano tutti e due a casa di Alex e lì accade qualcosa che li unirà in modo tragico e inaspettato per il resto della loro vita.

In una vita fatta di dolore e sofferenza, Lili e Ryan riescono a trovare uno spiraglio di luce dalla relazione che li unisce, una storia dolce, intensa e passionale che fa scoprire loro dei sentimenti così forti e intensi da sopportare qualsiasi ostacolo.

I personaggi sono descritti in modo così schietto e delicato da renderli reali. La storia racconta temi importanti come la violenza sessuale, la malattia, il suicidio. Viene catalogato come genere New Adult, anche se devo ammettere che è diverso da molti libri del genere che ho letto finora. Per l’intensità della storia e per le emozioni che suscita potrebbe essere paragonato in parete a Pushing the limits di Katie McGarry. Con questo voglio dire di non aspettarsi una storiella romantica tra due ventenni, fatta di feste ed ex fidanzati che spuntano fuori all’improvviso. Questa è una storia dolce, di riscatto, un lungo viaggio per raggiungere la felicità che i due protagonisti forse non hanno mai pensato di poter trovare.

Marie Hall è stata una piacevole scoperta. Adoro il suo modo di scrivere, il modo chiaro e descrittivo con cui racconta i sentimenti dei personaggi, sua la capacità di farteli conoscere a 360° e di farti entrare nelle loro teste. Sicuramente leggerò altri suoi libri.

A moment è il primo volume di una serie. A settembre uscirà Right now, che racconterà la storia di Alex. Naturalmente è scritto in inglese e, per chi ha la fortuna di sapere un po’ la lingua, ne consiglio vivamente la lettura, con la speranza che prima o poi arrivi anche in italiano.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Jessica Zelkovich on June 17, 2013 :
This was my first book by Marie Hall so I can't speak to her writing style in other series but the style in this moment series 1 book was fast paced and I believe it is because many of her paragraphs were one or two sentences and made a read thru quick. Her characters faced very real and heart-wrenching situations. I don't want to give too much away but some of the character's trials might hit chose to home and send readers spiraling but Hall is good to your heart and worth the risk of continuing till the end. I was pleased to see there will be a book 2. The concept of this series is fascinating because I couldn't agree more that there are moments in our lives, where one decision can lead us forever down a path and we can never go back to that crossroad again. The idea of stories based on showing various life-changing moments for these characters can touch on a variety of subjects yet explore how we all face crossroads at various times and yet our paths can lead us to walk with very good friends who will support and strengthen us on our own journey (as well as visa versa.) overall this book is most certainly worth the read and I look forward to her continuation in this series and might read some of her other works as well.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Zandalee Marie on June 17, 2013 :
I was really impressed with this book.
I thought this was going to be just another basicl NA novel; good but nothing really mind-blowing.
This book impacted me like no other.

The storyline was strong with dark tones. This book was definitely issue-filled. I liked how the characters dealt with their problems. Their actions were very believable.

The alternating POV was written very well. It focused on just the right moments where we needed to hear that particular side of the story.

There was a beautiful moment where Ryan explains his past to Lilianna. I can just feel the emotions jump out of the book.

The addition of Javi, Liliana's autistic son, was nice. I wanted to see a bit more interaction between him and Ryan, so that the final outcome of their relationship was more realistic. I didn't really see enough bonding between them.

There were some grammar issues and typos throughout the book. Though nothing big enough to distract form this lovely story.

It was obvious that the author really loved these characters and really got to know them whilst writing. Every single character drew me in.

Some of my thoughts are hard to put into words, but this book affected me deeply.

I will absolutely be reading the next one.

*A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Goldie112299 on June 16, 2013 :
I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

I found this story very touching. It is about overcoming obstacles, betrayal, abuse, love, truth, trust, bravery and bonds between people. I has a message of everything happens for a reason. What is meant to be will be.

Ryan was a train wreck when Liliana met him. She didn't want a relationship but could not stay away from him. She heals him and makes him face his demons in order for him to heal.

Very nice, quick read.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Crystal Tadlock on June 16, 2013 :
** spoiler alert ** I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review.
As I read this book I was so curious to know what was going on with Ryan. I could just imagine how crazy it drove Liliana. I was so glad once Lili and Ryan got together yet I CONSTANTLY kept wondering what his deal was. As the story read on it started becoming evident what that something was and I was just so sad and hurt for him. Reading through the attempt of suicide when Lili first met him and then why he was in such pain and that his haunting nightmares were due to his uncle's sexual abuse to him when he was 10. I was so sad. I teared up. This was very hard to read because this touched home for me, it is something that my family also faces issues with so I understand how hard it can be for someone to deal with this type of abuse, let alone being a man.

Another big part of my love for this book was Javi, Lili's son. Him being autistic and the parts where she is so sad and just wants to be able to touch her son and love him killed me. I cried at each of these parts. When Ryan took Lili and Javi ice skating and Javi actually grabbed Ryan's hand and Lili had to run to the bathroom crying because she was so mad that it was Ryan, and not her that Javi had touched first KILLED me. I am tearing up thinking about that pain and as a mother, understand how heart wrenching that moment was for her.

I have read other reviews and several people mention this story being dark. I do not agree. I think that when taken into context, as a whole, this book sheds so much LIGHT and PEACE and HOPE on these kinds of crime. Sexual abuse and suicide are not to be taken lightly. Ryan and Lili's story shows us that there CAN be light at the end. There CAN be a semblance of peace and there is ALWAYS, always hope and love out there for us. This shows the true struggle of love and acceptance on both Lili as well as Ryan's part. Keep in mind, they married and are now expecting a little on. They found their LIGHT, PEACE, and HOPE. :)
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Nicole Johnson on June 16, 2013 :
I give this book 5 stars because I love a book that makes me feel every emotion.... I felt hurt,scared,happy ,sad ,disappointed ,ashamed, Ryan and Lilli became my friends and I completely fell in love with both of them. Lilli's Spirit was strong. She's the kind of girl who loves hard and has no idea how great she is. And she was the only person that could save the broken beautiful Ryan. From all his pain and anguish that he was drowning in. If you like books that tug on your heart strings and keep you wanting to know more. This is a great read. I plan on reading Alex's story. And anything else Marie puts out. I am now a fan !!!! Kudos !!!!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Carissa Vieira on June 16, 2013 :
A Moment is a story about two persons who have been through a lot. Liliana is a girl who got pregnant too Young. She had to take care from her kid and her mother after the pregancy, because her dad just left them. But her life changes when she met Ryan, a guy who has a bad past and keep secret about what happened to him. Both of them has a baggage, but they fall in love and this love can change their whole life.

Is a great book that I really enjoyed. The story is beautiful. Every single step that Lili and Ryan give in their relationship means a lot to them. Each of them had built boundaries and walls. Is good to see every one falling down just because they love each other.

We have the point of view from Liliana e Ryan in the chapters, and we can see every feeling, every fear, every doubt they have. We suffer with these characters because they pass through a really bad stuff.

A Moment is a really good new adult and I want to read the next story about Alex, Ryan’s cousin, because this kid is a good character and a story about him should be interesting.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Christy Anderson on June 16, 2013 :
Was provided with this book to review and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by it, the story flowed well and gave good depth to the characters. I enjoyed the developing relationship between Ryan and Lili and also the turmoil that a young girl has of raising an autistic child! Would recommend this to anyone that enjoys contemporary romance.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Sandy S on June 02, 2013 :
3.5 stars (problems with editing and grammar)

REVIEW: A MOMENT is the first storyline in Marie Hall’s new adult, contemporary romance, Moments series. The first installment focuses on Ryan Cosgroves-a twenty five year old MMA fighter with demons buried so deep, the pain and suffering in the ring are the only thing keeping the memories at bay; and Liliana Delgado-a twenty one year old, single mother of a seven year old autistic child who works nights to keep food on the table and attends college to ensure her son has a future.

A Moment is a storyline filled with characters that have suffered and loss at the hands of someone they trusted. It is a study in poor family dynamics where the children are made to suffer for the sins of the parents. But the children are now adults themselves, and the demons from their past surface time and again.

What the reader is faced with are several moments in the life of two people who want to be loved and to love. From their first non-moment seeing each other seven years earlier to the last moment in the book, Marie Hall takes the reader on an emotional journey of heartbreak and sorrow, betrayal and pain, and finally acceptance by the one person you care most about in the world.

Liliana is a strong and independent female character but at the end of the day she is like everyone else-she wants to be needed as more than a mother and a daughter. Ryan is a man bordering on the edge of sell-destruction. Fear of losing the woman that he loves, he begins to push Lili away without explanation. It is only when he finally reveals the truth to the nightmares and pain, will Ryan begin the long journey towards healing and self-acceptance.

The storyline reads like a psychiatric nightmare-sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, autistic children, dying parents, betrayal and aggression. The expression ‘home is where the heart lies’ is true when Ryan’s heart lies with Liliana Delgado. There is no looking back-only forward, and A Moment will end with one couple looking towards a future where the demons can finally be buried-once and for all.

I had a few issues with this particular storyline or perhaps it was the writing. There were some problems with grammar and spelling, as well as character switch-a-roo. Many times the names would be reversed; characters would be talking to and about themselves; but a good editor would catch all these problems. If a reader can locate that many problems, a proof-reader and editor should be able to correct the issues before publication.

A MOMENT is an interesting storyline about two people who crossed paths-one moment in time- and their lives would be forever connected the moment they meet again seven years later.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Miss Ingrid Z on May 31, 2013 :
"A Moment" by Marie Hall was a refreshing read. It touches on various subjects that are normally taboo or not fully explored in the correct sense but Marie Hall takes you down through Ryan and Lili's pain. You feel Ryan's pain with his issues and you equally feel Lili's pain with her multiple problems.
I felt very connected to the characters and I had a lot of trouble putting this book down. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning because I just couldn't stop reading.
I especially liked reading and understanding Javi. I felt that was extremely well captured.
I was hoping for a slightly better ending, but other than that I don't have any complaints.
My absolute favourite part was the church scene. I shed many many many tears.
I am looking forward to the next book that will look into Alex's story as well.

Copy of the this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: havanaday on May 29, 2013 :
I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

This book tackles all sorts of taboo topics. Yet, I didn't feel like the author was just trying to throw in everything just to get people talking. There is teenage pregnancy, mental illness, and a few other things that actually make sense in the story.

Let's see, Liliana is not a broken down girl looking for a rescuer. She is the one who is going to rescue Ryan and still be there for her family. I like the female character being the stronger one. Not that typical in a NA book it seems.

Ryan is a broken man but not broken enough that you want to give up on him.

I found myself really wanting things to work out for this relationship. Ryan and Liliana completed each other. I know it sounds cheesey, but it works in this book. I liked both characters and I was not frustrated with their juevenile actions. Because they had to grow up way too quick.

I also really liked the character of Alex. I see that this is a series possibly, so I can only hope that the second book is his story. You cannot ask for a more loyal friend than him.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Sarah Thomson on May 26, 2013 :
“Moment: The dictionary defines a moment as a minute portion or point of time. But for me, it’s more. I see a moment the way a scientist does… the product of quantity (as a force) and the distance to a particular axis or point. A moment is that indefinable period in your life that only makes sense when you look back and you realize you made the right choice. I didn’t know it then, but I made the right choice and I’d do it all over again.

This is my moment…

Liliana Delgado”

I want to begin this review by saying that i felt every moment in this book. The love, the anguish, the fear. The author tackles 2 serious issues that society still views as taboo topics. The ones that no one wants to talk about or acknowledge. She couldn't have done it better. I was so drawn in by the characters in this book. Each facing their own problems, problems that were not either glossed over or over the top. I felt for them both during this journey, I cried and laughed along with them. This book got under my skin (in a good way). I absolutely loved this book, the style of writing and the storyline. The author wasn't afraid to introduce some big issues, not only with Ryan bit Lili had a few of her own that she faced also. I would recommend to anyone to buy this book and read it. I can't waitbto read more from this author.
I was provided this book by the author for an honest review and I want to thank her - this is one of those books that you can't just walk away from - it will stay with me for a while.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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