Bubba and the Dead Woman

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Bubba is a good old boy with lots of problems. His ex-fiancee is deader than a door nail and everyone thinks he dun did it. His house is haunted. His mother is running an illegal gambling ring. His dog likes to bite people too much. And he's got to find out who really did it before the sheriff throws him in jail...again.

This novel has been recently revised.
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C.L. Bevill is the author of several books including Bubba and the Dead Woman, Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas, Bubba and the Missing Woman, Bayou Moon, The Flight of the Scarlet Tanager, Veiled Eyes, Disembodied Bones, and Shadow People. She is currently at work on her latest literary masterpiece.

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Reviews of Bubba and the Dead Woman by C.L. Bevill

pamela chismar reviewed on Aug. 18, 2017

I received this book free in return for an honest review.

This is a humorous tale of murder and false accusations.
Bubba's ex-fiancée is murdered on his property. Everyone is looking at Bubba, because he is the only one who knew her. He was at work alone with no way to prove that he didn't leave the premises.
Bubba has a part time girlfriend in Lurlene, and finds himself infatuated with the new female Deputy: Willadean. His mother runs a underground poker game and is not afraid to speak her mind. The townsfolk believe Bubba did it but are all on his side. Throw in a few ghost, a treasure hunt, and a bit of a twist at the end: you have the perfect story.
There were a few typos (errors in wording, spelling, or punctuation), but I didn't feel it took away from the story.
I loved this book. I found Bubba, his mama, his townspeople, even his dog hilarious. I laughed over and over.
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Steve Campbell reviewed on April 2, 2016

I downloaded this book at Amazon for my Kindle in 2013, loved the story, but never wrote a review. C.L. Bevill became a favorite author that day and I became a fan of her Bubba stories. Loved the mystery and comedy intertwined in this story. All in all, a fun read.
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Pragati Bidkar reviewed on Dec. 4, 2015

I had this book on my Kindle for the longest time, but somehow never got to it until earlier this year. I was bowled over. I love books set in the South, and I like my mysteries to have a lot of atmosphere and a slow pace. You will get all that in this book.
Bubba seems like a pretty simple guy, but then as you read on, it is like peeling an onion. You come across more and more facets of his personality. The mystery also unfolds gradually. This is a must read and I am looking forward to other books from this series.
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Elizabeth Davies reviewed on Sep. 3, 2014

The title of this book was so ‘naff’, it was genius. I just had to read it.
Bubba comes across as just another ‘good old Texan boy’, but as the novel progresses, the reader discovers that he’s far from what he fist appears. I liked the way the author gradually exposes more and more f his character, and it takes until almost the end of the story before we realise the true extent of him (and I have a sneaking suspicion the author isn’t finished yet).
Ms Bevill portrays the community the novel is set in with love, sympathy and some tongue-in-cheek humour. I can well understand how everyone knows everyone else’s business in this small town (having come from one myself), and how people are inclined to think the worst, in spite of knowing him all his life, because that’s the way many people really are.
Bubba’s mother adds idiosyncratic humour to the novel, as does the dog! And Bubba is endearing and funny, and not half as stupid as he is expected to be. The characters are mostly stereotypes, but I believe this is intentionally done, adding to the comedic aspects of this story.
I did guess who had ‘done it’ before the end, but not until a good two-thirds of the way through, and it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the novel, however, I did think the reasoning behind the murder to be a little on the weak side.
Nevertheless, this is an easy and enjoyable read, smooth flowing and well written.
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Sue Weaver reviewed on Dec. 27, 2013

Wonderful, wonderful! I downloaded Bubba and the Dead Woman because it was free and ended up buying the rest of the series. Great writing, fun characters...what's not to love about the Bubba books!
(review of free book)
James Knox reviewed on Sep. 15, 2013

A great read. Good mystery, colorful characters, hilarious dialog, and ...Bubba... the Texas version of M.C. Beaton's Hamish Macbeth. Thank you C. L. Bevill for giving us Bubba. Can't wait to read more about him.
(review of free book)
T. L. Ingham reviewed on Nov. 21, 2012

The first of C. L. Bevill's I ever read was 'The Twelve Deadly Days of Christmas,' and so it was that I ended up reading them all out of order. Having said that, the Bubba series quickly became one if my favorites and Ms. Bevill became one of my favorite authors. Her sense if humor is contagious! I thoroughly enjoyed this book (and many of her others). The characters are fantastic and always leave you wanting more. (Especially Bubba's mother who happens to be my favorite character.) Looking forward to more Snoddy shenanigans!
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Anca S reviewed on Aug. 22, 2012

Love this book! Bubba is such a great character!!
(review of free book)
Alice de Sturler reviewed on May 6, 2012

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. Bubba is an absolutely fabulous character! I can see the eye rolling of Officer Gray in my head. His mother is a deliciously wicked thinking woman with a fancy for embellishing the truth.

You have to read this book. Not because it is free or because I tell you to. You must read it because it you don't you just might miss out on an author who'd be on your favourite list. I know she's on mine now!
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Ever Star reviewed on March 13, 2012

This book was funny and a great read. I love how the author put the thoughts of what the dog would be thinking about his owner or the owner's mother. There were times I could do nothing but laugh, this story had me wondering who could have done it, while at the same time keeping me entertained. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a little mystery with laughter.
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