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A new life, a new beginning on the ocean planet Mosa VI, commonly known as Blue, goes awry for one colonist and his family. A short sci-fi story. 2300 words. More
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I'm a writer of mainly horror, science-fiction and fantasy stories, and live with my wife and cats in County Durham, England. When I'm not being a full-time registered carer, I enjoy writing, reading, watching films and TV, drinking good beer with good friends, and collecting rejection letters.

My horror/fantasy story "Lach Nach N'Gai, With Salad" is to appear in the anthology, "OUR WORLD OF HORROR", soon to be published by Eldritch Press. Other stories [and occasional poem] have been published in small press magazines and e-zines including, "The Colored Lens", "Cthulhu Cultus", "Dark Legacy", "Dread", "Pop Fiction", "The Domain", "The Ancient Track", "Blue Silver Dementia"; "Frightnet", "Nightscapes", "Dark Portal", "Magnetic Fiction" "alt.ghoststories.", "Writers Dungeon", and "Raise The Dead".

My many influences include H.P.Lovecraft, Stephen King, Clark Ashton Smith, Thomas Ligotti, Angela Carter, Sue Townsend and many more.

Of the stories here, UNCONTAINABLE is the most recently written while HUNTING COMP, OBLIVIOUS and CONS go back to the mid 1990's.

Thanks to all who have downloaded, read or reviewed my stories. Like most writers [some don't give a hoot], any feedback is very important to me, and I appreciate every review.

Comments, queries, or correspondence can be sent off to or on Twitter @mickcarter78


The next story to be published here will be ???

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Review by: David Blake on June 25, 2013 :
Ah, another little gem from Michael Carter. Immaculately constructed, good use of vocabulary as I would expect from him. I really can't fault it (although there's seems to be an inference that there is only the one big beast inhabiting Blue's waters, which wouldn't really make sense). I'm going to have to give it 5 aren't I?
Enjoyed the afterword, too. Interested to read that you don't keep re-writing drafts until the story's 'just right' - I'm pretty much the same... A bit of re-tweaking is always needed but the majority of my finished stories are 90% first draft. I generally trust my initial instincts and the re-writing process (I feel) loses that important spontaneity. Sometimes it's fun just to start with a general idea, start writing and see where the characters take you.
Thanks for sharing.
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Review by: Walter Lazo on June 18, 2013 :
This magnificent and provocative science fiction story clearly demonstrates that Mr. Carter cares about his craft. The writing is clear and distinct, and the ideas presented herein are both fascinating and coherent. More, and this is the most important thing in fiction, the story is very enjoyable.
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Review by: Rob Wilkins on June 12, 2013 :
I hope your stepson doesn't eat the fish...

Although the author likens this tale to Moby Dick, I don't, mainly because during the process of reading it at no point did I want to bash my head against the desk and wonder why I was still reading it. However, setting aside my personal distaste for Melville's addled style, I thought this was a nice and atmospheric short tale.

I wish it had gone a little further, as the tale ends hinting at the fact that our narrator is far from finished. However, there's also the sense that in a more real way, he very probably is exactly that. And if the author never fills in the remaining blanks, well, I'm sure that most of us will be able to fill in the remainder to our own satisfaction, especially given the hinted references to Moby Dick.

And no, I didn't get the Asimov reference. But then I can be a bit thick at times...
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Review by: Jonathan Antony Strickland on June 12, 2013 :
Good short story of a colonist travelling across space to another planet in search of a better life for his family and himself. Narrated by the colonist himself, we find out as his story progresses that his in very DEEP trouble and has a huge BEAST of a problem to overcome.

In the afterword the writer talks of how his tale is a bit like Mellive's Moby Dick. Having read Moby Dick there is perhaps a slight resemblance (here it only hints at a revengefull madness, where as Mellive's Ahab is virtually driven insane)but slight being the operative word. I personally found it wholly original and an entertaining sci-fi romp which left me wondering if perhaps a conclusion to our naraters tale was to follow.
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Review by: Shayne T Wright on June 11, 2013 :
A great 10 min read with a quick pace. I really enjoyed the stories themes and the twist jumped out at me.

I recommend taking 5~10 minutes to check this well written story out....and maybe some of Michael's other work - I will be.
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