Nomads of the Gods

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A planetary romance set on the savage world of Gorn,an Outer Rim world that is inhabited by genetically altered warriors known to the outside worlds as Nomads, possessed with great strength and healing power they roam the wastelands battling each other and the fierce creatures that inhabit their lands. More
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About Gary Mark Lee

Gary dedicates all his books to his loving wife Margaret who always believed in him.

Gary Mark Lee was born in Pasadena California in 1947; he graduated high school then went into the entertainment field. He worked for many special effects companies in the mid 1908’s then went into the theme park design business, he has worked for the Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers and Universal Studio’s and others.

All three of his "Nomads of Gorn" trilogy are now uploaded and have many 5 star reviews, we hope the you will enjoy them.

He and his wife live comfortably in the Riverside area of Southern California and enjoy watching old movies and having friends over to enjoy their extensive backyard where Gary has constructed a full size version of the Nautilus submarine from the Disney movie “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea”.

Gary has written a number of movies scripts and short stories, all the illustrations in his books were done by him.

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Review by: Mark Schultz on June 4, 2014 :
Nomads of the Gods is one of the best stories I have read this year. Definitely in my top 5! It was hard to put down and it was hard to continue because the spelling errors were rampant on pretty much every page. Hundreds of misplaced words, and other misspellings. It was painful, but a good painful! The spelling is the only thing holding me back from 5 stars!
I would love to help Gary fix this problem so his masterful work can really shine.
I just realized that I posted this review on the wrong book, "The Fallen God". The covers look identical, my mistake. I have not read the second volume.
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Review by: David Thompson on May 19, 2014 :
I volunteered to proof read this book, looking only for spelling mistakes and incorrect word use and really bad grammatical errors. I decided that grammar and style was too big a commitment. I finished about Dec 2013.
I am mystified about post 2014 comments about spelling, I have rechecked and found at most 6 spelling mistakes! Did the reviewers mean wrong word use? There is a difference.
One review refers to the Gor series. I read book 1 and apart from the location Gor/Gorn, the restricted use of technology and domesticated prehistoric creatures, the books are totally different. The Gor book is written entirely in the 1st person while this book is multiple 3rd person viewpoints. How can you judge a 500ish page book by the first 38 pages? If you want improvements, try to be specific!
My own review, I am a Sci-fi / fantasty fan.
Prior to 2014, spelling, word use and grammar was to me a major distraction. However I thought the storyline was very good. That's why I volunteered to proof read it, but only for spelling and misuse of words.
After 2014 spelling and misuse of words should be minimal.
Grammar is another issue.
I have spent a lot of time proofing Book 2, it's taken about 5 months. This time grammar, word logic, spelling and word use were edited. So subject to the Author's acceptance, this revision of Book 2 could be available soon.
Feedback welcome, but please try be specific.
I've given NOTG 4 Stars reflecting an excellent story, grammar and word logic, needs work for the extra star.
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Review by: CatlinDavis on April 22, 2014 :
I love sci-fi adventure, they're great fun to read and takes me to far away planets, I really loved this book because it had a great hero and heroine, lately I've noticed that movies and shows on TV like "Game of Thrones" don't seem to have hero anymore, just people doing terrible things to each other, I like reading a story with men and women who do the right thing because it's right.
There are some typo's and misspelling's in the book but I didn't mind them because I loved the story so much. I will be reading the next book in the story now and I'm sure I will love it also.
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Review by: Mark Sloan on April 21, 2014 :
This story moves along well enough, even if the outcomes and the characters are pretty predictable. However, this is very difficult to read in places due to the many errors in spelling and grammar. The author does not know how to use commas or apostrophes in English. I good proofread would have helped.
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Review by: RayCatsman on March 4, 2014 :
The story took a little while to get into but then it really took off for me, a great story with wonderful imagination, it reminded me of Dune in places but with lots more action, can't wait to read the second book.
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Review by: BattleCat on March 3, 2014 :
38 pages in, and it's basically a rehash of John Norman's Gor series- with less porn and amateurish drawings. I still have zero clue wtf the book is supposed to be about. I did note the author seems to have a misogynistic 'women are cattle' mentality. So. I'm bailing here.
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Review by: Edward Morton on March 1, 2014 :
A friend told me about this book so I took a chance and read it, some misspelling and typo's but very good read! then I read the author's interview and found out it was his first attempt at writing a novel! I was going to give him 4 stars but now I will give him 5!, great story and very good imagination.
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Review by: Jay Candar on Feb. 21, 2014 :
Very good story, wonderful adventure and filled with lots of imagination, some misspelling that need clean up but I still loved it very much.
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Review by: Larry Crow on Feb. 18, 2014 :
You ARE a great storyteller - the plot with action keeps a reader coming back to "turn the page". Let's you run with the Nomads.
But . . .
The spelling is really bad. Maybe a review by someone else before you "publish" might be advisable. As a writer I know how difficult this part is.
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