Stage 3: A Vision of Human Evolution

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Is there hope for the human race? This book answers that question with a resounding "Yes!" The author presents a model of consciousness evolution in three stages, and applies the model to explore psychological and spiritual growth both in individual persons and in society as a whole. The book culminates in a hopeful vision of a world of peace and plenty for all. More
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About Scott Lape

Scott Lape is a writer and singer-songwriter. He lives in Chico, California with his wife and daughter.

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Lyn Relph reviewed on on July 31, 2013

Scott Lape wants to awaken us to the evolutionary phase-change going on all around us. He calls us to join up, get aboard, swell the crowd, walk with him and others into a new world.

He says the signs are all around us, plain for everyone to see, that we are about to move beyond a phase of human history built on an impaired, a divided human consciousness. The world is too much divided into self and other, us and them, dominant and submissive. It's a world run by systems with lives of their own destroying both the human race and the earth. He calls this Stage 2, "mind consciousness."

Before that, during our hunter/gatherer days, "we lived in direct contact with Nature, in what I call Stage 1 or 'body' consciousness. We belonged without question to the flow of fire, water, earth, and air, with no awareness of separation from each other or the living world" (p. 7).

Growing numbers of people, Lape points out, are moving on into "sprit" consciousness, enjoying a new level of freedom and creativity, and slowly building the infrastructure of a Stage 3 world, "a world in which every human being can flourish, a society that exalts humanity and nature both" (p. 97).

It's an old-fashioned kind of book in a way, maybe in the tradition of Tom Paine's "Age of Reason," declaring that the king is dead and warning tyrants that their days are numbered. Lape does some cheerleading for this new day that is about to dawn, and occasionally his enthusiasm carries him over the top, but the positive mood, and the enthusiasm, is very refreshing at this cynical time.

We need positive messages, and Lape provides us one. This is a solidly built little book and pretty well guaranteed to raise your spirits.
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