The Arrival

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Looking for love, four friends cast a spell. Thrust into a terrifying new world, they find themselves fighting for their lives, until help drops in. Now, alongside the Griffon Guard, they must learn to use powers they never knew they had, to save a world they never knew existed.
Love might be an option, but only if they defeat an ancient darkness hell bent on ruling the world. More
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About Nicole MacDonald

Nicole MacDonald is a thirty something year old Kiwi who loves to read and moonlights as a novelist. An avid reader from a young age, writing only occurred to her a few years ago after reading a book that didn’t quite hit the spot.
Daily scribbles eventuated into the BirthRight Trilogy, an Epic Fantasy Romance with women who know how to wield a sword, AND swing a punch. A literary journey that included six months of long sword training, as well as ju-jitsu lessons, and self defence lessons for Nicole.
When not writing Nicole loves to watch all manner of documentaries, escape to her family's cabin in the woods, and spend time with her other half and their fur critters.

You can find out more about Nicole and her work here:

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Reviews of The Arrival by Nicole MacDonald

Brianna Knupp reviewed on Aug. 10, 2016

I loved this book so much!!Cat is my favorite because she let nothing stand in her way.Its a amazing story line and I hope I get to read them all!❤❤
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Mindy Wall reviewed on May 7, 2013

Oh My! Imagine asking to be put in the right place and time to find your soulmate. You’re thinking maybe a chance meeting, a new job opportunity, a friend of a friend, and then you wake up in the dirt in strange clothes somewhere you have never been. Weird, scary, yep. But then these fierce scary animals attack and you have to fight them off and just as you think you are going to die Griffins, real-life freaking griffins, land in front of you. Now you know you are going to die. But you don’t because men are riding on them. Yes that’s right, riding on them. Turns out they are your soulmates. I don’t know how you would react, but I think I would need a trip to the loony bin and lots of drugs.

The heroines in this book, however, manage it with dignity and make the best of it. Yes, they get sad knowing that they will never be returning home or seeing their families again, but they have found love and a purpose. Things are good… except for the pesky bit about the crazy woman trying to kill them.

I literally could not put this book down. I was hooked before the first chapter ended. I do admit that I wasn’t thrilled with the contemporary setting and worried about how much I would like this book. However, the spell was cast and I was hooked. I laughed. I worried. I was right there. The scene was tense, I was on the edge of my seat…” the world exploded in red.” I kid you not, that’s the last line. Are you kidding me?!?! You can’t end a book like that… a chapter, okay; but not a book.

I’m not due to review book two for seven more days. I have three books to read between now and then… yeah right, like I’m going to wait to find out what happens. All I can say is buy all three books right away because you will be yelling at your e-reader, computer, book, whatever if you didn’t.

Such a fabulous book. In all seriousness, I highly recommend it. I am so into these books. I give this book 5 out of 5 clouds. I would give higher, but that’s as high as I go. I’ve already given my copy to my daughter and I’ve stopped her from reading until her grades go up so you know it’s a great book if I already gave it to her.

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Jess reviewed on Feb. 18, 2013

4 out of 5 stars! This world-win trilogy beginning keeps you on your toes while emerging you into a culture that is so like our own in many ways yet has a magical and mystical feel to it that delights your senses! I loved how this novel builds you up for what is to come throughout this series. However, it did take me some time to get used to how the author liked to switch her POVs, since it flowed well for everyone but when she was talking from Catherine's (Cat) POV and only because she usually used more "I" sentences with her then anything. For example, (the first two sentences are from Laura's--Loi--POV while the last five sentences are from Cat's POV):

Loi could see Kassie was ready to explode. Opening her mouth to tell her to calm down Loi froze when she noticed her clothes, "Guys, where are our costumes?"
After an initial panicked thought of `WHAT! I'M NAKED?' I realised I did have clothes on. But they weren't mine. There were sounds of astonishment as we stared at our `new' outfits. It was kind of similar to my costume. ~ within Chapter 3

Nevertheless, all of the characters are great to read about, especially with their diverse personalities! However, if I had to choose I would say my favorite is Kassandra (Kassie) & Rumal! They just seem so cute together! Plus, I LOVED Audrey (Audi) Cat's dog! *hehee* She livened up the novel with her playfulness and antics!

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes sci-fi-ish fantasy romances!

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Amy Scofield reviewed on Nov. 29, 2012

4 stars for a good story. The way it ended almost disgusted me bad enough to leave the rest of the series alone. Without spoilers, this is one of the most underhanded ways I've ever seen an author on smashwords encourage the purchase of the sequel from a free series opener. When you have a good story, you don't need to use trickery like this to keep the reader going. If this wasn't such an epic solid story line, you can bet I never would have paid you for the next one.
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Luanna Richardson reviewed on Sep. 12, 2012

I read this book and enjoyed every page of it. The story line kept me interested and I could envision a movie being made from it. Every single time I tried to put it down, I just couldn't, I HAD to see what was next. If you are looking for a read that will capture you, this is it!
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Marlynn Deese reviewed on Sep. 1, 2012

I loved this books and am looking forward to reading the next book. The changes between points of view can be confusing at time but the overall story line is terrific! I found the book very hard to put down once I started reading and stayed up way into the night because I kept wanting to read "just one more chapter". I am definitely looking forward to reading the second book and waiting for the third.
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Amanda Loo reviewed on March 12, 2012

I really love this book but sometimes I have problem which character is talking and it is a little challenging to grasp but all the same,a lovely story.A mixture of magic,fantasy and romance.My kind of story.
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bugg0082 reviewed on Feb. 29, 2012

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Kate11 reviewed on Jan. 23, 2012

Interesting book - found the writing style very challenging to read. Definitely interested in reading the sequel.
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elizabeth checket reviewed on June 11, 2011

I just finished reading this and i loved it! Love the story line and the people in the story it just really draws you in! I can not wait to read the second book!
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