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Moses Chikati is a teenage boda-boda driver in the Kenyan interior, struggling to provide for himself and his younger sister, Rosy, at a time when the world is going through unprecedented turmoil. Circumstances bring Moses into contact with people on four different continents as he finds himself embroiled in some of the most significant events in earth's history. More
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Also in Series: The Survivors Trilogy

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Review by: Nadia on Jan. 08, 2015 :
Wonderful book. It had some editing issues where the words were crammed together and one of the characters name was changed from Chaim to Kyme from the other two books. It confused me a bit, because I thought the we're talking about another person lol.
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Review by: Lucy Brown on Aug. 26, 2014 :
Read the book once and am enjoying reading it again!
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Review by: willie wonka on July 28, 2014 :
Great book! Kept me guessing until the end. I liked the interesting cultural insights.
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Review by: MaureenBonny on May 27, 2014 :
A great story...but also very lifelike in it's description of what is going on in today's world. This was very refreshing and enlightening. Thanks for making it easily accessible on this website!
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Review by: BFHardy on May 24, 2014 :
Sensational stuff! Well written and in tune to what is going on in the world at the moment!
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Review by: el moscar on May 12, 2014 :
Packs in a bit of everything this one. Class...from start to finish.
''ain't it good to know you got a friend?'' :)
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Review by: notes from the underworld on May 12, 2014 :
I like how the three books in the trilogy cover different regions of the world, so you can see just how events in the future really will affect the whole of human civilization - and the ways in which God will guide different people's in different places. Thanks so much for writing these books.
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Review by: HarmonicTonic on May 12, 2014 :
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Review by: GregorianChant on May 12, 2014 :
A great page-turner with some excellent lessons.
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Review by: Joe Blow on May 11, 2014 :
Nice finish to the trilogy.
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Review by: john chucks VIII on Nov. 09, 2013 :
I got the order of the books a bit off in this trilogy (started with Listening) but it didn't make much difference. Just finished this one. I do believe that by the end of the book I felt a genuine emotional connection to Moses.

The electronic banking issues in Kenya were also interesting. The scenario you suggest sounds so very plausible. I recently researched buying a new phone and several of the models included a built-in barcode scanner.

With the proliferation of ever expanding and changing smart phones these days it would not take much at all to incorporate a microchip scanner.
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Review by: Skiza on Oct. 19, 2013 :
Very interesting in the light of the mobile banking developments in Kenya. The characters were quite beliveable and it seemed like Mckay has done some reasearch. A very interesting way to go into a very serious topic.
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Review by: BookemLou on Oct. 14, 2013 :
I loved it, absolutely loved it! It's a very gripping story which, I think, does a great job of depicting a world to come. I found Moses to be very easy to relate to, and the changes he goes through should be enough to inspire us all!
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Review by: Big Reader on Oct. 01, 2013 :
Very impressive novel. While the story was lacking in terms of Bible references, I was amazed by the strict adherence to biblical correctness employed by McKay throughout the book. And the characterization and plot was simply phenomenal when you consider the gravity of the subject matter being covered. Two thumbs up, no doubt!
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Review by: Lucy Brown on Sep. 28, 2013 :
I read with great interest Dave McKay's other two books (Survivors and Listening) leading up this one, and I must say that this one grabbed my attention from start to finish.

A fascinating look into what could quite easily happen in the near future, without a lot of fluff and trivia weighing it down.

Will definitely recommend this to my friends and family!
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Review by: John Barlow on Sep. 27, 2013 :
This is a really enjoyable read. Very interesting culturally and spiritually.

Deep stuff.
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Review by: ben martin on Sep. 27, 2013 :
A very good read. I particularly liked the way the author gets readers thinking about economics, the environment, and relationships (issues that can be heavy going) while telling a story (and a bloody good one at that!).

I found it to be quite a moving book with deep emotion, one that sobers and yet inspires.

If I had 5 thumbs, they'd be up, so in lieu of that, I'll stick with the 5 stars! :)
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Review by: Harold Armstrong on Sep. 27, 2013 :
After having lived in Kenya for a short time, and seeing the bigger international companies trying out phone and computer technologies, it's becoming clearer and clearer that one of the main themes (about the Mark of the Beast) which is in "Destroyers" seems more and more likely.

Another stop you in your tracks (can't put it down) book from McKay!

Excellent stuff!
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Review by: ShaktiBetween on Sep. 26, 2013 :
A fantastic, well written, touching story that relates deeply to events that are taking place in these days.

It's a moving experience to witness what Moses, the main character of the story, is going through.

Another one of those publications by McKay that I truly truly recommend!
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Review by: DeadlyYorker on Sep. 26, 2013 :
Wow, just finished the book Destroyers. What a great read. I love the charecter of Moses. He is so ordinary, yet some incredible issues are raised through this teenage boy from Kenya. Well done again, Dave Mckay.
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Review by: Con scious on Sep. 26, 2013 :
I read McKay's other two books in the Trilogy (Survivors and Listening) and enjoyed this one (Destroyers) as much as I did the others. A moving, sensitively-written story, which confronts challenging truths. I couldn't put it down. All credit to the author as well for making the book accessible and free. Thank you.
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