My Friend Miranda

'Last night I dreamt that I was walking along the edge of the River Irwell with my friend Miranda. It was a summer evening and we were laughing and singing our favourite Billy Connolly songs. Miranda had bought a bag of sherbet lemons and we sucked them hard until the sherbet came shooting out of the ends, leaving a hollow sugar shell behind. There was a row of pebble-dash houses, with a man outsi More

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About Nigel Bird

45 years. It's been a long journey. I've been a primary school teacher for almost half of them, moving from mainstream to exceptional needs to additional support needs. I'm most happy with and most proud of my own family. Second to them comes my involvement in writing and peripheral projects. I co-edited the Rue Bella magazine for 5 years or so and am mighty proud of that too. Recently I've been more involved with writing my own pieces. I've been lucky enough to find spaces for some of my work and I'm hoping that one day I'll write a novel that's worthy of publication. I've given up gambling, alcohol, smoking and any kind of unnatural highs over the past few years and am looking for a new compulsion - maybe I've found it in Twitter. Yep, 45 years. I haven't always known it, but I've been a very lucky man.


Feb 2011:

‘An Arm And A Leg’ to be included in Britain’s Best Crime Stories edited by Maxim Jakubowski.

‘Hoodwinked’ to be put up at All Due Respect.

‘No Pain, No Gain’ due for publication in Crime Factory

I began my blog Sea Minor earlier this year and have been running the extremely successful series of interviews ‘Dancing With Myself’.

December 2010:

selected as one of Chris Holmes’ top 5 stories of the year with ‘Beat On The Brat’ at the Death By Killing Blog.

selected as one of Naomi Johnson’s top 5 stories of the year with ‘Taking A Line For A Walk’ at the Death By Killing Blog.

selected as one of John Kenyon’s top 5 stories of the year with ‘Beat On The Brat’ at the Death By Killing blog (also including Ray Banks, David Zeltserman, Chris Holm and Kieran Shea).

selected as one of AY Hayes’ top 5 stories of the year with ‘Taking A Line For A Walk’ at the Death By Killing Blog.

Interview over at Chinwag At The Slaughterhouse (by Richard Godwin)

(Forthcoming in December 2010: ‘11 Pipers Piping’ at Dark Valentine’s blog

‘Into Thin Air’ to be part of and Untreed Reads holiday anthology.)

November 2010:

‘Mind Your Step’ in MiCrow Magazine (editor Michael j Solender)

‘Taking A Line For A Walk’ at Beat To A Pulp

‘La Ronde’ posted as part of Patti Abbott’s La Ronde series.

‘Merry Christmas I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight’ posted on my blog as part of Donna Moore’s Ramones themed collection.

October 2010

My review of The Hound Of Culan (Requiems For The Departed) at Spinetingler Magazine

‘Sugar And Spice’ at A Twist Of Noir

August 2010

‘Siver Street’ at Dark Valentine Magazine (summer 2010)

‘Drinking Wine (Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee)’ at A Twist Of Noir

July 2010

Beat On The Brat in Needle Magazine summer 2010

‘Sisterhood’ at A Twist Of Noir’

‘Drinking Wine (Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee)’ in Caught By Darkness (Static Movement)

June 2010

‘Beat On The Brat’ wins the ‘Watery Grave Invitational’ competition at The Drowning Machine (last year’s winner Hilary Davidson author of The Damage Done)

May 2010

‘Suture’ at Pulp Metal

January/February 2010

‘An Arm And A Leg’ in Crimepree Magazine.

Interviewed for Spinetingler’s Coversations With The Bookless series.


‘Sea Minor’ in The Reader Magazine

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