Blue Into The Rip

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Blue is an angry, mixed up teen ripped 400 years from home. When the evil SEARCH corps try and use him to kill his parents, can he rescue them from certain death? More
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About K.J. Heritage

K.J.Heritage is an international bestselling UK author of crime mystery, sci-fi and fantasy.

His first sci-fi short story, ‘ESCAPING THE CRADLE’ was runner-up in the 2005 Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction Competition. He has also appeared in several anthologies with such self-publishing sci-fi luminaries as Hugh Howey, Michael Bunker and Samuel Peralta.

Kev has done all the requisite ‘writery’ jobs such as driver's mate, factory gateman, barman, labourer, telesales operative, sales assistant, warehouseman, IT contractor, Student Union President, university IT helpdesk guy, British Rail signal software designer, premiership football website designer, gigging musician, graphic designer, stand-up comedian, sound engineer, improv artist, magazine editor and web journo. Although he doesn't like to talk about it. Mostly.

He was born in the UK in one of the more interesting previous centuries. Originally from Derbyshire, he now lives in the seaside town of Brighton. He is a tea drinker, avid Twitterer (@MostlyWriting), and autistic (ASD) human being.

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The Book Tart Review of Kev Heritage's Blue Into The Rip
A review & reading of Blue Into The Rip

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Reviews of Blue Into The Rip by K.J. Heritage

Buckle In For Blue's Adventures!
Review By: TheBookTart
My book review for Kev Heritage's Blue Into The Rip
Amie Gaudet reviewed on Dec. 23, 2013

I received a free eBook copy of Blue: Into The Rip in exchange for an honest review and now I have to admit: I'm a fan.

The main character begins the story as an ordinary teenager whose only exceptional trait is his piercing blue eyes.

Very quickly the reader realizes that Blue is anything but normal. Blue is transported over 400 years into the future.

Earth is unrecognizable. The population has been decimated & many people have moved off-planet. Survivors have moved underground and many things have changed.

I don't want to give away the plot so I won't say too much more.

However, I will say that I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series and I highly recommend this book. It was engrossing, entertaining and extremely well thought out.

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Lisa White reviewed on Dec. 15, 2013

Wow this was a good book! I just finished reading it, I read all day! Now I am too tired to post a decent review, almost midnight... but just know that I couldn't go to bed without finishing this book! It was that good! Edge of your seat, action packed and awesome twists!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Tracey Fleming reviewed on Dec. 5, 2013

If you like fast paced, intriguing, thought provoking, character driven science fiction, then this book is for you.

Blue is a typical teenager, attending school, looking after his little sister, and putting up with his hippie parents. Until, one day, he is ripped out of his present and flung far into a future where the Earth has undergone some extreme changes. One of which is the military academy Blue finds himself rescued by and inducted into, in a future where the world is not what it used to be. Ravaged by climate change the only refuge is an under ground Desert Amazon. Blue finds life quite a bit different, especially as he is inducted into said military academy as a cadet, who only wants to return to the past. His past.

Blue is put to several tests and finds he does have some affinity for what he's supposed to be learning, but along the way, he discovers how the Earth got into it's present state. At one point, he visits the Museum Of Indulgence, which houses such diverse Earth artifacts as Stonehenge, the statue of Michelangelo's David, remnants of the Sistine Chapel, the head of the Statue of Liberty, some of the most famous paintings to have ever existed by the likes of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Warhol, Picasso, Dali, etc.
He comes upon a gallery with a screen projecting how the world used to be, then another showing the wars, the pollution, the riots and finally the devastation of famine, the disease that followed starvation, poverty, then another gallery depicting the fall of civilization -raging fires in China, the US entirely covered by a hurricane, earthquakes devastating Northern Europe, Tsunamis, volcanic activity on a massive scale.

Still resolved to get through this academy and back home, Blue makes friends with the other cadets in his squad, steeling himself for the day he is instructed in rip technology, the way he will "rip" his way back to his time and his family.
Interspersed throughout the book are definitions of certain words, phrases, or people, which although I knew most of them, I found them a help, expanding on the reading experience the way they were used, much better than the inclusion of a glossary in the back of the book, with the words asterisked for reference or intruding foot notes.

Does Blue make it back to his Earth and his time?
Read the book and find out.

Read the book with the underlying lesson about climate change, which isn't preachy- it's so well woven into the fabric of the story, you don't feel like you're being beaten over the head about an issue which is becoming more clear, day by day - quit hurting the planet we live on, lest we turn our cities into dust, and we along with them.

This is written for a young adult audience and being marketed that way but I can tell you, it's fine science fiction, with a great story and well imagined characters that keep you fully engaged.
I loved it.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Belinda Simmons reviewed on Nov. 25, 2013

A Twitter Bud of mine, Kev Heritage, has written a book entitled, Blue Into the Rip. Odd but intriguing title got my attention. Then I saw the cover! Which I should say satisfied my, I will confess, Book Cover Snob Attitude. Right there on the front is a half-buried skeleton, space, Saturn; no question, I was reading this one!

The meaning behind the title is revealed pretty quickly. The movement is fast paced and I quickly found myself caring about the main character’s well-being, both physically and mentally. The main character comes in contact with a multiple of personalities and is thrown into unfamiliar situations. His reaction and the reaction of others to him are very telling of his loyalties and of others differences.

The story goes through several unforeseen twists and turns, but the changes are smooth and “WOW, did not see that coming”. The changes are not, “You have got to be kidding”.

Love the study of the use of slang as normal and authoritative words. As I have observed this sort of change in my lifetime, this is something I can identify with. Words that were unacceptable or considered uneducated are now used by educators as well as other professionals. I found myself smiling over the usage of some of the terms.

As I finished this chapter of the main characters journey, I found tears in my eyes. Tears arrive for different reasons; happiness, fear, horror, love. Why they arrived for me, well I shall not reveal. Remember no spoilers here!

This is a story I would love to discuss with others, you know the how, why, what if’s and oh no’s!

Good job Kev!
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)
John O'brien reviewed on Nov. 12, 2013

Wow! What a cracking read. A great thrill ride from start to finish with lots of twists and turns. But the star of the novel is the writing. It’s crisp, creative and really engaging. Kev Heritage certainly shows off his writing credentials.

Blue, the main character of the story, is a loner, a sort of super geek with a ‘top-end’ memory that delivers facts to him if he wants them or not and big blue eyes that lend him his nickname. He lives with hippy parents hell bent on a self-sufficiency lifestyle and his little sister, Annie. Bunking off school, Blue is on hand to help rescue people trapped in a car after an accident, and has a peculiar blackout. It starts a chain of events that ends up with his sister missing and Blue transported to the future year of 2456.

The future is not a depressing place, but civilisation as we know has ended due to the devastating effects of global warming. Blue is forced to join the space academy by the harsh Commander Dauntless and meets a bunch of gung-ho cadets who become firm friends. He has a series of adventures on and off Earth and…

I’d love to tell you more, but the plot is so cleverly done that I don’t want to give away any spoilers away. But look out for Hermans, a 7ft boy from Ganymede (who had me in stiches), the underground jungle and the spectacular rip. Oh and Blue himself, who is sometimes hilariously sarcastic. There are also host of well-drawn believable and interesting characters (I didn’t get lost) and astounding locations.

This is hugely enjoyable time-travel story that does not disappoint. Let me put my hand up – I’m a thirty something, but I loved this. It is the first novel in a series, but the plot is self-contained. There appears to be a developing backstory regarding Blue’s particular genetic talents (did I mention he is a genetically engineered mutant?), and I guess this is the hook that the series is set on.

I gave this to my nephew to read and he just loved it. So not just an oldie’s point of view.

All in all, very satisfying. I cannot wait to see how the series develops.

A well-deserved 5 stars.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
Michelle Davis reviewed on Nov. 8, 2013

Blue Into The Rip is a story centered around John Smith. Nicknamed 'Blue' because of his unique eyes and considered by his peers to be a freak,Blue, albeit intelligent yet sarcastically smart-mouthed seems to be going through the motions, heading down the wrong path in life until he intervenes at the scene of the car accident.

Little do we know that this incident will spur events that would change his life forever. Not only does this seemingly good deed riles up his "hippy" parents but it puts him on the radar of the authorities. Desperate to escape the attention that has been thrust on him he sets out on his own only to return home and find that that his younger sister, Annie, is missing.

It would be this night that everything would change for Blue because not only do we learn that he is more to him then meets the eye but it would be on this search that he is struck in the back of the head and awakens in the year 2454. In this strange new world Blue struggles with finding his place and learning whom he can trust all while trying to find his way back home.

My only criticism was that there seemed to be a lot of characters. While I understood the roles they played when reading a story I tend to focus, care and remember a few.

Just when I thought the story was becoming predictable and that I could see who the untrustworthy characters were the events flipped and I was literally left shaking my head saying "I didn't see that coming". I will surely check out the next book in this series, Blue Into The Planet.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Shemeka Mitchell reviewed on Nov. 7, 2013

Blue was definitely a brainiac! He gives the readers a vocabulary lesson throughout the novel. With that being said, the readers can tell that the author did a lot of research for this work. By the time I finished the book, I was wondering about what if the world were to become as it stated. It opens your eyes to the possibility of Global Warming going bad. One the other hand, I knew something was up with Blue from the beginning. His peculiar looks and thought process was a giveaway. This story was full of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. Foes becoming friends and friends becoming foes. Everything is not what it seems in this story. It captivated me from the beginning and held me prisoner to the end! It was well-written! Great job!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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