The Bonus

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Chloe is a seasoned drug courier who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Facing a lingering and painful death at the hands of the Zetas, Mexico’s most brutal cartel, she persuades their enforcer to claim her. Has Chloe made a huge mistake, or will her choice prove her salvation - and his?

Warning: This book contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and sex.

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About AJ Adams

Enter into the violent world of the Cartel, Camorra, Belial's MC and Prydain where death and romance go hand in hand. AJ Adams novels are all self-standing and although some feature the same families, you need not read them all - although it would be awesome if you did!

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Review by: Colleen Derringer on Nov. 22, 2015 :
Another great book. I love the way the the author combines these dark people with a sweet romance. I always find myself pulling for the women. Chole is strong but in the hands of the Mexican cartel she is vulnerable Kyle is there allowing these men to do her in with torture. When she asks for his help,I thought he would just trick her for sex, but he ended up being much more. The first book was fantastic butt his is awesome. I love this author. She has the ability to write great books.
Not boring at all. Couldn't stop reading to see what happens next.
AJ Adams, thank you for making these books full length novel.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes Dark romance.
(reviewed 2 years after purchase)

Review by: Kim on Jan. 11, 2015 :
Intense, that’s the first word that comes to mind when I think about this book. The second word would be heartbreaking. Chloe is the definition of a survivor. Even when she’s about to die she keeps fighting and looks for the brighter side of things. Then there’s Kyle. He’s someone most would consider evil but to Chloe he’s love, tenderness and happiness. I loved reading their story. My favorite aspect of it was that it didn’t come easy and they had to work for it. Just because they find each other doesn’t mean all their emotional scars go away. I loved the characters and the storyline was great. I’m looking forward to reading more books by this author.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Vicky on Jan. 11, 2015 : (no rating)
Wow. What a ride. I am a fan of the darker side but this was different. Maybe it was the writing style, I don't know.
Okay, so we have our heroine, Chloe. Chloe is in the drug business. Not out of choice, of course. Having been a criminal's slave for years, she is sent to Mexico as a courier. Dealings with a drug cartel go terribly wrong and her life is on the line. Ready to take her own life after being tortured by the cartel, she is saved, well kind of, by Kyle. Kyle is the half brother of the cartel's owner and an ex U.S Marine with experience of serving at the Guantanamo Bay as an enforcer.
From that point, Chloe and Kyle are drawn together and they embark on an unconventional relationship. Chloe finds herself attracted to Kyle and at the same time tries to tame her fear for the man who has terrorized her for years; Raj.
I loved the unique storyline and I also enjoyed the fact that Kyle did not turn into a soft guy. I liked the way we are introduced into the story and characters and I found the dual point of view helpful and not tiring at all.
I did find the use of puns that Chloe loved a bit overused and I did find some of the vocabulary repetitive, but I easily overlooked those things because I enjoyed the plot.
The steamy scenes were also well written and the interactions between our couple were well organized and executed. Overall, a good read.
4 Stars from me.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: prismseven on June 15, 2014 :
I was one of the lucky winners of a copy of this story from an event hosted by a great goodreads group.
This story is 100% adult oriented! The story was steamy and full of hardcore action. Not for the faint of heart!
(reviewed 18 days after purchase)

Review by: D. Bluebell on May 25, 2014 :
*Warning! This book contains dark, violent and sexually graphic content.*

I don't think I have ever read a dark romance quite like this before. Dark, gritty and violent, but at it's core a sweet and tender love story. A.J. Adams does a great job of showing the horror of Chloe and Kyle's lives, while at the same time showing the innocence of their relationship.

1. Great character histories that help you understand their actions and reactions.

2. The Cartels were handled in a realistic way. (Google Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano.)

3. Loved the juxtaposition of dark, violent/sweet, innocent.

1. I actually liked how Chloe used her sense of humor as a way of coping, but I didn't like how she was constantly telling me when she made a pun. (i.e. "That's a pun. I thought I'd point that out, just in case you missed it.") Especially when she interrupts the middle of a sex scene to tell the reader she made a pun. Talk about taking you out of the moment.

2. Minor editing mistakes.

Favorite Quotes
"I'd always known I was disposable and now, with Kyle, I felt like I was a person. Like I meant something."
"Life's a bitch, 'cause if it was a slut, it'd be easy."

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something unique in a dark romance.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: melissa pollard on May 15, 2014 :
Don't think I have read anything like this. It is a dark erotic story with bad puns and love. The author does an amazing job with the storyline. When you first start reading this book you don't understand how it's going to be a romance. You also can not turn the pages fast enough. Can't wait to see what else Adams can come up with. Amazing characters, amazing story and amazing author. Definitely a must read!!
(reviewed 39 days after purchase)

Review by: ilovemyaura on May 05, 2014 :
Dark and twisted love story.

Chloe totally definitely drew the short straw for life. Seems like this girl can't catch a break! Especially when she's about to face a horrible way to die. But, good fortune is sneaky, and at the end, when she's about to endure the last injustice of her life, she runs into Kyle.

Kyle got the shaft pretty badly, too. He's a cartel Enforcer; he makes brutal examples of anyone that goes against the Zetas Cartel, and he's very good at his job. Perhaps taking Chloe as his bonus for exceptional work will give him the respite he needs.

I loved Chloe. Despite her slavery and conditioning, she's a feisty chick. Never thought I'd put a slave in the "Badass heroine" shelf. She Stands up for herself when she can, and wiggles herself right into Kyle's heart.

Kyle is freaking hot. Sweet Zombie Bob, this dangerous man needs a sweet woman. He shows some serious patience with Chloe. He could have just used her and tossed her, but he didn't. He took the time to seduce her, to form trust. He coaxes her to let go of her "fuckbot" conditioning, he wants her to be herself.

What I didn't like:

16 instances of bad puns, pointed out to the reader. "(That was a pun, get it?)"

At least two instances of irony used wrong.

Abrupt ending. It felt like there should have been aftercare and healing expressed after the final event. I felt like the ending just shut down prematurely.

Overall, I loved this book. It's dark and twisted. Definitely not something I would ever want to be reality. If you like it hot, sexy and fucked up, this book is gold.

*Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review*
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: loopylou123 on April 30, 2014 :
Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review.


This is dark, and if you don't like dark, it is really not for you!

However, I do like dark!

This is a story about two people, not everyday normal people, not even nice people - but was I rooting for them! Heck yes!

Chloe is a drug courier and has had a pretty crap life, and has no issues with offering herself up to get out of a horrible situation.

Kyle is the man who decided to take her up on her offer and then decides to keep her.

What follows is a messed up, drama filled love story.

It was disturbing, graphic in parts, and made no apologies about what it is! Nothing is pulled back, this is a story about a girl who has been horribly abused and a man who has done some horrible things!

But, I found myself liking them. Really liking them!

It was duel POV and having Chloe and Kyle's POV made the book! It would have suffered being only a single POV.

I even found myself sort of liking Arturo! Him and Kyle had a messed up sense of honour when it came to their family and what they would be exposed to!

I hope we get further stories from other characters, Arturo, Quique, Max (who is actually only talked about, but I was intrigued)

A messed up dark 4 stars!
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)

Review by: Cathy Geha on Feb. 22, 2014 :
Kyle and Chloe are not your typical fairy tale romance couple. This story is dark, contains violence and explicit sex in keeping with the story. In spite of this the true story is that of two flawed people, Kyle and Chloe, and how they grow to care for one another. In spite of who and what the two lovers are and have been I hoped as I read that they would get to have a happily ever. The writing, character development, pacing and story were excellent. I would gladly read other books by this author.
(reviewed 43 days after purchase)

Review by: Kimberly Ibarra on Jan. 19, 2014 :
This was an amazing book and AJ Adams is an amazing writer. The story pulls you in from the beginning till the end just to see what will happen next. It just flows flawlessly. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

Review by: Jenna Benson on Jan. 19, 2014 :
I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. I loved it! I think what I liked most was the fact that both Chloe and Kyle were both seriously flawed individuals. I like dark and twisty and this book was perfect for me.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

Review by: Stephanie Stockert on Jan. 13, 2014 :
I am surprised how much I liked this book. Once I started and adjusted to the violent nature of story it was wonderful! Chloe isn't some helpless girl like in so many other stories, she suffered plenty, and is still able to cope and move on with life. I have to admit, I really didn't like Kyle at first. However, once you get to see who he really is, outside of being the enforcer, you can't help but cheer for him. Overall, it was a great book and not your typical romance/erotica.

One thing did bug me though and that was that the author/Chloe constantly pointed out her puns... maybe the first one and every once in awhile would have been ok, but every single one was getting a bit irritating and would break up the story for me.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

Review by: tony parsons on Dec. 10, 2013 :
Arturo (Princeton grad) was a sexual predator & liked to have sex with his woman while they were being suffocated or he hung them. He enjoyed them being gang-banged also. Arturo was also into the sale of narcotics. A very sadistic person; Arturo had his boys drill holes in Ricardo him with an electric drill.

Chloe Smith had come to the cartel from a man known as Rimjob. He had acquired her from a foster home when she was 16. He’d had kept her in captivity for 2 yrs. & put her through every known perversion known to mankind. The good side of her is she likes to keep up with current news around the world, go to the library, read books & attend operas.

Francisco Kyle McCabe Perez Suarez (Kyle) (Marine; Special Air Services; fought in Afghanistan & Somalia) was also part of the cartel he liked to hammer nails in the girl’s wrists eventually killing his victim. Kyle was the 1 who introduced Chloe to Arturo. Kyle also smuggled art, money laundering, jewelry, & every kind of drug imaginable.

Very provocative description of types of sex were used in the text; blowjob (going down on me; taking a hum job to extremes), oral (cunninglingus), doggy style, bitch, slut, coming (quakes), with/without a condemn, very provocative description of types of physical abuse: cigarette burns to the body, extreme forms of strangulation, lots of beatings beyond most human recognition.
Chloe was found/saved & Kyle fell in love her.

The book was fairly easy to follow, retired Army I enjoyed the soldiers PTSD, sex (somewhat normal, not sadistic), drugs, & every 1’s reminiscing of their past lifestyle. I also enjoy blood/guts books/movies.

I would give this book 5 stars & hope it’s the next Quinton Taretino movie.

Thank you for the free book
Tony Parsons MSW
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)

Review by: Carol Layton on Dec. 02, 2013 :
Not what I expected! I was reluctant to read this but I like the author's other books so I picked it up. It's very, very unusual. I loved Chloe from the start but at first I hated Kyle. Then I loved them both. Very violent in parts but somehow it's a real romance.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)

Review by: M Bradberry on Nov. 24, 2013 : (no rating)
I LOVED IT!! It wasn't some cheesy she constantly tries to escape and keeps getting caught. It was quite realistic, being the type of criminal she already was she was very aware of what she was doing, where she was, and she was IN HER ELEMENT! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: Jenn Roseton on Nov. 21, 2013 :
Wow, what a great book! The Bonus is a gritty erotic romance that I found hard to put down. Well written with scorching sex scenes, it’s about a drug courier called Chloe who’s had a rough start, and an enforcer for a cartel, Kyle. Chloe and Kyle’s love for each other help them to become better version of themselves. If you’re looking for something a little different to read, this might be it!
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

Review by: Alice Huang on Nov. 17, 2013 :
I got this book for free as a promo. I would not have read it based on the description but I know this author by another name so I read it. Wow! It's violent and Kyle is worse than Dexter the serial killer. I LOVED it. It's the best love story I've read in ages. I started it yesterday afternoon and I couldn't put it down. I didn't want it to end. Write a sequel!
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)

Review by: Mike Smith on Nov. 15, 2013 :
Damn, I just finished this book. It was unlike any other romance I've ever read. I mean after that first chapter I thought no way is this a romance novel?

I don't know how you did it, but you somehow managed to create a beautiful and tender romance between a vicious drug cartel enforcer and an experienced drug mule. I wouldn't have believed it without reading it myself. It even had a happy ever after ending, more or less. I have to say I'm impressed. I will be looking for more of your work.

I kind of hope you write a sequel to this, but I'm not sure how you could do it. I just loved the two main characters so much and I want to spend more time with them. It was a quick read, partly because I just couldn't put it down.

I highly recommend it to everyone, but be aware that it has a fair share of graphic violence, such as torture and murder. It is probably not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle it, I think you will find it very rewarding in the end.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Mathew Titus on Nov. 13, 2013 :
The Adult, Exotic version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Violence and sex galore from the first page on.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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