Infidelity - Exploding the Myths

International expert on infidelity Julia Hartley Moore explodes the myths on infidelity.

Using dozens of real life examples from her she explains how and why people cheat, and why it is often possible to rebuild your relationship after the devastation caused by an affair.

As a private investigator she has a professional interest in the subject, but she has also experienced infidelity firsthand. More

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About Julia Hartley Moore

About this author
Julia Hartley Moore is a high profile, successful international private investigator with specialist expertise in uncovering infidelity.

Her personal life story makes for great reading. A dyslexic who left school at age 14 and a victim of date rape at 15, Julia was forced to marry her assailant in order to keep the child who was born as a result of the incident. At 16 she was the mother of 3 children under a year old, and by 20 Julia was divorced and struggling to raise her young family on her own. But this Mom was different; she knew how to turn her life around and prove all her doubters wrong.

And that’s what Julia has done all her life: from working for Mohammed Al Fayed at Harrods of London, to divorce, heartbreak and now true love with her fourth husband. The woman who once struggled to read and write is now a best-selling author and media personality.

She founded Arbeth & Co Limited over two decades ago and since then it has grown to become a leading private investigation company carrying out work all around the world. When Julia established Arbeth & Co, she was the first woman to own a private investigation company in New Zealand in an industry which was then totally dominated by male ex-police officers. With no formal Police background, Julia caused a major stir in the private investigation industry.

While Julia’s company specializes in investigating infidelity, it also offers a wide range of unique services such as locating blood parents and missing person, GPS vehicle tracking, computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, covert camera surveillance and handwriting analysis. Her investigation agency works internationally in the fields of private, family court, criminal and commercial investigations.

Julia is an internationally regarded expert in relationships, infidelity and human nature. She is the international best-selling author of three books: Infidelity, Suddenly Single and Julia Moore PI which have been translated and sold around the world.

She is regularly called upon to act as a spokesperson on high profile infidelity cases and has appeared as a commentator on television, radio and in print articles. She is also a motivational speaker.

Julia and her husband Steve currently live in a seaside cottage with their three dogs in New Zealand.

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