Wothlondia Rising: The Anthology

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Wothlondia Rising: The Anthology is a collection of prequels that launches the Beginnings series in the Realm of Ashenclaw. The events covered in this collection are intended to introduce you to these characters and give insight into their pasts, their motivations and the distinctive events that place them on their destined paths to become the heroes they were born to be More
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About Gary F. Vanucci

Gary Vanucci was born in Pennsylvania in 1968. He enjoys writing, reading, music, art, anything at all that promotes creativity and activities that push the mind beyond conventional thinking. He has spent time as an amateur singer/songwriter and has spent multiple decades creating role-playing scenarios and playing games amongst various genres. Years of reading graphic novels, comic books, fantasy/science fiction novels and the like has led him to discover his true passion—writing!

His education includes a Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Information Technology and an Associates of Arts in the field of Graphic Design.

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Charles Ray reviewed on Feb. 16, 2014

For lovers of the sword and sorcery genre of fantasy novels, Wothlondia Rising: The Anthology by Gary F. Vanucci, will satisfy your every craving. A collection of short stories that introduce the characters who inhabit the Realm of Ashenclaw, Wothlondia Rising has everything the reader expects – magic creatures, valiant heroes, and devious villains aplenty – engaged in dastardly deeds and derring-do that will keep you up at night.
Vanucci has a deft hand at description and dialogue that creates the proper mood for his mystical realm. From Rose Thorne, a not-yet woman with strange powers, to zombies that threaten the existence of Ashenclaw, he offers up fully fleshed characters with complex histories and motivations, giving an insight into the heroes they are born to be.
I was fortunate enough to be able to read a free review copy of Wothlondia Rising, and while I’d planned to do it over a long holiday weekend, I found it impossible to put down. Everything else was put on hold while I thumbed anxiously through these tales. At the end I was left with a strong desire to know: what next for them? If you like fantasy, I can guarantee you’ll love this collection of fantastic tales, and be left thirsting for the rest of the series.
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bjameson76 reviewed on Jan. 10, 2014

From my first introduction to Ashenclaw, I was immediately drawn in! The author gives you just enough of the characters to appreciate and understand the current plot while shrouding them in enough mystery to wonder what else is to come! I literally could not put this down until I was at the final page.

The characters and world are extraordinarily rich. I easily pictured myself as an observer within Vanucci's vivid world rather than being a casual reader.

I can tell there are going to be great things to come from this author.
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James Vernon reviewed on Dec. 23, 2013

Wothlondia Rising: Distant Familiarity is an excellent first look into a new world created by author Gary Vanucci. Right off the bat the characters draw you in with their distinct and vastly different personalities. By following these characters up to the point where Gary Vanucci's first full novel, Covenant of the Faceless Knights, begins, you already feel invested in the characters and their future.

The story itself does a nice job of mixing in character development, a glimpse at this wide new world that Gary Vanucci has created, and also hints at both the world's past as well as the pasts of these aged adventurers. I am excited to began Covenant of the Faceless Knights in order to get a deeper look at the past of these interesting characters as well as what the future holds for them. If Covenant of the Faceless Knights is in any way as engaging as Wothlondia Rising: Distant Familiarity, then I know I will not only highly enjoy it, I will be rushing to read the other short stories written by Gary Vanucci in order to delve deeper into this world.
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Tim Przybyszewski reviewed on Dec. 23, 2013

The author has created a beautiful and vivid foray into the past and origins of his main characters. It is a truly wonderful read and the author is definitely one to look for more stories from. In my opinion it is a literary masterpiece!
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Daniel Zazitski reviewed on Dec. 23, 2013

Gary Vanucci has created an impressive world in his Wothlondia Rising short stories which I enjoyed reading and will be re-reading several times over. If you like reading J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, or other fantasy authors, you will enjoy reading Gary's Wothlondia books. The writing style and everything was top-notched and I would rate it at ten stars if I could.
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robert bracken reviewed on Dec. 23, 2013

Wothlondia Rising, while considered a series of short stories, is a most unique way of introducing a wonderful cast of characters ( each with their unique strengths and weaknesses) into a wonderful new universe filled with danger, magic, and adventure to keep the senses reeling. I can not recommed the anthology enough. So , do yourself a favor and check out this wonderful new voice in the realm of fantasy. My hats off to you Mr. Vanucci
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William Kenney reviewed on Dec. 16, 2013

A great introduction to the characters in the Realm of Ashenclaw setting. Sets up the story perfectly for book 2, Covenant of the Faceless Knights. You can't beat the price!
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