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A lost world, abandoned for over a thousand years, all but forgotten, except to the young Clansman who wants to explore the mystery at the heart of his own Clan territory. Young Lord Ryo Camelin, soon to rule his Clan, is eager to solve the mystery of the planet deep within his own territory but hidden for so very long. What he finds will change his life, and the lives of his children, forever More
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About Tim Morrison

Have been writing since 1993, when the ideas first came into play. Polishing the work as I traveled all over the world, finally settled back in Canada, and have begun getting my words ready to read on the Internet.

My focus is split between erotica and the Center Worlds. My erotica is used as a test bed so that I can fine tune my writing to ensure there is an emotional connection to the larger work that I do within The Center Worlds. I tend to write Romantic Erotica, it can be very hot, but also has a plot that works for the characters within the covers.

The Center Worlds is a Science Fiction series set in a galactic cluster much closer to the Core from Earth. Where the Confederacy and the United Suns are at odds over territory and the people who inhabit the region. Clan Camelin fights to keep the Confederacy together from within as different Clans fight to tear it apart.
The T'Ressi from the United Suns sit outside, waiting for their chance to strike. Piracy is rife in the Buffer Zone that separates the Confederacy from the United Suns, a region known as the Frontier. Pirates strike deep within the Confederacy, attacking liners and transports and dodging back to the relative safety of the United Suns space, where they are protected by treaty.
The Confederacy is all Honor and rigid duty. Military strategy is focused on Large strategic strikes, rather than small tactical moves, backed up by 12 mighty battle cruisers.
The Clans fight among themselves for honor and propriety. Clan wars kill people and sterilize worlds, slowly weakening the Confederacy so that the United Suns can move in when the time is right.
And, just to really complicate things, on the outskirts of the Center Worlds, a cloud of darkness moves core wards, leaving desolate waste behind it.
Epic romance, brutal violence, explicit sex, star ship battles across planetary systems, planets under siege, Piracy, romance, true love, loss and recovery. It is all here, contained within the Center Worlds.

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Reviews of Center Worlds - Spark by Tim Morrison

Lee Willard reviewed on Aug. 5, 2021

This is a pretty good story that has a lot of things that I like. There are some decent sex scenes in it and most are caring and consentual. The battles and other violence are mainly seen from a distance, but relatively early in it quite a few important characters die and you are present for some of them. We eventually find out that was necessary to the plot, but it was somewhat disturbing at the time. It is not violent enough for Hollywood so if you're looking for body count, not much gore here. For me, that's one of the biggest pluses.

The sexuality has some aspects of Kassidor and some aspects of Mars in Percy Greg's 'Across the Zodiac' published in 1890. There is a class, society or caste known as Lari'Sota that may be bred and/or trained as sex workers or sex slaves, since many of them are without the right to refuse. The statement, "I am here for your pleasure," would insure I have none since confidence that it was mutual was necessary for me to derive pleasure from it. They are very far from the mainstream in modern Kassidor where sexual immorality is defined as using coercion or deception to gain a partner.

But like modern Kassidor, when a child first achieves sexual maturity it is a joyous occasion that makes their parents proud. That is so extremely distressing to modern America that I have not put it in any of the stories and could not because most are 14 to 16 Earth years of age when it happens and under the 18 year cutoff for sexual activity on this site.

Most of a plot is a space war between clans, but the plot is not very important to the story, the characters and their relationships are. The story has a few loose ends. The author claims there will be more in the series but I don't see them here. There is one in the same universe but it's a different story line.

The main problems with this are some proofreading errors, it seems every 'its' is 'it's' for instance. There are a few more. These aren't bad enough to inhibit the reading, but they are noticeable. More noticeable is the prose, especially early in the book. Maybe I just got used to it later, but it seemed to improve. If the prose flowed a little better this would gain another star in my opinion.
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Feather1 reviewed on June 21, 2014
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I really enjoyed this story wish there were more books about center worlds
The characters seem to come to life in the pages of this Tale
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