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Thank you for beginning to read this book of more than 300 poetic works,
this introduction will be your guide to these unconsciously created poems.
They were written with a self-exquisite corpse and spontaneous automatism, with aid of muses, red inked molskines and mounds of aetherspheric tomes,
the dates of writing are from the fall of 2008 to the spring of 2011 perks. More

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About Dead Beat Poet

I’ve been drifting through this life looking,
in search of somewhere with something to care.
For a over a decade now and count slowing,
the people who love me only do so by dare.

I remember growing up in little to nowhere land,
imagining what it would it be like to do a magic transport.
beam myself to San Francisco or someplace exotic with sand,
somehow be part of what is and with an import.

Listening in secret to Depeche Mode and the Doors sing,
who led me to embrace the rebel within one.
At the time I couldn’t sing or play anything,
so I started staring at the stars while dancing right past the Sun.

To show the world I wasn’t born otherwise wrong,
the U.S. Navy had my name the top of their list.
To prove to everyone and myself I didn’t have to belong,
I could do anything I wanted with an open-handed fist.

I know I’ve missed the show by a decade or more,
it’s been a non-stop roller coaster ride and I’ve lost track of the time.
I’ve hit rock bottom and can prove it with a number on the door,
it doesn’t matter anyway I can write what I mean and finally rhyme.

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Lena Vanelslander reviewed on April 20, 2011

It's hard to keep my attention, in other words I haven't read all yet :-), but I did read and since my memory is shortlasting I thought it best to write the review before falling into the black hole.

I liked it and I'm rather picky. I love those mindgaps and the noir writing. The only remark I would have is rhyming. The ones I read without it, are much better than the others according to me. That of course can be personal taste. In other words a recommender, all I can add is if I had the mind of the author I would certainly experiment further with free verse.

And for those not fond of rhyming: it's done in a way that the reader hardly pays attention to it. Don't let it discourage you, because what the author has to say is far more important and beautiful than some non-disturbing rhyming verses!

Lena Vanelslander
Editor-in-Chief Gloom Cupboard
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
vox anon reviewed on April 18, 2011

"Couching Doctor, Hidden Raygun" Vox Anon

A Review of Deadbeat Poet's "Pharmacide" by Vox Anon

i adore your poems your hard data
your contexts your unique POVs its very
tight & original poetry. cheers Vox!

i am no doctor but i am a patient who has
been a poet for many years. i offer no great
credentials. i did not come down the mountain
with holy tablets. i did not fly over the cuckoo's
nest or rainbow. i have not been to hell & back
but i have read this book.i laid on my back in
bed. i refused to eat. preparing to molt like
a tarantula with 8 pairs of eyes & four pairs of legs
yummy right? i know!

Let us praise this book & not boo my failure to transform into something wonderful or at least roll over out of bed.

Be warned he makes it look easy & simple but it aint.
Deadbeat's sincerity brave & brutal aims to equip you
with moments of clarity, of raw courage, & of taking back the self from the life that is being siphoned, anesthetized, & ritualized by the taking of daily pills/poems/preaches. One of my favorite songs by a perfect circle is a cover they do called " The Nurse Who Loved Me" by Failure. Of damn course a book will say better than a song who we are & how we got to where we are. At the end of the book i wonder who is qualified to be a doctor to mass medicate existences like mine.

Pharmacide by Deadbeat Poet is a longterm care plan
for doing away with mirrors & fears & welcoming the daily possibility of not wanting/needing that next fix of medication from the street or evil corporation either way manmade. Perhaps Womanmade in matters of love. Deadbeat offers many poems in which you find the diary would not answer & poetry housed his thoughts & findings best.

This book can be read piecemeal or in one long sitting with foreknowledge you might need to reread it to get the deeper subtleties & overall rhythm that in the end places you on the couch kindly instead of the gurney cruelly.
Dr. Deadbeat Poet Paging Dr. Deadbeat. The material is honest, straightforward, & inviting to all comers. You will be surprised at how comfortable he makes you feel even at the zenith of pain spasms & pangs of his revelations & pew pew of his raygun.

All praise no blame? there is a negativity that is objectified leaving the author & reader invincible & resilient to imperfect lovers of the past. Deadbeat is honest as i said in the beginning you get the sugar & the salt the oil & the vinegar.

Pharmacide is quite an accomplishment. A pretty sick collection of one a day truisms & altruisms. I highly recommend it & holy moly pay the man for his work. Have no idea what something like this is worth? let me help you if i might. A 90 minute big budget hollywood movie you pay $12 for the ticket & perhaps $6 for treats. Start there.

April 2011
Your Reviewer,

Vox Anon aka

i am on 8+ doctor issued prescriptions & i
have spent the last 4 to five days in bed with
my netbook & Deadbeat Poet's "Pharmacide".
Pharmacide = The act of murder through prescription
medication, specifically through its overuse or misuse
by innocent patients.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
Pranav Sisodia reviewed on March 15, 2011

Well, before I downloaded the book, I wasn't sure how much time I was gonna give it with my Maths exam on 22nd. I started reading at 12 midnight...and the next 3 hours seemed like a few minutes.
Now I don't know if I should thank you for the amazing book, or be sad about not studying, but am gonna thank you for one thing your book did to me.
Your poem, 'Dream Welts', really changed my 'Perspective' about life.
I was also once a part time song-writer who used to write when used to be in an emotional high. But with my parents forcing me to concentrate more on my books, my love to write got lost somewhere.
But after reading a few lines you've written, I am so excited to start writing again.

There is one thing that I really wanna tell,
I know,
After a few winters,
when you'll be on the big stage...I'll see you on TV, I'll be proud,
that this man, is MY friend.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Marzia Puskin reviewed on March 3, 2011

If you would like to know how death and love play such an important part in everyday life, then here's just the right book for you.
Pharmacide is an engaging read for anyone who is interested in learning more about an internal psychological intense exploration that takes place step by step and in mapping the intimate contours of this mysterious and terryfing prodigy we all experience, called life.
You can follow as this warrior-like yet peace-loving writer set out to challenge mainstream thinking, to debunk stereotypes, to put the dependance on obsession and on self-destruction into sharp perspective, filled with emotive images and vivid visions that penetrate deep down under our skin. And to seduce our mind with his apocalyptic point of view.
We shy away from talking about death, not out of cold-heartedness, but out of fear. No one dares to say the wrong thing. Because death is scary. Pharmacide is a public space where we can "talk" freely and safely about death, chaos, loneliness, obsession, pain, violence, perversion, grief. But also about vampires, angels, muses, hopes, dreams, magic, art, synaesthesia, aethersphere, sex, love.
In my humble opinion, the essence of Pharmacide is to find a way, however desperate, to make sense of the world even when it seems to be meaningless, vain and silly, and to keep yourself alive.
Give it a try: I'm sure you'll be wonderfully surprised.
(review of free book)
Lynsey Bailey reviewed on Feb. 28, 2011

Its hard hitting and heavy shit man ! Every emotion has been covered that is humanly possible. DP Therapy out weighs Psychotherapy 10 fold: I'm looking up words I don't know, have some favorites and ones that made me ...cringe !
(review of free book)
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