Vocal Remedy

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Mr. Choice only wants the best in the choir competition. The cash prize will go a long way to funding the music program. He feels he has a top notch solution when adding Vaser to the choir. Little does Mr. Choice know that Vaser has a different remedy in mind. More
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Review by: Synful Desire on April 8, 2015 :
Have you ever read something and you aren't quite sure how to feel? This is how Vocal Remedy impacted me. There was a disturbing history between Vaser and his teacher where each character played some sort of role in Vaser's ultimate plan. Even now I wonder about Vaser's outcome and whether I would have done the same as he. This read took me out of my comfort zone but for me, the reward paid off for the risk.
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Review by: Adonis Mann on March 20, 2015 :
This is a very short story, but even with it being only about 9 pages long, it certainly packs a punch. Particularly at the end.

Mr. Choice is a high school music teacher who is struck with a large degree of tunnel vision as he wants his group to win the grand prices for the upcoming music competition. What Mr. Choice is not saying is that on top of that he also has a certain taboo admiration for one of the kids.

Vaser, is the center of Mr. Choice’s affection, and he is very aware of it. While at the beginning one is led to believe that their relationship is purely platonic, one realizes later that it may not be. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’ll stop here.

Here are the things I liked about this short story:

1) It’s not a gruesome horror. Actually, it’s more of a Teen Suspense.
2) The element of mystery runs deep in this story. You are following the story line but you continually get the sense that something is brewing although you don’t know what, until you’re hit with it.
3) By the end, you don’t really know why the crime was committed. Was it due to a psychotic mind, revenge, something else? You don’t know! However, that’s exactly the point, so it makes the excitement and intrigue element pretty outstanding.
4) While I’m uncertain if LGBT is this author’s forté, it certainly seems so as the tiny bit of man on man action that is presented is a little on the steamy side. Truth be told I was getting a little hot and bothered. Suffice it to say that I liked it a lot.

Here is the one thing that I didn’t think was completely accurate:

1) Towards the end, when Vaser is speaking, his manner of speech didn’t necessarily fit a teenager. It seemed quite mature for a kid his age.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed this story.
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Review by: Y Correa on July 17, 2014 :
Vocal Remedy is a twisted, dark romance about a student and his teacher.
Here are some of this things that I enjoyed about this short story.
1. There was just enough information to keep you hooked, without everything being spelled out. The essence of mystery is present.
2. The twists and turns are well portrayed and the reader comes to expect the unexpected.
3. There was realism in the characters themselves, and while it's a dark story, one can connect with them.
4. I really appreciate the characters names. This author has a way of choosing unique names. Love it.
5. The end leave a lingering effect and keeps you thinking, however it also gives you a sense of completion.

All in all, while not gory (which I love the most), this story is well worth the 10 minutes it'll take you to read it. Great job. Truly recommend it.
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Review by: Queen of Spades on May 19, 2014 :
The element of the unexpected in this story was terrific. I liked the fact that nothing was completely laid out. Still you are left to use your imagination with the back story. If the author decided to do an extension of this one, I wouldn't say no. I look forward to reading even more from this author.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 rounded to 5.
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