I Got'cha!

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If you think being a teenager in today's world is tough, try being one in 2081. In Alberta's It's Only Fair society, your brain-band will zap you just for chewing with your mouth open. One boy pried his brain-band off to see what living with emotions would be like. Being chased by the entire Alberta army was bad enough. It became worse when another 15 year old kid offered to help him escape.
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Words: 66,260
Language: Canadian English
ISBN: 9781311568953
About David J. Wighton

David Wighton is a retired educator who enjoys writing youth novels when he's not on a basketball court coaching middle-school girls. The books in his Wilizy series peek at how people lived after the word's governments collapsed in the chaos that followed the catastrophic rise in ocean levels and the disappearance of the world's last deposits of oil. Luckily today, in the 2080s, the citizens of Alberta are safe because their It's Only Fair society uses brain-bands to zap people whenever they break a rule. That way, all children grow up knowing the difference between right and wrong. Unfortunately, they're also taught that women's ankles need to be covered so that men can't see them and turn into perverts. Plus, no-one in Alberta can have babies any more because the government manufactures them in a way that ensures that no child has an unfair advantage over any other child. All of this makes sense to Alberta's dictator, but not to Will and Izzy – two teenagers who are decidedly different from everyone else.

Wighton's novels have strong teenage characters driving the plot and facing challenges that, in many respects, are no different from what teenagers face today. His novels are intended to entertain and readers will find adventure, romance, suspense, humour, a strong focus on family, plus a touch of whimsy. Wighton also writes to provoke a little thought about life in today's societies and what the future might bring. Teachers may find the series useful in the classroom and the novels are priced with that intent in mind.

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Review by: Dean Thompson on Jan. 26, 2015 :
Excellent series. Perhaps a little complex for too young a reader, maybe early teen as a minimum, but certainly no maximum reader age! Pushes David Wighton to one of my all time favourite authors on Smashwords. Sci-fi is used cleverly as a framework in which to present the real story about people and their relationships. In fact a cleverly disguised young persons guide to relationships that they will want to keep reading, even if they are learning something! Probably not for the die hard sci-fi fanatic as it includes humour, romance, and much thought-provoking dialog. Even a funny section describing the young teen 'hand-holding' protocol. I also enjoyed the author's cameo appearance.
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Review by: Misha on Oct. 20, 2014 :
This was a totally exciting book! Mr Whiton really plays with some cool ideas, like what the world is like and what we blieve and why we believe it. His story makes me feel like i know what the teachers in my school mean when they say ask us questions about what we think and why. It really made me think about why we behave like we do, and what i think for myself. And plus it's really exciting! I started reading it because I had nothing to do in my free period, and now I am starting the next one already! Great action and funny jokes too!!!
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Review by: BigShotBob on Oct. 13, 2014 :
I read lots of ebooks and I don't often write reviews, but when a story sticks in my head like this one did I'm inclined to write a bit about it.

Great story, characters and pace. Well-written, bringing scenes and dialogue to life without being overly wordy. And full of ideas that make you think.

I understand why this novel would speak to young people but I thoroughly enjoyed it as an adult reader. I'm off to read book 2 in the series now.
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Review by: decoratordale on Aug. 14, 2014 :
I've read the first three books in the Wilizy series and am recommending all three as excellent reads for teens as well as for adults. They are fast paced, entertaining books with strong characters who have imperfections just like normal people but who also have endearing personalities that will glue you to the plot. As the series progresses, Wighton develops a strong family focus that makes the books even harder to put down. Each book I read contained tender moments that brought a lump to my throat as well as downright funny moments that made me laugh out loud. Highly recommended.
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Review by: JazzyMaTazzy on Aug. 09, 2014 :
Definitely one of the best reads I have found on this website. The plot kept me turning the pages, and the characters are so lovable its just too hard to stop readomg!
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Review by: dinnypopolis on July 28, 2014 :
Wighton keeps the reader turning pages in this dystopian novel set in post-oil Alberta of 2088. Humour, ingenious inventions, suspense, romance and intriguing points for thought and discussion fill the pages in this coming-of-age story. Recommended reading for all ages. Would love to see this as a movie!
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Review by: Christine Miller on June 28, 2014 :
In "I Gotcha". Wighton creates a futuristic world, set in Alberta after oil and gas has run out, where babies are manufactured and everyone, well not the one's in charge, wear brainbands. Brainbands that prevent emotion and ensures everyone conforms to the It's Only Fair (IOF) society.

Teenagers, Will and Izzy meet in unusual circumstances and though wary of one another, their attraction to each other leads them to discover that all is not as it seems. With Will's clever invention of a sky-trekking mechanism that flies through the air and Izzy's adept skills at planning battles against superior forces, how will these two team together to evade their society, where will they go and what will they discover?

This is the first book in the Wilizy Series and readers can look forward to following the escapades of these adventurous characters and their future in this dystopian world.

A great book for engaging philosophical or intellectual discussions about fairness, equality, rebellion, society, emotion, the future and much more.

An excellent teen sci fi novel, soon to be a series.
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Review by: mame lulu on June 26, 2014 :
Any parent or teacher has heard the familiar refrain, 'It's not fair!'

I Got'cha!, David Wighton's first book in the Wilizy series, explores this business about fairness. When we have it, do we really want it?!

The first pages of the story grab your attention immediately and will appeal to young readers, even older ones who had to eat yucky food or else! The plot moves along briskly with chapters ending at just the right spot…guaranteed to have you coming back for more.

Teenagers will find this book interesting; teachers or parents wanting to explore the concept of what is fair and how we can actually be fair, the merits (or not) of different personalities, adolescent stirrings of sexuality, will find David Wighton's novel, I Got'cha!, a great launching pad for discussion with young people.

Definitely recommended.
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