The Dark Gifts Birthright

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Throughout the ages, the druids have passed down a prophecy from one generation to the next. A young witch will spark a war that divides the vampire nation. This witch will either save humanity from vampire reign or be the end of it. Liz Markum is that woman, and this is her story. More
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About Willow Cross

Willow Cross is a multi-genre author who resides in Indiana. She also moonlights as a radio talk show host for The World of Ink Network’s The Paranormal Hour. A self-proclaimed vamp enthusiast, were-hunter, prankster, dreamer, story teller, benevolent dictator of minions, and chocolate lover, she spends her free time with family and friends, as well as participating in paranormal investigations.

Her home has been known to host the occasional ghost and several of her friends profess to be witches. Although she dearly loves Vampires and Werewolves, they are never invited for dinner.

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HappyChloe reviewed on on May 23, 2017

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoy this author's writing style as well as the story. Liz and Michael are wonderful protagonists and this is great vampire romance. Michael hadn't planned to turn Liz into a vampire, but... sometimes things just happen for a reason.
I recommend this book and am looking forward to reading more of your stories Ms Cross.
(review of free book)
Lillie Rice reviewed on on Feb. 18, 2015

I thought I had read every book there was written in the vampire/witch/ghost genre....until I came across Willow Cross. Holy crow this lady keeps you guessing what is coming next. The Dark Gifts Series will have you not wanting to put the book down. Birthright has lessons in love and the things people will do for love. And lessons in how everything anyone does has ramifications on others. Great book and waiting for more....
(reviewed 32 days after purchase)
Debbie Saraceni reviewed on on Feb. 10, 2014

What a wonderful story of mystery....danger....learning one's destiny... above all else love. Liz finds herself intrigued with a handsome man who lures her away from her friends only to find herself attacked by a vampire. Michael had only planned to feed from Liz but also found there was something else about her that drew her to him. What neither counted on was her turning into a vampire after the one and only bite from Michael. Because of the vampire laws Michael is forced to take Liz and go before the vampire council. That is just the beginning of their journey. Through Liz's time staying with the council she learns of others planning on war against the council. She is forced to run with Michael and they take the only friend Liz has made while there with them. They move around to stay hidden and make plans on what they need to do to keep the war from happening and if they can't.... they prepare for war. Liz learns many things along the way about who she is and what her family has kept from her all her life. Like the fact that she comes from a line of witches and there is a prophecy told and Liz is a major player in that prophecy. Liz is destined to become leader and Queen of the vampire nation. I don't want to give too much away here...need to save it for the reader to discover. Willow Cross did a fantastic job of telling her story. It was interesting from the very beginning. The cast of characters that complete this story were all such an asset to the overall storyline. I really enjoyed what Liz's went through in order to find her place in the world of vampires. And it has only just began. I was given a copy of this for an honest review.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
Jenny Bynum reviewed on on May 17, 2013

OMG!! What a wonderful story of vampire romance!!! The things you would do for love is all in this book!! From Micheal and Liz's story of romance and love to Cass' love and loss and regain! The story is wonderful! It talks about the present and past events of each character and how they came about and is basically family in a vampire-sire kind of way! The main characters had to fight through their problems and I love how Willow incorporated each problem into the story one at a time and yet how each problem was part of another problem. Everything started just because Micheal made the first mistake and the whole chain-of-events happened! I loved the how magic was incorporated into the story as well. Just an overall MUST read! Thank you Willow, and lots of love!!
(reviewed 2 years after purchase)
Sara Wyers reviewed on on March 12, 2013

WOW!!! Is all I have say....That was an amazing read!! Lots of action, a little bit of love, and all out good read! It was a nice change to what I have been reading.(more romance) So all the action and alittle love was wonderful! I was so into the story, that I about died when my Kindle broke right in the middle of the book :( it was hard to go back to my small phone. But I got it done lol. I can't wait to see what the next book has for us. And I recomend this to anyone looking for a good vampire book :) now go get yours, you wont be disaponted!!
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
jennifer rohrbaugh reviewed on on Oct. 20, 2012

Birthright is the perfect vampire book to start out with. This is a great read and I would actually leave my kindle open if by chance I had to put it down. Was not afraid of my kids reading it.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Tanja Varney reviewed on on Oct. 18, 2012

OK so I started this series off by reading Afterlife and it was great! And then I was gifted Birthright to read and i thought how AWESOME!! Also I thought I knew kind of what I was getting myself into when starting this book because of my previous read. That was not the case I was looking for Angie, Micheal, William ANYBODY from Afterlife when I picked up this book. I found myself lost in the beginning and had to will myself through I frequently lost concentration and just couldn't focus any attention on what I was reading. So by now you are wondering why I gave Birthright a 4 star review ;) Well here goes, after I got through the first 3 or so chapters the story itself opened up there is a war about to break out between the vampires and all that they have lived by for so long is being challenged and over turned. Oh! And Angie, William and Micheal DO return you just have to be patient unlike I was. Liz is the new girl to this story and she has ALOT to learn if she is going to take on the roll the stars have aligned for her. I could keep going on why you SHOULD read this book but I don't want to spoil anything. All I can say is don't be too quick to judge a new book you pick up it might end up being a GREAT read after you make it in a few chapters. Happy Reading :-)
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Lyrical Lit. Publishing reviewed on on May 29, 2012

This book was an interesting take on vampires. It follows the lore well and creates a sense of structure of the vampire world. Liz is our main character and is a strong person in dealing with the changes in her life and her new role in the war of the Vampire groups. Her mate, Michael, is also an intriguing character, seems to remain pretty grounded throughout and very deadly.

Overall I enjoyed the book. It did take me a long time to read this book, and I do read multiple books at once btw. I found the huge cast of characters a bit daunting at first, but they seemed to each have some sort or role, no matter how small. I think the length was a bit much for me; it was not a quick read. The book leads into some tangents that would confuse me at first but seemed to be resolved for the most part at the end. I really liked how well she mixed the different supernatural beings, such as witches and ghosts, together and blended them into a united front in some ways rather than pitch them against each other all the time.

Overall, a more traditional take on vampires with some other magical creature factions tossed in.
(reviewed 5 months after purchase)
AshleyNicole Shelton reviewed on on May 9, 2012

A must-read amazing story! So unique, you can't compare it to any other vampire novel!
What would you do if you were suddenly overcome by extreme strength, speed, and... a thirst for blood? Liz is in this situation after a vampire bit her. She is struggling between thoughts of vengeance, love, family, and survival. Michael, the vampire who bit her, is also struggling between is attraction to her and his duty to the council. Read this enchanting story about love, war, conspiracy, prophecy, the supernatural, and so much more.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
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