River of Living Light

You are born with all you need to live a life of fulfillment. Are you seeking outside yourself for answers, hope, peace, love? This book shows you how to connect up with your real self who can guide you to become the authentic person you were meant to be. Yes, you can be in the driver’s seat on the path to unlock your greatest gifts and ride the waves into the future with self-confidence. More

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About Nadja

After working many years in the public sector Nadja is reinventing herself. She is a visionary, intuitive writer and artist who brings forth transmissions and energy calligraphies as she receives them to share with the world. She has an eclectic background. Her joys include adventuring on the Open Road, dancing, cooking, being in nature, writing and painting. She is also interested in natural building, organic gardening, alternative health, life-long learning, travel, and living moment to moment. Nadja writes for the conscious community and people who are interested in healing, meditation, transformation, ascension, and the New Earth. This includes highly sensitive people, Indigos, empaths, Light Workers, Starseeds, energy healers, artists, visionaries, and those in recovery and discovery. Nadja's creations are available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, and local retail outlets (by request). Her artwork and MP3's of all of her books and raps are available on her website, NadjaMedia.com

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