Wizard of Ends

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A powerful sorceress wants the Queen of Ends dead, hoping her demise will render the king unable to defend his crown. Only the wizard Lashlor Leaflin is in a position to protect Queen Narraki Dragonsbane, but he avoids using magic – at almost any cost. With creatures of darkness hunting the queen, however, he may be left with little choice but to call on the power he holds within. More
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  • Series: Wizard of Ends
  • Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
  • Words: 29,370
  • Language: English (South African dialect)
  • ISBN: 9781310817786
About Vanessa Finaughty

Vanessa grew up in Cape Town and still lives there with her husband of nineteen years, her two daughters and her furry, four-legged ‘children’.

Her passion for the written word started her career as an editor and copywriter, and she ran a writers’ critique group for close on seven years. She's been writing ever since she learnt how, has always been an avid reader, and currently lives on coffee and hugs.

Her interests include reading, ancient history, conspiracy theories, photography and graphic design, the supernatural, life's mysteries and martial arts, of which she has five years’ experience.

Review copies of all Vanessa's books are available upon request, and fans are welcome to email her at shadowfire13@gmail.com - she loves to hear any type of feedback and answers all emails personally.

*** Please note that Vanessa uses UK/RSA spelling and grammar, which is not always the same as US spelling and grammar.


Wizard of Ends, official book trailer
A fast-paced fantasy adventure series with magic and action galore!

About the Series: Wizard of Ends
Wizard of Ends follows the adventures of the wizard Lashlor Leaflin. Lashlor has a secret personal mission to complete, but others' troubles continually keep him from it. Despite this and the fact that he's forced to use magic far more often than he'd like, he finds he cannot refuse the requests for aid.

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Review by: Pharos Publishing on May 18, 2015 :
The book is well written and starts off feeling like a political thriller set in a magical realm. The intrigue is abandoned early on, however, and the story morphs into a chase sequence and then finally into a full out magical battle royal with magic users slaughtered in some very imaginative and disturbing ways. It is an extremely enjoyable read until the cliff hanger ending; which means that you’d better be prepared to pick up Book Two of the series, “Dark Creature” to find out how the story ends. In fact, the two books read like a single book that has been cut in half. This sort of publishing practice harkens back to the “Lord of the Rings” and tends to work well if the first book has a strong enough hook, which “Wizard of Ends” fortunately does.

If you like your Fantasy sprinkled with political intrigue and all out magical mayhem pick up “Wizard of Ends” for free. Just keep in mind that you’ll probably want to buy “Dark Creature” as well.
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Review by: T C Southwell on Oct. 22, 2014 :
When King Lanaran of Ends learns that his beloved Queen Narraki is in danger, he sends her into hiding with two soldiers to guard her from the evil sorceress Assassa, who covets his crown. Assassa, by far the most powerful sorceress in the Kingdom of Ends, conjures creatures of darkness to hunt the Queen, and her peril is dire despite the King’s best efforts to protect her. Her faith in him is unshakeable, and his love for her is deep and poignant, prompting him to go to any lengths to save her. This adventure is fast-paced and action-packed from the first page to the last, and guaranteed to carry you off on a magical journey full of peril and pathos, with the added bonus of scads of sorcery and surprises. Wizard of Ends is a delightful read for those who enjoy fantasy romance with magic and mayhem that will leave you eager for the next instalment to satisfy your yearning for more.
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Review by: Pamela Cummins on Oct. 19, 2014 :
A must read! I couldn’t put “Wizard of Ends” down and gobbled it up in one night. The lack of sleep from being such a glutton was worth it! It is so hard to be patient waiting for book 2, a few more days.
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Review by: Mel on Oct. 14, 2014 :
This was the first fantasy book I have read. In all honesty it's not usually a genre I would choose, but after reading Wizard of Ends , it is safe to say that my opinion of fantasy has changed. Not only did I enjoy the 'old' way in which the story was written, I also felt immediately attached to the characters, particularly Queen Narraki with her gentle ways and utmost faith in her husband. The relationship between the king and queen I found quite intriguing and found myself impressed with the way the King looked after his loving queen. I liked the way the author describes the characters and creatures, it makes it simple to imagine the story and allow it to 'play out' as you read, which is always an important factor for me when reading. Lashlor was the most interesting character and I particularly enjoyed his role in the story. I couldn't wait to find out what happened at the end with the evil sorceress but also felt disappointed that the book had come to an end. Luckily there's a sequel! :)
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Review by: Juneta key on Oct. 12, 2014 :
A very fun fast pace read YA fantasy that leaves you wanting more story. The great news is there is more story soon to be released in the 2nd installment of the saga.

I enjoyed the storytelling very much, but I know series often times leave you craving more and as it grows fulfills the promise of story, character growth making it last that much longer.

As one reviewer said, I did get frustrated sometimes by the passive reactions of the hero, but in the end he made up for it, because his reaction were based on his own lack of knowledge of his own skills. It was an interesting take for a new enjoyable hero. I can't wait to see what comes next. This new series holds promise of epic storytelling by an enjoyable writer.

I gave it four star, because it feels like one episode of a bigger story, and ends on a cliffhanger, however, it still gave satisfaction. I will be grabbing the next release with anticipation.
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Review by: Mia Darien on Oct. 10, 2014 :
This story is a little tough to write a review for, or at least figure out a proper rating.

Here’s my initial and overall thought: this story would have been REALLY AWESOME…if it had been about twice as long. Now, anyone who reads my Author Ego’s books knows that I don’t write long books and I like quick resolutions, so I’m generally the last reviewer to come down on someone about this, but I can’t avoid it here.

The story starts off in the action from the first page, but then lots and lots of things happens very close together in a short span of pages. It’s just all so much and so fast. We don’t get as much time as I’d like for the characterization that really makes a story epic, but the basics were all there. Lashlor was a good character (even if he was obnoxiously passive at times) and the others were good too.

The king and queen come across as rather rash and naive, but the rashness could just be because of how fast the story goes.

But…it’s well written, the basics of good characters and good plot and fun setting and magic are all there. But it’s just way too much too fast, and would benefit from being notably longer, and yet…despite that, I did enjoy it a lot. So…I guess better too fast than too slow. I’m going to give this 4 Fireballs, because I did like it. If it had been longer and still as gripping, it would’ve gotten a 5.
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Review by: Alex James on Oct. 9, 2014 :
Lashlor Leaflin’s code of honour, in vowing not to use magic unless absolutely necessary, makes others accuse him of being a fake wizard. His calm composure and righteous determination are valuable assets when he is hired to protect the Queen from a very powerful and dangerous sorceress called Assassa. Assassa spearheads a conspiracy to seize the throne from King Lanaran of Ends.

A King, Queen, Wizard, and evil Sorceress are classic and well-known fantasy stereotypes, but Wizard of Ends cuts straight to the action and the threat posed by Assassa. All of the characters have been injected with an ample dose of dignified humour: “Someone had indeed tried to murder him while he slept,” after having no memory of said act but a sore throat.

Overall the Wizard of Ends is a fast-paced refreshing magical adventure, with a streamlined plot and various colourful wizards, sorcerers, necromancers, and magical beasts. The final battle is a complex confrontation between several magic-users harnessing creative spells. Lashlor is a unique character whose reputation and petty fears will make the next adventure just as refreshing as this one was!
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