A Work in Progress Life Love Fun Living in Australia - Part 1

Enjoy reading a treasure box of entertaining stories about eco-islanding in the Whitsundays, going for our wildest dreams, time travel adventures into the pages of history, first class relationships and more. Australian Authors, Bev Dowdell will make you laugh & Graham Dowdell’s a "moment in time" photos capture an inside view of life through his “lens” of the amazing beauty around us every day. More
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About Bev Dowdell

Bev: Exec Assistant/Admin and Author, Editor and Publisher www.aworkinprogress.com.au
I grew up in a suburban country-style area and my parents divorced when I was young so I was in an all female home. We moved into Adelaide city (South Australia) in my early teens and I attended Business College learning key skills prior to working in the corporate arena. I met my life partner, Graham, in a disco and we fell in love at first sight. We had significant challenges in learning to communicate - we are both very independent yet a perfect fit together. Co-authoring with Graham has unknowingly (to our surprise) been all our lives but became focused when developing our website and writing to encourage and make people laugh. My motivation is a picture of person travelling home or sitting quietly after a busy day at work reading our book and smiling as Graham’s wonderful photos and the words fill them with confidence about their future and to go for their goals and dreams.

Graham: Farmer, Businessman and Landscape and Wildlife Photographer
I grew up in a country area in South Australia with a business farming background in vineyards, cattle and earthmoving. I’ve worked outdoors around nature and wildlife on a daily basis all my life and, together with a love of the ocean from spearfishing and snorkeling in my teens and after moving to the Gold Coast with our world class local beaches, all this was an advantage when I picked up a camera to capture ‘moments’ I saw in the early morning sunrises and evening sunsets. Birds seem to ‘fly’ in front of my camera to have their photo taken – some knocking off my cap!
There is a peace often found only in the beauty in trees and flowers and the interaction of wildlife with birds living their daily lives which has inspired me to offer these one of a kind “a moment in time” opportunities only there for a few seconds before the moment is gone forever.

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