Note To Self: A Steamy Tale of Lesbian Discovery

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Sparks fly when straight moms Anna and Susan meet for the first time. They're both petite and feminine, but Anna is exotically gorgeous with Mediterranean skin and mahogany eyes, while Susan is a prim and elegant yummy mommy who is blissfully unaware of the stolen glimpses she offers at her silky underwear. More
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Words: 16,040
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311194275
About Belinda LaPage

I love writing scorching erotica about adventurous, curious women in new situations. Her first time (and his first time!) are my favourites, but exciting new experiences like first F/F and first light bondage are a big turn on, too. It's fantasy, right, so safety is never an issue, and most of all I love to describe the explosive heat that floods her core when he finishes inside.

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About the Series: Sapphic Letters
Anna and Susan are young, happily married suburban moms who are comfortable in their heterosexuality, but their lives and emotions are upheaved when they meet at a kindergarten barbecue. Both women feel the spark, but they respond in different ways.

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Review by: Larry Archer on Dec. 09, 2017 :
Nice story, well written, and interesting plot about two straight women from completely different walks of life who hopefully end up in an affair. Belinda's descriptions could almost be written from a guy's point of view as we tend to be more direct about sex and that's really refreshing.

Good storyline and a follow-on would be well worth reading.
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Review by: Justa Reader on April 01, 2017 :
Aside from the things mentioned I really enjoyed reading the Anna POV. Thanks Belinda for another hot story.

Oh and I think Anna being married added an extra dimension to an unexpected turn events and feelings that Anna didnt know how to deal with. Maybe Susan was just looking for a friend maybe not. That being said I agree with @karmaskinner that a nice guy shouldnt be potentially abused and infidelity is wrong.
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Review by: Mike White on Jan. 24, 2017 :
The prose for the story was high-quality and the story was edited well. In general, I think that the story works well for what it is. The idea of an erotically charged breast exam seems highly suspect to me, however.

I really want to see more LGBT romantic fiction. However, it would be nice to see more stories featuring more confident LGBT characters. I feel like most characters in almost all romances these days have to be hugely insecure and awkward, which I always think tends to dampen the eroticism. This is particularly frustrating when the characters are young adult professionals, as is the case here.

Anna doesn't have the roughness or toughness I would expect from a supposedly tomboyish female cop, even if she does crack wise a few times in the story. I would expect her to be more confident. I would think that a doctor like Susan would be more jaded about anything involving breast exams than this as well. Making a doctor and cop a couple of awkward romance characters is particularly strange to me.

In the beginning of the story, I kept thinking that if Anna is so worried about her husband finding this diary, she should just work harder at hiding it. I also wish stories like this featuring sexual awakenings were portrayed more positively, and that they didn't have to involve characters who were already in seemingly loving relationships.

Still, the story worked as an example of this sort of romantic fiction, so it succeeded within its parameters.
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Review by: KaraSkinner on Nov. 02, 2016 :
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ

Goodreads rating: 3.73 out of 5 stars

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Anna never considered herself bisexual or a lesbian. She’s totally in love with her husband and happy with her life as a wife, mother, and cop. But that all changes when she meets Susan, a pretty, feminine doctor, who turns Anna’s world upside down. Confused and full of guilt from thinking erotic thoughts about Susan while married to Nick, Anna turns to her journal to sort it all out.

Okay, once this story gets going, it’s great. But in the beginning it is so damn boring. Journal or not, Anna does not get to the frigging point for like four or five pages! I was tempted to go wash the dishes at least twice in the beginning of the book. When the dishes are pulling me away from a book, and not the other way around, something is very wrong.

However, it does read like a real diary, so kudos on that.

Once Anna gets her shit together and actually starts telling what happened, the story gets a lot better. Her inner turmoil is relatable and realistic and makes me like her alot. Susan’s character is also great. Being very girly, Susan has a nice contrast with Anna, and that makes their time together that much sweeter. I always love it when characters are developed, even for short erotica pieces like this one.

I do have a problem with Anna being married, though. Her husband is a great guy who is very supportive of her and their son. He showed up to their son’s kindergarten barbecue, doesn’t mind his wife being “one of the guys”, and doesn’t even get jealous from other men’s stares at her.

It’s really clear that they are still very much in love and unless it becomes clear in the sequel that he’s a serial cheater or hiding huge secrets, (like, “I killed my boss and embezzled five million dollars” type of secret. Not “that purple dress really did make you look like Barney and I didn’t tell you even though I knew pictures were going on Facebook” type of secret) then I’m never going to like Anna’s and Susan’s relationship as much as I could.

Lesbian relationship? No problem. More power to ya. Cheating on a very sweet person? Huge problem. Shouldn’t happen. Burn in hell.

Lover's Quarrel
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Review by: Julie Jenkins on July 13, 2016 :
I enjoyed your short fiction very much. The diary format was much more erotic I think than just retelling it. I'm searching for your other writings and I'm certain that I will be pleased (?lol) to re-read each more than once. You rock!
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Review by: Francis Haley on Feb. 29, 2016 :
Very good.
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Review by: Francis Haley on Feb. 29, 2016 :
Very good.
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Review by: FlemSnopes on July 21, 2015 :
A remarkably good story, even without the slowly building eroticism. I usually avoid stories done in a diary format, but it worked here; the author managed to drop into very descriptive scenes that made me forget it was a diary. Good characterizations, nice emotional confusion, and a seductive plot. I even liked how it ended.
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Review by: Justa Reader on June 22, 2015 :
Belinda always tells a good tale about a nice piece of tail.
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