Malevolent Shadows

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The weaknesses and faults of humanity are exposed. Hearts have grown weak. The human design has decayed. No one speaks for the wretched and the broken. In this world, people think about their lives and do not care about anyone else. They will let others die for their own benefit. The poems in this book criticise all of these human acts. Brace yourselves for a sad and depressing journey. More
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Words: 1,940
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311656421
About Abdul Sami

Abdul Sami (born August 30, 1998) is a Pakistani author whose work is primarily focused on the dark side of human nature. At the same time, his love for nature has allowed him to explore new themes and develop new ideas. He cites Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Ted Hughes and Walt Whitman as his major influences. Abdul Sami has a keen interest in sports, movies, and TV shows. Aside from that, he is the founder of a literary platform “Dusk”, aimed at promoting literature in the region.

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Review by: NishatShuja X on Oct. 21, 2016 :
This poetry is deep. It is the book to read for leisure. It is sad, but the sad you wanna read because you can relate to it. At least I did. thumbs up to the writer for such mature thoughts.
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Review by: Ahmed N. on Aug. 22, 2016 :
The book gives us a glimpse of how lost we are in our own lives. Uncovers some really obnoxious truths about the society. Inspirational and thought provoking stuff. Although a bit too sad but nice effort.
Looking forward for the author to publish some more splendid books!
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Review by: Victor Luba on Aug. 08, 2015 :
The author gets only one star for putting the book in the wrong category. My advice to the author get a dictionary and understand the meaning of "Thriller and Suspense".
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Review by: Aditiya Pandey on July 19, 2015 :
My initial reaction after reading some verses from this book was that this is just another 'goth' book. But oh no. It isn't. It just isn't. After reading further, I realized how the truth slowly starts to sink in, and you are struck by the shock, by your blood pumping, and you keep on reading and wondering just how unique this book is. I don't use social media that much, but I literally shared this book everywhere. A must-read book, and an excellent book by Abdul
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Review by: Arfah Ayesha on July 19, 2015 :
Awesome book man! I recommended it to all my friends and would gladly do it again. I even learnt some stanzas of the book because they are not only worth memorizing, but also because they have a very powerful story to tell. Amazing book.
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Review by: Susan Jill on July 19, 2015 :
This book might be one of the best poetic books I have ever read. A friend recommended this book to me and I wasn't expecting anything different from this than from idiots on the internet making up books. But when I read it, I was amazed at it's depth of disparity, the true color of the society and about the truth in the expression 'Might is Right'. I don't know Abdul Sami, but I think that a little thank you was a must, considering how expertly his book is written. Good work Sami!
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Review by: Mamoona Mushtaq on July 10, 2015 :
When I read Abdul Sami's magnificent poetry, I always appreciate the way he truly threw himself in his poetry and let his heart out. To see such good verses written by someone who never hesitates spill his heart out, is a feat in and of itself. Abdul Sami's poetry transparently illustrates the true nature of our society. There will always be a list of potential writers in my mind, and clearly, Adbul Sami will not only be included, but may be potentialy number one. The book blew me away by its complete boldness and open-mindedness. Keep it up
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Review by: Ammaz Tariq on July 07, 2015 : (no rating)
There are no words enough to describe how this book has shaken me from my head to feet.I'am truly flabbergasted.Although at first I thought it was just an 'all hope is lost' themed writing.But verse by verse I come to know that there is nothing here except reality.The world as we know it coming to it's end.How beautifully has Sami been able to shape up such a deep dark script is astounding.Frankly I'm not a prolific author but this book will never fail to overwhelmingly amaze me even if I come across it some time again in the future.Fortunately enough I share the writer's friendship and his somewhat experience as we live in the same country and have studied for a while together.Therefore I easily understand it even more.The perspective in this case is the realization of how we are doomed and how we have taken oath not to correct ourselves.The vocabulary and striking contrast of it with the theme makes us hard to believe it was all done by a 16 year old boy.I hope that he keeps up with this passion and that his work is appreciated and influences people all around.Also that any difficulty he faces,may God help him through that.
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Review by: Soban Mehmood on July 05, 2015 :
Poetry itself is a declining interest among youngsters, and that is why it is so unusual for a teenager to write dark poetry - a genre that requires a lot of skill and maturity to successfully handle. For a starter, the book is beyond expectations on so many levels. The pessimistic, morbid view of humanity and its future portrayed through the poems may seem exaggerated and, dare I say, idiotic to many but the author makes his point in a most emphatic way, almost as if it's a daylight reality, not considering its popularity among normal people. Well done!
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Review by: Hamid Ahmed on June 27, 2015 :
No matter how optimistic you are when you start reading this book, you will always be left truly shattered and shaken after reading it. And that's the true point. It will make you question the society, our behavior and the way the world works. The Truth's there, the passions' there and Abdul Sami has come up with a very beautiful book, no matter how dark it is.
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Review by: me you, Sr on April 15, 2015 :
This book made me cry, the poems made me emotional. If you really love poetry you should read this book as it defines the meaning of what we truly are. Our world, surrounding, and people are illustrated as you go through the book.
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Review by: A Wild Corydora on Feb. 16, 2015 :
Not a big fan of dark poetry let alone poetry itself on a whole but after reading this having second thoughts about it. The words really connect with your soul and can change your'e opinion on how you view humanity and life itself. Amazingly well written yet slightly short in length nevertheless going through all the poems was a truly new and refreshing experience. Also the fact that the book has been kept free is the icing on the cake. Hope to see more from this author in the future. Kudos to you mate and good luck with you're future exploits. :D !
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Review by: Taaha Imran on Jan. 09, 2015 :
I uh fell in love with the book. Nice book. Beautiful book.
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Review by: Bobby Tam on Jan. 04, 2015 : (no rating)
Mature work from a 16-year-old. Sad and dark. I would love to see you writing some more positive work. Check out my poetry collection -
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Review by: Haid3rAli on Jan. 02, 2015 :
Writer sheds light on the mysteries of life. I would like to recommend it to all of my fellow readers
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Review by: Hadi on Dec. 31, 2014 :
I must say that it is truly a soul nourishing experience, this book reveals perhaps a little about the writer, I will not hesitate to say that he is truly passionate about what he believes in and I can respect that, quite frankly it has been the best pieces of writing I have read in a long time. I recommend it to all those who have taste for good poetry, and those who want something different than the usual cup of tea they are use to.
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Review by: Sabdullah99 on Dec. 31, 2014 :
Nicely written. Keep up the good work!
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Review by: HannanNaeem on Dec. 31, 2014 :
Excellent mate! Keep it up.
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