In Praise of the Pomegranate – The Phoenician apple symbolizing health, fertility & longevity

How this sensuously depicted fruit in the arts, also known as Phoenician apple – claimed by some biblical scholars as the metaphoric fruit Eve gave to Adam – is efficacious in antioxidative properties, i.e., cancer prevention, is just one highlight. It is a treasure trove of scientific findings on how the whole pomegranate (including the skin) can reverse premature aging and autoimmune diseases. More

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Words: 40,560
Language: English
ISBN: 9780991836857
About Monica Palmer

I am from a tiny, rural district named Halifax, in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. Born January 3, 1959, I migrated to Canada March 19, 1982, and shortly after found my calling as a mind-body, health practitioner. For the past 25 years, I have been coaching my clients, on how the correct choice of foods can help limit stress on the central nervous system. Allowing for an opening an ever-broader channel for their mind to experience fully and permanently the receptions inspirations that become lasting impressions is not the only reward. The possible heightening of one’s psychic state can give birth to a magnetic personality, which mystifies and captivates all who enter this radiating circle of glow.

As a full-fledged writer and inspirational speaker, I draw on years of practical experiences, which make my works ever more so compelling. But I see myself more as a modern symbolist writer – with a twist. Earlier symbolists used suggestions and invested images or objects with indirect meanings. It is my position that truths, particularly when it comes to right living, should not be concealed in mystery. I write from the understanding that words are but seeds, which are non-operative unless the reader of my words can transform them into gainful activity.

It would naturally follow why gardening is where I find my bliss. Far removed from the subsistence farm on which I had to toil a child, urban farming is my creative way of enjoying urban life with a country-kind-of-feeling. To experience Earth’s beauty – the breaking through the soil of seedlings, the blossoming and maturing stages, and the recycling of the refuge of my crops as compost back into the soil – is priceless! Not to mention to be able to invigorate the nerve endings of my bare feet standing on sharp pebbles, and to look around my garden and yield myself to whatever feelings naturally arise. The buoyant, jubilant, exhilarating, and ecstatic feeling is my definition of RADIANT HEALTH. Which explains why no other pleasures can compete with, or pull me away from, writing like gardening!

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