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Shayna and her two best friends have the ability to manipulate and control the four elements of earth, air, water and fire. While learning to hone their growing powers, they discover a new and malicious presence in their sleepy beach town. Someone is performing blood magic and threatens to expose their small magical community. More
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About Shauna Granger

Shauna Granger lives in a sleepy little beach town in Southern California with her husband, John, and their goofy dog, Brody. Always fascinated by Magic, Shauna spent most of her teen years buried in books about fairies, elves, gnomes, spells, witchcraft, wizards and sorcery. When she's not busy working on the next installment of the Elemental Series she enjoys cooking, entertaining, MMA fight nights, watching way too much TV and coffee. Lots of coffee.

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Reviews of Earth by Shauna Granger

Incandescent Enchantments reviewed on June 3, 2013

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review by the author Shauna Granger. Thank you!*

I'm so sorry everyone about my extremely long leave of absence. But, it is summer now, and I'm back, hopefully for the long run this time. As is to be expected, I have not been reading in quite a while. But the first book that I picked up is Earth. I definitely do not regret it!

I've always been a fan of mostly any book having to do with the dealing of elements. There are many people that say that it is overused. But, I keep reading these types of books, to find the diamonds among rocks. And Earth is a diamond.

Earth follows the story of Shayna, or Tess (her element name), Steven (Drake), and Jodi (Fae). I loved all of these characters, especially Steven. He reminds me of one of my friends. He's quirky, funny, and fun, and was probably my favorite character in the book.

On the other hand, Shayna, the main character, I had a few problems with. She was a bit too bossy, although considering she is the strongest out of all three of them, it's reasonable, she could treat Steven and Jodi more equally. Hopefully, as the series progresses, she won't let her powers go to her head.

You're probably what their powers are. Well, as I stated before, there powers have to do with the elements. Steven is fire, Jodi air, and as you can probably guess from the title of the book, Shayna is earth. But, there is something more to Shayna, so just your eyes on her while reading. In a way, they are witches, except for Steven, who I guess you could a warlock, but's he pretty much counts as a girl. ;)

I think I have said enough about Earth. I just think you guys should go read it. It's definitely a memorable book, and I can guarantee you will enjoy it.
(review of free book)
Yaz reviewed on Oct. 2, 2012

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review, through the group Lovers of Paranormal.

I found the story to be easy to read and follow. The three main characters are very different from each other even though they got a big thing in common, elemental magic. I truly enjoyed reading this book. It gives a different perspective of a teenager. There wasn't the regular immature teenager behavior, no drama, crushes, indecision. The story shows the other side of teenagers, those who are more responsible and mature. I enjoyed this story because it went a little deeper into understanding magic and balancing different believes. The story focuses more on the magic than the teenage drama and I found that really refreshing. I would definitely read the sequel of this series.

The story walks us through the lives of Shayna, Jodi and Steven. Each of them contribute to their friendship with different personalities and elemental magic. Shayna is the strongest of the three, a natural leader, responsible and sometimes shy. Jodi and Steven follow and respect Shayna, but are not afraid to let her know when she might be wrong. As the story develops strange things start to happen in their world and they feel obligated to take action, because their power comes with the responsibility to do something.
(review of free book)
Stacy reviewed on Sep. 15, 2012

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Let me start by saying I loved this book -- this was another one of those books that I had a hard time putting down! I ignored laundry, a dirty kitchen, a whiny toddler and put off dinner, just so I could read one more chapter...ok, just ONE more chapter....
The main character Shayna is well defined, likable, and feisty. She is an 'Earth Elemental', meaning she has the ability to control and feel the power of the earth. (think dirt, trees, all that jazz) Shayna has 2 best friends who share similar abilities: Jodi is an 'Air Elemental', and Steven is a 'Fire Elemental'. In addition to being elementals, they are also witches. Not the broomstick-riding kind, but the kind who seek to restore balance and promote good karma.
The trio goes through high school and they worry about the same old mundane things, until alarming news reports of satanic worship sites in their small town start to occur. Shayna is plagued with horrifying nightmares where she is being chased by some sort of devil dog, and upon waking, finds that her wounds are real and bleeding. A gorgeous new student (Jensen) starts at her high school, and she is alarmed at the depth of her attraction for he bad news?
I like that the Shayna-Jensen match wasn't a 'done-deal' throughout the book --it didn't seem forced, and it seemed more realistic. BUT!! I sure would like to see some more of Jensen, and I can only hope that he rears his beautiful head in the other 2 books in the series!
Good job, Shauna Granger, and thank you for the opportunity to review your book!
(review of free book)
Bookblogger reviewed on Jan. 7, 2012

Earth by Shauna Granger tells the story of Shayna and her two friends Jodi and Steven. The three friends have some power of the basic elements with Shayna being the most powerful by far. When evidence starts to appear of someone doing some heinous black magic rituals. These rituals coincide with the arrival of a set of twin brothers to their town the friends have to figure out if they are behind the dark magic. The fact that there may be a spark between Shayna and one of the brothers adds another layer to the plot.

All three of the main characters are well developed, with a good dynamic between them. They have a very real relationship with emotional depth and humor. There is a bit of a romantic element to the story, but it didn't strike me as what has become the typical pining misery that is often found in books aimed at a similar age group. That is one of the best things about this book in my opinion. I enjoy young adult books and enjoy the genre, but it is very hard to find something that doesn't having a brooding male part and a pining female character. Very well done book and I will continue to follow this series.

Review copy provided by author.
(reviewed 9 months after purchase)
BookWhisperer reviewed on Aug. 2, 2011

Earth is a very fresh read that mixes a young adult romance and imaginative magical twist. While witchcraft has been a common experience in the paranormal genre; this book seems to take on a deeper understanding of their abilities and beliefs. Much of this story is detail and character building which gives the story an overall slower pace than what I have come to expect. Although, I feel that this novel laid a very strong basis for the following books to come. The potential is evident in the last eighty pages when the story began to flow and the characters were actively unraveling the mystery laid before them. This also opened the door for the romance that seemed to be missing in the beginning of this novel. The amateur talent that is so common in a first novel was lacking in Earth; creating a detail ridden story that attempts to bring readers to the characters level of knowledge. I look for the next novel to overcome is slow and steady pace bringing an action packed and thrilling ride. Earth is a very inventive and unique story that readers will appreciate, but it will offer some pace and interest obstacles that will require focus to overcome.
(reviewed 61 days after purchase)
IHeartYABooks reviewed on June 11, 2011

Earth pulled me right in from the beginning with its mystery and “who did it” feel. And then it kept me anxiously flipping pages till the end to find out. I kept saying no, no; please don't let it be who I think it is! But what also had me going were the three Elementals. Shayna is the leader of this threesome. She is one seriously tough girl that’s going to do whatever it takes to protect her town and classmates from the evil that has come to her peaceful town of Ojai. Jodi and Steven are her two Elementals friends, helping Shayna fight the evil just as soon as they figure who it is. These two are great. Steven with his make-up kit and Jodi with her boss attitude. They are true friends in the fight against evil. Shayna is all business, so when the new boy comes to school, she doesn't make it easy for him. I felt so sorry for Jensen. No matter how hard he tried, he could never get it right with Shayna. But Shayna does like Jensen, so I'm waiting to see where their relationship goes in the next book. Jensen is awesome, he’s gorgeous and a good guy. I would've liked to have seen more of him in this story, but I'm hoping he’ll get more screen time in the next book. Earth has a fantastic storyline—mystery, magic, elementals, action, and kick-butt teenagers. I was glued to the pages. I highly recommend Earth as definite must read!!!
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Trisha Wolfe reviewed on May 26, 2011
(no rating)
This was not a good for a self pubbed book… This was a great book period. Right from the first page I lost myself in the story, and more than that, the characters. I cannot stress enough, even the writers I beta for, how important it is to write your teen characters’ dialogue authentically. I spend my days listening to my son and his friends talk, and this story was like being in the same room as real life teens. The writing was clean and clear, and flowed perfectly. I didn’t pause once and think a sentence could have been written better. And that’s a difficult thing for me not to do lol.

I loved Shayna. She was just a straight up awesome girl. I liked that she and her friends came into the story knowing of their abilities and powers. It gave the story a deeper plot as they had to figure other things out, just not about themselves. I enjoyed the youthful voice of the novel. I laughed out loud so many times as the characters bantered. It was refreshing.

My only issue was there wasn’t enough of Jensen, the lead guy. He was a cool, amazing character, and I just simply wanted him to have more ‘screen’ time. Although, scenes like the one of him and Shayna in the restaurant added so much depth to their relationship. The time they did spend together I felt was enhanced by him not being in every scene. And I loved the way they talked to each other. Although Shayna was very attracted to Jensen, she didn’t let that rule her actions. She thought for herself and questions things about him. I liked this very much.

Overall, this was a well-crafted YA with a fresh, unique voice and wonderful characters. I could have used a smidge more romance, but the tension and the implied ‘this isn’t over’ there at the end, is enough to make me want to suck down the next book in hopes that I get a little steamy ;) The plot was strong, and it was a great mystery. I recommend this to anyone who likes Wiccan, witchcraft, or Paranormal novels, and is looking for something with great voice and refreshingly authentic characters in YA. Awesome read!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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