The Seduction of Gabriel Stewart

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Portia Stewart loves her husband when most couples simply tolerate eachother and she'll do anything to make her marriage intimate.

A Review by Moriah Jovan- “The Seduction of Gabriel Stewart” was wonderful and part of what I want to read, as both a spiritual and sexual woman: a smooth meld of the erotic and the faithful.
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About Eva Gale

Eva Gale loves white cupcakes with bitter chocolate frosting, lots of dark roast coffee and six-foot piles of books. She would prefer them all at once, but she takes what she can get. She lives in the farmlands of NJ, with her husband and seven children whom they homeschool. They have one doofus Doberman, a Yellow Naped Amazon named Gizmo, two cats and two Blackberry Hamsters named Mac and PC but are looking to add chickens, guinea hens, bees and Lancashire Heelers to their collection. When she’s not guiding school, she’s writing, weeding the garden or doing endless loads of dishes and laundry.

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Review by: J.J. Black on March 28, 2015 :
Good book
(review of free book)

Review by: Liev Rand on Dec. 23, 2014 :
Very good book.
(review of free book)

Review by: Indie Ebook Guru on Dec. 20, 2013 :
Well written story with a steady tempo and good character development for a free piece. We shared the link on IEG Facebook. Please feel free to comment and share what inspires you to write in this genre.
(review of free book)

Review by: Francis Haley on Dec. 03, 2013 :
Well written and good character development, but I found it to be a flat and predictable plot.
(review of free book)

Review by: Natt little on May 28, 2013 :
What a brilliant read!
(review of free book)

Review by: Jenny White on May 24, 2013 :
Super fun and hot... and free. You can't beat that. I can't wait for more!
(review of free book)

Review by: Larisa Anderson on March 26, 2013 :
Looking forward to more by this Author
(review of free book)

Review by: L. Neal on Jan. 25, 2013 :
This is my second story read by this author and I love her. Keep doing what you're doing Eva Gale.
(review of free book)

Review by: sandy coody on Nov. 08, 2012 : (no rating)
Great book,very well written . Looking for more of your work,
Thank you for sharing
(review of free book)

Review by: Manuela Cardiga on Sep. 16, 2012 :
Stunning, erotic, delicately written.
(review of free book)

Review by: Michelle Birbeck on Aug. 04, 2012 :
I got this free from Smahswords and I wasn’t disappointed. Though I’m not a fan of history for the most part, there are parts that I do like, and this is one of them. The story was beautifully written, well played out, and the erotica parts of it were enjoyable.

In fact, there was only one thing stopping me from giving this a full five star rating. There were some persistent errors in spelling that detracted from the story. Not enough to stop me from reading, but enough to make me have to stop and think and reread.

Having said that, the story was wonderful, the attention to the details of the time wasn’t too overwhelming and still covered enough so that you know it’s set in a historical time. I enjoyed reading it, and when I had to put it down in the middle, I kept thinking about it and was anxious to get back to it and find out what happened.

The synopsis is up on smashwords—just click the picture for a link straight there. It’s a free to download story, so if you’re after a bit of flirty fun without breaking the bank or taking forever to read, go download it.

Reviewed for Short, Sweet, and Snappy review blog.
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Review by: Nicole Thornton on May 28, 2012 :
Yet another well written story by Eva Gale. Well-developed characters, nicely explained, great tempo for the story within a short story format. Well edited too, which I love when reading self-published stories. Always like her stuff.
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Review by: Bianca Noire on May 22, 2012 :
A woman who knows what she wants, who finds a way to express her sexuality, who cares for and respects her partner, who finds meaning and fulfillment in her sexuality?

Sexy in any time period.

(review of free book)

Review by: Joy Johnson on May 17, 2012 :
On the positive side: The main character does fit the description of what a woman in the 1800s may have acted/thought like...ish. The descriptions are vivid and clear of situations and events.
On the negative side: **sigh** In my opinion, this is just another piece of writing that exemplifies the sexist teachings of a patriarchal society. Aka: The main character is a woman who is 'appalled' by the near naked people on stage, but yet attracted to them as well... Boring. Do we really need yet another story about male / female sexual dominance?
Words to the Author: You have a talent for writing. This much is shown in this story. Why are you wasting your gift on drivel that in the end doesn't really benefit anyone? My advise would be to focus on issues that our society has TODAY. I believe once you focus on this your reader base will grow. Good luck.

Joy Johnson
Freelance Writer
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Review by: Punya on Jan. 28, 2012 :
Another sexy one. I love how well she writes about married couple... So far, 3 out of 3 for Ms. Gale!
(review of free book)

Review by: Bennie Watkins on Oct. 24, 2011 :
I like it then.
(review of free book)

Review by: J Larsen on Oct. 19, 2011 :
Keep up the work!
(review of free book)

Review by: Andy Pickford on Oct. 19, 2011 :
Well done, and interesting.
(review of free book)

Review by: John M on Oct. 19, 2011 :
Perfect! Sexy stuff ...
(review of free book)

Review by: Ronald C on Oct. 15, 2011 :
Great book!
(review of free book)

Review by: Brenda Cherry on Oct. 15, 2011 :
Beautifully put!
(review of free book)

Review by: Doris Holmes on Sep. 13, 2011 :
Really good read.
(review of free book)

Review by: Edward Billings on June 23, 2011 :
Very good.
(review of free book)

Review by: Rachel Kovacs on May 30, 2011 :
Beautifully written. You captured the human spirit in a way that most cannot.
(review of free book)

Review by: Melanie Wells on May 23, 2011 :
Wonderful book!
(review of free book)

Review by: Viveka LeDoux on May 12, 2011 :
Superbly written. I enjoyed reading this tale of historical fiction. It was interesting to read Ms. Gale's take on the couple's spiritual and sexual views. I would have loved to see Gabriel give in a little more in the end but Portia made her claim upon her husband which was the biggest step in their relationship.

I'm not sure I would have put this into the Erotic Fiction genre, although it is very sexual in the end it seems more of a Romance to me.
(review of free book)

Review by: Annie Rayburn on May 09, 2011 :
A few minor nits here and there in the text, but well written. Lots of sexual tension and emotion in this one. My biggest criticism: It should be priced.
(review of free book)

Review by: Felicity Moore on March 22, 2011 :
This is the first e-book I've read, but not by a long shot is it my first 'bodice-ripper'. I'm a long-time devotee of the romance genre and this is a great, quick, gratifying read. Well structured and very accessible. Outstanding value for money! ;-)
(review of free book)

Review by: Renee Mirabito on March 18, 2011 :
Beautifully written, captivating from the first words.
(review of free book)

Review by: Ernest Winchester on March 03, 2011 :
I read this story back when I first signed in with Smashwords. I’ve just stumbled onto it again when I clicked onto the wrong spot and was surprised that I hadn’t reviewed it back then. Maybe I just didn’t know how. As the old saw goes, better late than never. This is a very good read. A little surprising considering the mindset of society at the time depicted in the story. Makes one believe that there is hope for humanity after all if she could follow her instincts and go with her gut.
(review of free book)

Review by: a_white on Feb. 19, 2011 :
This story was wonderful. It wasn't just about the sex; it was actually written in a classy way. I loved it.
(review of free book)

Review by: extasymaria on Nov. 05, 2010 :
great e this author!
(review of free book)

Review by: Krista Williams on July 31, 2010 :
I wish I could give this story more stars. As a writer of erotica myself, this is one of the few pieces I've come across that I wish I wrote.
(review of free book)

Review by: S. Wolf on June 09, 2010 :
Wow. Now that's a story. Haven't read that many books on here yet, but so far that's the best of them. The author does an excellent job of showing this woman's feelings and frustrations. I aspire to writing like this. By the way, I had to google "Onan's Sin", and I think I'm in trouble.
(review of free book)

Review by: Ruth Ann Nordin on April 26, 2010 :
This one is definitely a keeper, and I'd love to see what happens to this couple and if they ever got comfortable with the physical side of their relationship. If the author ever thinks of expanding the story, I'd be more than happy to read it. :-)

This is one of the topics that I've found Christian couples (even today) struggle with. It's refreshing to see the truth of our bodies and how we can enjoy them with our spouse finally come to light in a book that is not afraid to blend the Christian faith with sex. (I, for one, am tired of the Christian romance market because it fails to shine light on the beauty of sex like this book does.) Very well done. I'm adding this author to my favorites!
(review of free book)

Review by: seraphina on April 18, 2010 :
I really liked this story. As with the author's other book, you can tell she actually researched the era she was writing about. Her insight into the woman's feelings was awesome. I think you'll enjoy this book.
(review of free book)

Review by: Vivienne Diane Neal on April 02, 2010 : (no rating)
I enjoyed this book. It's filled with eroticism, lust and desire. A great short story.
(review of free book)

Review by: Nicky Charles on Feb. 26, 2010 :
This was a great story and presented an interesting perspective on turn of the century marriage. The heroine's emotional pain - her longing for a proper physical relationship with her husband - are expressed extremely well. An excellent short read!
(review of free book)

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