Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia: First Edition Volume 1

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Real Alien Worlds: Non-Fiction: A Brief Encyclopaedia detailing a 2 year exploration of real alien worlds. First Edition Volume 1 More
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About David McCready

David McCready was born in the United Kingdom in the mid 1960s as the first son of two homeopathic doctors. Both parents displayed good intuitive skills, and his maternal grandfather was ahead of his time in this regard.

Young David displayed no obvious clairvoyant skills, and his interests mainly lay with mechanical things. David ultimately qualified as a professional structural engineer and project manager. He went on to principally work as a building and maintenance contractor dealing with a comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical systems.

David always had an interest in otherwise invisible or unreachable worlds. In 1995 David achieved reliable access to the Astral World and an array of non-physical beings who were able to take over his adult education. David was then able to set aside his engineering profession and instead specialise in training people in astral science and projection.

In 2014 David was upgraded with specific consciousness abilities which would enable him to lead pioneering research into extraterrestrial worlds using astral projection.

David (2016) is married with a wonderful wife and two sensitive children.

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Review by: James Jenkins on Sep. 7, 2018 :
Spends a lot of time, explaining why everything he is saying in this grand Encyclopedia might be wrong.

I did not get far...

It is interesting that all the 5 star ratings so far, are by people who only reviewed this book....
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Review by: Hari01 on Feb. 10, 2016 :
If you doubt that there is a myriad of species out there , you will soon realize how plausible this concept is. The question is not if there is life out there but are we humans, mature enough to engage with it? Do we have the right communication skills? Hugely intelligent and wise life forms are much closer than you can imagine. In this new age of discovery, they are ready for “First Contact”. Are you?
Learn about time distortions and astral dimensions. Gain insights into how the universe works, it’s creators and … the creator of all creators - The Ultimate!

This book is not just about alien life forms but it highlights our place as the human race in our own Universe… in amongst all other Universes.

Volumes 2 to 7 and along with a printed version of volumes 1 to 7 are available on Amazon
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Review by: EdwardSC on Jan. 27, 2016 :
This is a very inspiring read, laying quite a radical foundation for the author's experiences through direct aware remote contact techniques with alien beings. These techniques are described in some detail, and what is most intriguing is his suggestion that they are open to all who take the necessary time to focus on developing them. He tells us that now is a time in history for the human race to open up to this alien connection as we are at a stage where the wisdom gained will be invaluable.

His understanding of the dimensional structure of reality, including time itself, that facilitates these techniques is also quite compelling in its comprehensive explanation, as is his general categorisation of the alien life forms encountered within it. The details of these alien races are to be illustrated specifically in detail in further volumes which this reader is greatly anticipating. Over-all a fascinating read packed with quite clear and precise exposition of the Author's methods of discovery and outlines of the territory to soon be illuminated.
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Review by: Gary Dean on Jan. 16, 2016 :
Wow! This book certainly has me hooked. David has a great writing style and the book is very informative. People write about aliens a lot but to group them all together does the subject no justice. It's like an alien writing a book about humans. We are so varied any many. Well just imagine how varied and many types of aliens there must be. At last some information about the wide variety of what be the most exciting aspect of what's out there. Good stuff David and I can't wait for volume two.
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Review by: mickael on Jan. 6, 2016 :
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