Cows in the Pews and the Atheists Too

Not sure if what you've been taught to believe for the salvation of your soul is what God wants you to believe? Have you ever questioned whether church attendance, tithing, and the religious methods practiced by various Christian denominations are, in truth, what God would have us do? If you've ever wondered these things, Cows in the Pews and the Atheists Too will help you answer these questions. More

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About George S. Juniper

George S. Juniper was born in Jacksonville, Florida in September of 1960 and was the second child and first son of an average Navy family. The first 12 years of his life were spent moving every 3 years to different naval facilities. He moved from Jacksonville to Brunswick, Maine, then to Oahu, Hawaii, back to Lexington Park, Maryland, before finally settling down in Virginia Beach, Virginia where he eventually married, raised a family, earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering leading to a successful career in the ship modernization industry. Just your average kind of guy.

George experienced a rather ambiguous Christian upbringing. Being raised by parents who shunned much of their own Christian upbringing while still observing the various traditions associated with the typical Christian experience, George spent the better part of his early years outside of the weekly Sunday-go-to-church scene.

At the age of 23, George was introduced to a friend of his wife's sister. George and Jon became good friends eventually sharing thoughts about life, death, and belief in God, or not. Turns out, Jon was a devout Christian who was shown a key to understanding the Bible and shared it with George. At that point in his life, George was agnostic and doubted the Bible was what it claimed to be, much less that someone could use some "key" to understand its content. So, George decided he would take the opportunity to somehow prove to Jon that the Bible was not the word of God and that it’s actually just a book written by men to control the masses with a bunch of religious tradition.

Well, that's not how it went at all. George unknowingly opened his mind to hearing the testimony of God by using the key, which is simply understanding the Bible in context of time and circumstance. That's a very broad stroke but, the only way to know if the key actually works is to use it for yourself.

That's what George did. He used the key and took a life-changing journey when he considered the Bible the way it should be considered, one on one; from God’s mind, to your mind with no one in between.

George is a "minister without portfolio" with no formal training from a Christian seminary or school of divinity. He's not an ordained preacher or priest; nor is he affiliated with any denomination. He's simply a believer and has been a student of the word of God for almost 30 years helping him author this non-traditional look at the Bible.

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