The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry (CINE-BOOK)

The Gift of the Magi – is a fully illustrated version of the timeless story about sacrifice and love that will never lose its charm and its universal appeal.
A beautiful romantic tale will make you rethink your relationship, tear you up and will force you to go and hug the person you love.
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Available ebook formats: epub


CINE-BOOKS is a next generation publishing company that created a completely new kind of storytelling entertainment for the whole family, combining the advantages of both books and movies.

Read, Listen, Watch™
You can Read our enhanced books as usual ebooks but with photo-illustrations on each page, you can listen to it as audiobooks and you can Watch them as movies!

The main feature of cine-books is that as opposite to cut book-to-film adaptations, cine-books save every word, written by the author, so you can enjoy great stories of world’s bestselling authors in their full original content!

The whole content for each book, whether it's photo-illustrations, audio tracks or videos, is produced specifically for that cine-book and the whole process of creation reminds the shooting of a real movie as it involves composers, directors and professional actors and narrators.

Our noble mission is making book-reading more popular and globally affect the society by taking it to another level. Main directions of the company are a screen adaptation of book best sellers, as a new way of entertainment and implementation of educational projects.

Production base (CINE-BOOKS' facilities) allow any literary works to be adapted thus giving more profit for IP owners.

In addition, to the format itself, one of the advantages of cine-books is that they are supported on a variety of devices and platforms. This way, buying a cine-book once, it will be available on all the major devices: Android and iOS tablets, Kindle and even PCs. Many books already have 4K video resolution, which means that cine-books can be watched on a big screen TVs at home, which allows enjoying the new form of entertainment both for the whole family and for sole pastime.

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