The Public Schools Aren’t Broken – Destroying Children & America is What They Were Designed to Do

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"This is the funniest book about public school teachers I've ever read!">

Public schools, private schools, or home education... What's a family to do? Wowser, a good place to look first would be right here! Set your seats in their upright position and enjoy the ride through academia's nooks and crannies, revealing secrets and surprised all the way! More

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About Greg Perry

Greg Perry, is known as The Most Interesting Author in the World.

He is a Bestseller and The Merchant of Truth

In the 1990’s, he was the most prolific author of computer-related writing on earth, and more than 85 of his books were published (many still in print) by major publishers all over the world and translated into almost every language in the world. Those books published by traditional publishers are now counting up towards the 4 million books sold mark, having already surpassed 3 million in sales.

Since the 1990s, he began his own publishing company named MakeRight Publishing, Inc., and has since been publishing his own titles as well as others, specializing in diet and health-related titles but including far more than those as well. MakeRight Publishing, Inc., has had bestselling titles, many of which ghost-written by Greg Perry, on Amazon’s bestselling lists, often with two or more ranking above bestselling titles such as The 4-Hour Body just a few short months after Tim Ferriss’s release.

In other words, somebody certainly listens to him. A lot of somebodies. Maybe you should too.

Not only is Greg Perry the proved historic king of technology writing, he’s traveled the nation teaching international seminars such as the acclaimed FreedomFest.

In addition, here’s a small sample of his national media appearances:

* He commanded his own segment on C-Span, telling the nation eye-opening information they had never heard before, changing minds and hearts about the evils of unGodly government intrusion.

* He helped compose and then star in a Penn and Teller Showtime special episode in which he was featured as the “go-to man” for the topic’s expert opinion.

* John Stossel requested his presence in a special anniversary “Stossel” episode on the Fox News network. John Stossel, a Godless Libertarian (sorry to be redundant) was skilled at editing Perry’s words and arguments, sometimes to portray them as his own in the final, edited broadcast.

* In 5 years of co-writing, producing, and often co-hosting a nationally-syndicated television talk show in the 1990s, one that aired five nights a week, he was the only person trusted to fill in for the host when the host was out of town.

* Perry has been a featured writer and columnist for many websites including, Lew Rockwell, The Proper Villains, and World Net Daily.

* Greg Perry prefers to expose the lies of the so-called “right” over the left. After all, the left is expected to lie and be wrong most of the time. In this effort, he has attended Seminary, taught many times in-depth Bible studies, and is one of the most extraordinary writers about the Bible – one who can expose the fallacies of most lukewarm believers today. That is a primary passion of If you’re not a Christian, you will love seeing him attack the sad state of the church today.

* Greg Perry is a business maven. Although that’s not where his interests fall, he will provide tons of advice along the way for improving yourself and your income. After receiving an undergraduate in Computer Science, he received his MBA – Masters in Business Administration – with an emphasis in Corporate Finance.

* Greg Perry has traveled the nation taking weapons training classes at all the major academies in the nation (therefore, the earth), including the acclaimed Gunsite Academy, founded by Col. Jeff Cooper. Much of Perry’s books and other writings center around weapons and self-defense.

* Perry and his wife Jayne have traveled the globe, spending a total away time of several literal years outside the USA, learning about other cultures and seeing what works and what does not. A person who writes about right and wrong has little gravitas behind him if he is not well-traveled. From the bubbling hot springs and ice-capped mountains of New Zealand, to an exploration of the inside of Egypt’s largest tombs, to studying how the best coffee on earth is made in Venice, to getting sick in the smog-infested provinces of China (if you have enemies, tell them China is a great place to visit), to being kidnapped in Singapore (true story, but fortunately, not as bad of a true story as it sounds), Greg Perry has traveled the world and has years of experiences and personal growth and observations to share along the way.

The number of weak, uninteresting, soy-consuming, estrogen-laden males are growing in both real numbers as well as in the percentage of males. The real man is on his way out, often laying down his proper dominance to a feminist-run society.

Whether you’re a man or woman, you owe it to yourself to learn from such a world-traveled Man of Letters as Greg Perry is. To ignore such an individual is to ignore growth you would otherwise enjoy.

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Mike Laughrey reviewed on Aug. 20, 2017

I purchased this book with the intent of comparing its contents to several other books written about the limitations and flaws of public education. What I got was a collection of solipsistic "essays" only loosely connected by a common theme. If the author was being satirical, I would be giving this book five stars as a masterful portrayal of a man so far up his own ass that he would technically qualify as a pocket dimension. Unfortunately, in this case, one can not only judge a book by its cover, but dispense with everything inside of it.

While there are numerous drawbacks and limitations to public schooling, Perry either uses them as springboards for his own complaints, or ignores them entirely. These real and serious issues include the disconnect between what is being taught and how learning is quantified, the social pressures of school and how they relate to violent trends in and out of the classroom, the disparity in funding (both where it is allocated and who is paying for it) and so on. Perry's complaints, on the other hand, can be neatly divided into three categories, though he repeats himself with different words a few times to disguise the fact:
1. Secular Instead of Religious Teachings,
2. Having To Pay Taxes, and
3. People Telling The Author What To Do Instead Of Doing What He Tells Them To Do.

The various "essays" jumped all over the place, from a diatribe against homosexuality, an extremely invested defense of private gun ownership, and most bizarre of all an indignant complaint about how jails are kept well maintained and funded (as opposed to deteriorating buildings that are easier to escape from) and coddle prisoners when they should be put to death or beaten. A discerning reader might wonder whether or not Perry's opinions on inmate treatment would change if he was arrested for tax evasion, which given his political views and confrontational personality, seems like it will happen sooner rather than later.

One key issue that he kept coming back to was the emphasis on homeschooling, and more importantly, how he kept drawing attention to perceived criticisms of homeschooling, such as concerns over a lack of socialization skills. A much more important issue that was brushed off on the few occasions that it came up was the all important issue of time. Many families have both parents work because that is an economic necessity for survival. Even assuming a best case scenario where the children do not explore or get into mischief unsupervised (that is to say, a scenario where children do not act like children) there is only so much time at the end of the working day when parents would have to devote to any lessons, and that is assuming they had the energy for it after either mind numbing clerical work, back breaking physical labor, or emotionally draining uncertainty that comes with an unstable economy. Paying specialists to perform work that the customers do not have the time to do themselves is one of the fundamental elements of civilization, and I'd love to see Mr. Perry explain how just closing all schools by the end of normal business hours would actually work in the real world, as opposed to his wish fulfillment fantasy world that other people can't share. Actually I'd settle for statistics and trends to actually support his claims about public schools as well, but it would seem that he did not even have the creativity to make any up. Every other book I've read critiquing the public school system has done that, some more honestly and accurately than others. Perry doesn't even bother with a single footnote.

His attempts to direct the flow of various fictional arguments in the direction he wants works only with an emotional bias in his favor, one compatible with his own sense of impotent frustration. This definitely ties into his emphasis near the end of the book (and on his author page) on what a Real Man should be, and how adamant he is that he is one of a dying breed of such Real Men that stand up for what they believe in and take no shit from anyone and definitely are not still angry about being told by their mothers that they couldn't have a toy they wanted, or being rejected when they asked a cute girl out, or something else that made them feel small and unimportant and humiliated.

Which leads inevitably to the elephant in the room: If he's a Real Man, then why didn't he write a Real Book instead of whatever the hell this is?

Actual information content in this book regarding the pros and cons of public schooling is nonexistent. I can only recommend it to other people in the author's demographic groups, meaning angry men who don't understand why their god given external genitalia don't entitle them to be automatically right about everything.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
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