Gluten: Worth The Risk? Solving the puzzle.

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Gluten can strike you (or anyone else), at almost any time in your life, with almost any symptoms. Gluten cannot be digested by any one, and causes gut inflammation in everyone. Gluten can also trigger irreversible autoimmune disease. Once gluten-damage has become established, it can remain permanently. Is eating gluten worth the risk? Find out now!

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About Rodney Ford

Dr Rodney Ford is a paediatric gastroenterologist, allergist and nutrition consultant. He is former Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the Christchurch School of Medicine, University of Otago, New Zealand. He is recognized worldwide as an expert on adverse food reactions.

His major area of interest is the relationship between your food and your health – good or bad. In his clinics he is constantly seeing people who are suffering from eating foods that are making them ill. He has been interested in the relationship between eczema and food allergy for a long time. More recently, he has discovered that gluten plays a large part in the patho-physiology of eczema.

Dr Ford graduated with Honours from the University of New South Wales in 1974 (MB BS). He went on to study food allergy and intolerance problems in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in Paediatrics (FRACP) in 1981 and was awarded his Doctorate of Medicine (MD) by the University of New South Wales in 1982 for his thesis titled Food hypersensitivity in children: diagnostic approaches to milk and egg hypersensitivity. This was regarded as a major work regarding the diagnosis of food allergies in children.

Dr Ford currently runs The Children’s Clinic and Allergy Centre, a busy private clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has written over one hundred scientific papers, including book chapters and many books.

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Reviews of Gluten: Worth The Risk? Solving the puzzle. by Rodney Ford

Edward E. Rochon reviewed on Sep. 8, 2016

Previous in vitro experiments have demonstrated that gluten is digestible by humans. I cannot take later reports that it cannot be digested as definitive given the partisanship around this gluten matter. I wrote Ford about an Australian baker who says most problems go away with consuming white bread and old style long fermentation (a man with an interest in bread to be sure.) In spite of the general truth that fermentation breaks down, predigests food, Ford tells me long fermentation likely makes digestion of gluten more difficult. This does not sound right. Gut flora also break down gluten. Men have eaten these gluten foods for thousands of years. It is true that genetic modification has greatly increased gluten to aid bread production and increase protein tor the protein deficient poor. This could alter things, maybe. Roman armies (when needed) ate raw gluten grains with vinegar on forced marches (vinegar aids digestion and food breakdown) without losing their empire. This is all suspicious as to intent of the gluten-free crowd. We have these people who want to kill off about 7 billion people to (sic) save the world. Too many mouths to feed? We have too many idle hands and ill-used, ignorant hands to make it easier for tyrants and evil oligarchs to rule. That is the real problem. And we have this nature worship nonsense too. Oh, and maize would be the only real option to replace these gluten products along with oats (oats not as varied as to climatic conditions.) We note Monsanto Chemical is trying to corner the market with GMO maize, robbing farmers of their crops by natural dissemination of seed and hitting them up with patent infringement. What outrages? The bug colony nature worshipers are hard at work. Otherwise, the book is written well enough.
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Anne Luther reviewed on April 10, 2016

Excellent short book that is easy to read and gives the reader a good introduction into the effects of gluten and the spectrum of gluten related disorders.
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James Jenkins reviewed on April 2, 2016

This phrase caught my attention for a couple reasons, so I looked into it.

"Gluten cannot be digested by any one"... Anyone is a single word.

Yes, healthy people are capable of digesting wheat gluten.
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Al Klapperich reviewed on April 1, 2016

Dr. Rodney Ford poses many questions about gluten and our health. He provides important (scientific) information in order to help the readers answer those questions. Readers have the ability to make an informed decision via his knowledge & experience acquired during the 30+ years in medical practice. No worries about medical-speak, Dr. Ford makes his message easy to read and understand.

I have been gluten-zero since 2003 and run a local celiac/gluten-free support group. If you have a loved one that suffers from chronic health issues, this would be the perfect book for them. It doesn't take long to read and just might change their life!

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