Trump Fascism: A Very Possible Future

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"My name is Chief of Staff of the Army General Ulysses Benito Butler, and this is my story. This is the story of how Mr. Drumpf (Trump) became president, destroyed American democracy and turned the US into a fascist state, started two disastrous wars, threw America into a Second Great Depression, tried to expel millions, imprisoned hundreds of thousands, and even tortured and executed thousands." More

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About Al Carroll

Al Carroll is Assistant Professor of American, American Indian, and Latin American history at Northern Virginia Community College and also taught at Arizona State University, St. Phillip's College, San Antonio College, and Hasanuddin University in Indonesia as a Fulbright Senior Scholar.

Most of his work deals with war and peace, human rights issues, One can see evidence of the influence of James Loewen, Linda Tuwahi Smith, Vine Deloria, Jack Forbes, Howard Zinn, and Noam Chomsky. He is a longtime human rights activist and volunteer researcher for, which defends Native traditions from spiritual abusers, exploiters, and imposters. More information is at

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Bart Lapinski reviewed on on July 20, 2016

Trump wins, hordes of redneck white male Nazi Redshirts come out of nowhere, killing and raping minorities in droves, bombing everyone while true patriots shed tears. All minorities supporting Trump do so out of self hate and internalized racism and misogyny. I'm disappointed he didn't breathe fire or killed babies. I've heard they serve toddler soup in the Trump Tower...

Without spoiling anything, author really really loves communism (which becomes apparent in the ending). Also, no self-awareness. Libel laws bad and evil when introduced by Trump, good and just when introduced by communists?

Five stars for the humorous value of peeking inside of the mind of a liberal professor of academia. If only Lenin himself walked at the end the joy would be complete!
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Thomas Yeats reviewed on on July 15, 2016

Scary view of Drumpfs world. If you want another example of his empty headed bull nosed thinking, look up Balmedie golf course in Aberdeenshire Scotland.
Here he built over a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and bullied and slandered a local farmer.
To my shame the Scottish government let him do it. There's nothing like the promise of money for politicians.

Half joking I take issue with the facts about Daffy duck. He's is black with a white collar, a yellow bill and feet. Also he despises stupid people, so whould hate to be associated with Drumpf. In some of his earlier cartoons he bashes Hitler over the head, and outwits the Nazis. So he can't stand fascism either :-)

Overall this is readable, but could do with a good edit. Thanks.
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JohnJB reviewed on on July 13, 2016

Wild...dang spooky if you ask me. But it does seem all too true all too likely to come true. Freaks me the hell out, but we can't let this gen-u-ine fascist become our prez!

I hadn't thought about it but it does seem like this book hits it on the head that old Drumpf is a Mussolini in the making, gonna make America into a banana fascist state.
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JohnMartine reviewed on on July 12, 2016

Finally there is a Tom Clancy for the left! Though he does knock Mr. Clancy, briefly.

This reminds me of Seven Days In May, though this time the military are the saviors against a fascist civilian threat, old Dumb Donald. Once the failed businessman gets into office, he builds a fascist state, sets up his Redshirts (scary, with parallels to both Mussolini and American Reconstruction), kills or threatens anyone who gets in his way, and bumbles his way into one ill planned war or overseas confrontation after another.

It's all too possible, and we can only take comfort that it is unlikely. I hate Hillary Clinton as a corporate stooge, but I'm forced to vote for her to keep a racist menace and ignorant boor like Trump out. I wouldn't trust him with a goldfish, much less nuclear codes.

Definitely recommend this. Deserves to be regarded alongside It Can't Happen Here and The Iron Heel, a clarion call against jackbooted thugs like Trumpists.
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Elizabeth Ann Grossman reviewed on on July 11, 2016

Timely and scary, part well political alt history thriller and written hiostorical analysis. Really does prove his point that Trump (Drumpf as he call him) is a greater threat than most realize.

Told from the POV of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they struggle to keep Trump from wrecking the nation, targeting civilians with torture, ethnically cleansing the country of Hispanics and Muslims, and "bombing the s*** out of" one country after another.

The book has Trump causing another economic depression, rounding up citizens, silencing the Supreme Court and Congress, founding a fascist militia the Redshirts, sending vigilantes to terrorize immigrants, liberals, and even conservatives, going to the brink of nuclear war with Syria and China, taking a huge bribe from Vladimir Putin, and finally starting another civil war. I won't spoil the ending, but it does make you fear for the future of this country.

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American Man reviewed on on July 11, 2016

Rated it four stars, why did smashwords show it zero?
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American Man reviewed on on July 11, 2016

I enjoyed this author's previous book of humor. There's still some of that in here. He sure has Trump's fourth grade way of talking trash down pat. The inauguration scene is pretty funny. I can still see Trump posing as Uncle Sam to fight terrorists, and then Jesus to give away cars.

Most of it though is a pretty disturbing look at how Trump becomes a dictator, killing and locking up people left and right and starting wars, even nuclear wars, hating on Mexicans and Muslims and trying to throw them all out etc. Pretty good research and an interesting history lesson. Even has notes in the back. Coolness, I dig it.
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