Paper Basket Anticipation

Short SF stories :

- Stray cats at the core of a business

- What is going to get the next Nobel for physics?

- Robots can start an allergic reaction

- As a colony on Mars grows, regulations of all sort should be set up

- On the web, clients issue advices on nearly every aspect of business. Be prudent with students advices!

- 1001 nights: the true story! (not really SF ) More
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About Bear Amade

Member of the French baby-boom generation (1948), Gascon by birth and culture (you know these guys in the 3 musketeers!), raised in Morocco.

Has been teaching mathematics, building houses (as an architect), implementing programming languages and tools (as a software engineer).

Usually write technical books on programming but has been indulging in Science-Fiction for a long time ...

He lives in Paris (France), plays the flügelhorn in various brassbands (though he does not know a thing about music!) and is an avid practitioner of mountain unicycling.

Apparently stuck in the sixties because he is unable to read science-fiction written after 1980 (except some Jack Vance books)...

Does not want to use tools like #!%Word: types everything using VIM! (and would like editors to consider docbook format submissions)

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