Lunara: Seth and Chloe

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Unique and distinct in setting and style, Lunara: Seth and Chloe takes the reader on a space adventure set in our solar system. This full length novel is a mix of action adventure and space opera.

Parker McCloud and his friends, Seth and Chloe, are caught up in a violent series of events when Lunara is invaded. They are taken to Mars where they try to uncover deep Martian deceit. More
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About Wyatt Davenport

Wyatt Davenport was born in 1977 in Kingston, Ontario, and grew up in London, Ontario, and Atlanta, Georgia. He currently lives in Seattle with his wife Colleen and their two Siberian Huskies.

An avid fan of science fiction and fantasy, Wyatt is inspired by authors like Timothy Zahn, Michael Crichton, Robert Aspirin, and J. R. R. Tolkien.

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Graham Downs reviewed on on Oct. 7, 2012

I found this book through @FreeBookDude on Twitter. When I first read the title, I thought it would be some kind of deep space young adult romance, and I was about to discount it because of that. But I must confess, I judged a book by its cover, and it intrigued me. I like Sci-Fi, but I'd never read one written in my lifetime, and the description on Amazon looked interesting, so I picked it up.

The world that Davenport has created is very well fleshed out and impressive, and the story he has imagined in this book is perfectly believable. Lunara is a mining colony on Earth's moon, under the auspices of a dual-government on man's new home, Mars - since Earth is no longer inhabitable. There's plenty of political intrigue in the story as Lunara is invaded and captured and the lead characters need to find out who is behind the invasion, and why.

It's mostly the characters that let the book down, though. They're kind of bland and uninteresting, and there's not enough to differentiate them. For the most part, they all seem to speak in exactly the same way, and act in exactly the same way. They also seem to all be rather arrogant and easily embarrassed: they "smirk" often, in situations which hardly call for humour, much less arrogant, condescending humour. They're also frequently chagrined - I guess that's a common thing about over-arrogant people; they're easily humiliated. But they don't seem to take anything seriously, and often have time to have long dialogues when the story wants us to believe they could die at any moment.

And then there are the characters' names: Seth and Chloe (obviously), Parker, Jan, Eammon. These are all characters I would expect to find in a typical American college soap-opera. I'm sure this was by design, of course, since I think the book is targeted at American young adults. Still, I found it difficult to take them seriously. And "Jan" was even worse! This is obviously not the author's fault (how would he know?), but where I come from, "Jan" is a man's name, and quite a common one at that! In the story, Jan is wife to Lunara's commander, Ty, and especially in the early stages of the book, I couldn't help but picturing her as a gay Afrikaner! ;-)

The book also contains a noticeable amount of typo's, missing quotation marks, and grammatical errors. These get more numerous towards the end; it's almost as if the author found it difficult to contain his excitement at the prospect of finishing the book!

It wasn't a bad read, though, and I enjoy the setting Davenport has created, so I'll be picking up the next instalment in the series to see if it gets any better.
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Joe Jamie reviewed on on March 22, 2012

Great Scifi adventure. An exciting start to the series.
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Bonnie reviewed on on Sep. 4, 2011

For a reader who reads more dystopian style and virus related science fiction, I found Lunara: Seth and Chloe to be a pleasant surprise. While I found it difficult to feel the urgency the character's felt in the beginning, I was quickly swept along by the story and finding myself thoroughly engaged by the characters, in the end cheering the good guys, booing the bad guys, and generally caring about their outcomes. The character's reactions were believable and relatable for a story set in space with realistic ideals of what humanity can accomplish as the background setting.

The plot came across as being thought through, but without the reader having to see the effort, creating a story that can grab the reader with plenty of intrigue, a dash of conspiracy, and a fast pace, something of which made me want to find out what happens next.

Wyatt Davenport has the ability to balance action, plot twists, and characterisation together so you can enjoy the story from different sides all at the same time. Lunara: Seth and Chloe is a light science fiction story, which can be enjoyed by die hard sci-fi geeks, someone new to the genre, or a reader who prefers only to dip their toes in.
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