The Battered Wife and Her Five Little Kids All Dressed in White

A man's body lay on the floor of a stately New Jersey mansion. A shaking woman held a smoking gun. Two little girls crept from their bed and clung to their mother. In fright, she threw down the pistol, sank back, and wept. Six-year-old Marie ran to soak a towel in water from the sink and returned to bathe her mother's face. The servants came. Was it murder or self-defense? More

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About George Garrigues

George Garrigues started out in journalism back in the 20th century and has worked as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, a public relations specialist for the International Labor Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, and a journalism professor at several universities. With his Read All About It! series, he now brings you real journalism about real people of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when automobiles were nudging horses off the road and women were struggling for the right to vote. Each book tells the story of a different person, through the actual news stories of yesteryear as they were written, moment by moment, edited and curated by George himself.

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