Specter Files

Specter Files is a short story collection but totally different from other short story collections. Specter Files is about 5 super-commandos who solves 15 horror cases to protect the earth from the most horrifying creatures and evils that resides somewhere far from the earth. More
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October 31, 2018
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About Jaydeep Shah

Jaydeep Shah was born on April 13, 1996 in Baroda, India. He grew up in India and moved to USA in 2011 with his parents. He got his high school Diploma from William L. Diskinson High School. Currently, he is attending a college.

Jaydeep Shah wrote his first fiction book, The Struggle of a Boy, at age of seventeen and finished writing at age of eighteen. He wrote this book to describe people's behavior, selfishness, and compulsion toward their own family. "I know that this is weird that I took one year to write 58 pages book, The Struggle of a Boy. The reason behind that it was my first book; I wanted to write a book, but I was confused about my story. Still, I continued to write the story; after writing two to three chapters, I was chnging my mind to write it in a different way. It happened three to four times repeatedly. Then, I finally without changing anything completed the book," Jaydeep Shah. After that when he found more interesting things in writing, he continued writing more books.

In 2013, his friends and he made a short film, Stop Bullying, for the Technology Student Association Club (William L. Dickinson High School).

Even though his real name is Jaydeep Shah, his friends call him JD; he also loves to call himself JD, especially for those who gets difficulty pronouncing his real name; Jaydeep.

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