Skin Confessions

Skin Confessions is written in the 'voice' of our largest organ who is frustrated at the world with plenty to say. From being light-hearted to serious, 'she' covers a myriad of topics from baby skincare to antibacterial soaps to gut bacteria. 'She' explains the global epidemic rise of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis from 'her' perspective and how to reset our auto-immune system naturally. More
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July 30, 2018
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About Suhein Beck

Suhein Beck is passionate about writing, public speaking and inspiring a healthy, motivated life. When she is not running ELAJ, LLC, a natural skincare company, she is writing about the crazy, but true adventures of being a Syrian refugee turned serial entrepreneur in the Land of Opportunity. She can entertain any audience with wild stories about instigating FBI undercover sting operations to hosting her own international talk show in the Mideast. Stay tuned to the never dining adventures at and .


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When your SKIN comes to life and gives you attitude, what do you do? You listen. This book will have you hearing your SKIN every morning, every night and you will have newfound respect and appreciation for all that "she" does.


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