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Pre-med student Amoreena Daniels becomes a surrogate mother in order to pay for her mother's cancer treatment and unwittingly becomes a pawn in a high-stakes game of biomedical experimentation.
Book 1 in the Resurrection Trilogy series. More
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Reviews of Gargoyles by Alan Nayes

Amanda McNeil reviewed on July 4, 2012

This book is best summed up as the scientific Rosemary’s Baby, which also means it kicks serious ass. Even people who find pregnancy to be a miracle (people who I completely do not understand) are creeped out by a pregnancy gone awry. This basic storyline then is ideal for a modern update aka switch out the demons and Satanism for science. Unfortunately the climax doesn't quite live up to the excellent idea, but the cliffhanger ending leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the next entry in the series.

Overall this horror suspense is a great addition to the genre of evil pregnancies. I recommend it and am looking forward to the next entry in the series.
(reviewed 11 months after purchase)
Kari Thomas reviewed on May 30, 2012
(no rating)
This has a very unique plot that will draw you into the story quite easily. The characters are realistic and the story line flows smoothly to keep you reading on. Kudos to the author for this medical thriller plot!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Elizabeth Miller reviewed on May 26, 2012

Decent medical thriller that is pretty darn belivable. Story has a good pace to it and decent characters and lots of action. If you enjoy Robin Cook, then this book is right up your alley. Pretty good way to spend an afternoon in the sun.
(reviewed 10 months after purchase)
Paula Capelli reviewed on Feb. 25, 2012

A good story line although the heroine was more "Barbie" than wannabe doctor. However, I did enjoy the story, although some of it is very far fetched...........I think a good dose of realism in medical thrillers helps make the plot sound more plausable.
(reviewed 46 days after purchase)
Doug Bower reviewed on Jan. 5, 2012

I enjoy medical thrillers and found this book a good read. Womenin difficult financial situations are hired to be surrogates using artificial insemination but instead they become incubators for less than human drones genetically engineered for research related to specific diseases. Amoreena is a pre-med student whose mother is dying of cancer and has let her health insurance lapse. In an effort to the financial resources for her mother's continued medical care she signs a contract to become a surrogate yet the pregancy is anything but normal. As she discovers the realities of the situation Amoreena is whisked off to Mexico where she is kept with the other "cows". Can she escape and make it out of the nightmare alive? The overall premise is eerie but you do have to suspend belief to thoroughly enjoy the book. I would definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy medical thrillers and I do plan to read the second book in the series although I am unsure how it really fits into a series.
(reviewed 37 days after purchase)
A Voracious Reader reviewed on Dec. 4, 2011

Amoreena Daniels is a top-of-the-class pre-med student and she’s helping her mother fight a losing battle with cancer. On top of everything else her mother lets her health insurance lapse and now she’s not covered for any of the expensive treatment for her cancer. What is a daughter to do? Well, Amoreena finds out about a surrogacy program and, after much thinking, signs a contract. Then finds out things aren’t all what they seem to be.

This book was an easy read for me. It flowed smoothly, the characters were well-fleshed and the story progressed in a timely manner without excess description. I had a hard time putting it down. I wanted to know what the heck was going on, so I was compelled to keep turning the pages. Alan Nayes dropped breadcrumbs to the mystery in well-timed proportions. In other words, before I got too frustrated in the unraveling and peeked ahead. A fine balancing act!

The only problem I had was that Amoreena was an excellent pre-med student and she kept ignoring not only factual information about pregnancy in general, but her own gut feelings as well. I kept wanting to smack her upside the head, but it was only an occasional urge, so I was able, for the most part, to ignore it.

All-in-all a most excellent read! I definitely look forward to reading more books by Alan Nayes.
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)
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