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YA Fantasy/Romance for mature teens. First in series.

Eighteen-year-old Ria, a fire elemental and privileged student at the University of Magic, thinks nothing can get in the way of her happiness. But when she starts experiencing the symptoms of magic disease that could rob her of her element, turn her into a cold-blooded killer, and shatter her life, all of her beliefs are put to the test. More
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About Alycia Linwood

Alycia Linwood is the author of the Element Preservers series (Dangerous, Runaway, Divided, No One, Restless, Indestructible), the Tainted Elements series (Different, Invisible, Monster, Captive, Hunted, Resilient), the Deadly Destiny series (Love Me Deadly, Kill Me Lovingly), and Human. She is a big fan of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult fiction. Writing is her biggest passion, closely followed by reading and listening to music. She is looking forward to publishing more of her books.

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Review by: Tulay Beyhan Cathy Blue on May 26, 2014 :
I like the storyline and the whole set-up of the story. I need to admit that it was hard to pass the first chapters since there was not much going on for the story but afterwards, especially after Ria got the disease as well, with a big contribution from Adrian, the story got really better to read. I enjoyed Ria's torment about the disease, her relationship, her family bonds changing all over. I found Michael boring, he is like a male version of Pollyanne, he does not have much background story or information though Adrian is a great characther with many twists, guilts, feelings-i find him realistic, he can be anyone you walk and pass by.

I gave four stars because of the beginnings of the book but if you can be patient and get through a few chapters, you will not regret reading this book.
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Review by: Keya Jay on April 22, 2014 :
I really enjoyed this story, I was drawn to Adrian's character immediately and felt a bit bad for Paula and Michael. It seemed quite fitting that Ria had ended up with the disease and I enjoyed her brothers few appearances in the story. I really enjoyed it!and would most defiantly recommend it (:D)
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Review by: Dale Ibitz on Oct. 16, 2013 :
I think the first half of this book moved slowly. I felt like a car with its tires spinning in the mud...it tries hard, but it's not going anywhere, and no matter how hard you hit the gas, you don't move forward.

There's a lot of mundane college life in the beginning, and there was a little too much internalization followed by repeating the character's thoughts in dialogue. So I felt like I kept reading the same thing twice. And waaaaaay too many exclamation points; it made it seem like everyone was so uber-excited that they're shouting all the time.

I wasn't drawn to the main character at all. She seemed a little harsh to me, very narrow-minded. You can blame it on her up-bringing, but her best friend had the same up-bringing and yet was more accepting of those with the disease. I kind of understand why the author set up Ria this way, in order to show her change and grow, but over-all, the girl is selfish and not that likeable.

As to her friends, Paula and Michael, they're pretty one-dimensional. They didn't seem to have many layers.

Adrian, however, was an interesting character. Adrian saves the story, so to speak. He's a bad boy--and yes, he's a *bad* boy to the point of being an utter dick--but there's still some intriguing about him. And as the story unfolds, you understand he's the product of his environment. Society made him into a dick. His character runs hot and cold...just when you start feeling sorry for him, he pulls out the dick card and you start hating him again (and honestly, many times he pulls out the dick card because Ria's does some asinine thing to hurt him...again).

Halfway through the book, I started getting more interested...and this is the result of Ria and Adrian clashing, and the story actually starting to unfold. I liked how some of the other minor characters were in the gray area...unable to tell whose side they're on. This made the story interesting. And I was curious enough to read it all the way through to see how it ended. You have to wonder how much Ria changed after all!

While I wasn't wowed by the first book, I'm intrigued enough by Adrian's story specifically to give the next book a chance.
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Review by: Linda Terrutty on Feb. 7, 2013 :
Aside from some of the grammatical errors (missing words, extra words, etc.), the story is pretty interesting...instead of making some people "special" with affinities everyone starts out that way and their choices determine if that changes. However, as is typical, some characters are very likeable whereas others are not. Ria, the main female character, is NOT likeable. She is extremely biased. In part, due to her upbringing and the fact that her parents are extremely bigoted against "magic disease carriers" -> these are individuals who have lost their magic and try to steal it from others through death. Adrian is one such person. Although he has done nothing to deserve her contempt, she treats him like a leper and thinks that all of them should be exterminated, like roaches. She does start to change that opinion once she becomes a disease carrier herself, but she still comes across as selfish and self-indulgent...a rich little girl who does not consider the world around her and is only interested in shopping. There are some redeeming qualities, but you do spend a lot of time wanting to kick her to the curb while you wait for her to grow up.

Then there is Adrian...he acts like a dick for the most part, but given how he has been treated simply because he was born with the disease, there is that part of you that is sympathetic to him. Especially as it relates to how he treats Ria. If anyone deserved to be treated like crap, it is her. However, once she shows up at his dorm room after realizing she has the disease, he doesn't turn her away and instead helps her even when she STILL treats him like crap. Eventually they will develop a relationship, as other things start to heat up. Ria learns her brother is also a carrier and also working to learn what the government is covering up about the disease.

Then there are the unfortunately casualties of Adrian and Ria...Paula and Michael are the two people who least deserve to be hurt, but are by the two people they loved. I have to admit that though I was annoyed with Ria and some of the decisions made, I could not stop reading the story. Is this for everyone? Probably not. Would I recommend it? Depends on what you like...not everyone will like this, but I have to admit, I've already picked up book 2.
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Review by: natalie berry on May 9, 2012 :
Loved this book!

Such a refreshing concept for a paranormal series to deal with elements. Took me a couple of chapters to get that it wasn't a secretive thing like in most books but that the entire population knows about people having elemental powers but it didn't put me off atall.

The characters are well written and have depth and mystery to them. The developing relationships that Ria has are gripping and seem real.

I've read alot of paranormal fiction of all different types and this was the perfect blend for me. Action, romance and magic.

Was disappointed it ended
(reviewed 48 days after purchase)
Review by: Amy McGuire on April 28, 2012 :
I recently read Alycia Linwood's young adult novel entitled Dangerous. I found the storyline different from others I've read, which was a definite plus. One thing I think Ms. Linwood could use though, is a professional editor or even proofreader. While the grammar was nearly flawless (kudos by the way on having very few typos) the dialogue was unbelievable at times and I found myself wondering if the characters were in high school instead of university simply in the way they were portrayed. They seemed to lack the maturity of university students, both in action and dialogue. I stumbled a little over the believability of Ria's parents' sudden change of heart in the scene where they explain the decree of the great-grandfather, minutes after screaming at Ria that she is 'ruining our family's reputation'. I did however admire Ria's loyalty to Paula in spite of the bad decisions her friend made. The closeness of the two girls was very touching and Michael is a gentleman, something hard to find in a lot of university age guys. All in all, I think this story has potential, but needs a lot of going over for style, believability and dialogue. I was a little disappointed in the ending, but if there is a sequel planned, this should be resolved easily. I would recommend that Ms. Linwood offer a few pages at the end of her book with a section to read from the next (if this is a series) as well as release date for the next book so the reader is not left hanging. Good luck with all your writing endeavours, Alycia.
(reviewed 38 days after purchase)
Review by: Elizabeth Gorski on April 22, 2012 :
I received this novel free from the author to read and give an honest review.

When I first started reading Dangerous, Book One of the Elemental Preservers Series, written by Alycia Linwood, I really wanted to like it. The plot idea was original and intriguing and I was excited to have the opportunity to read it. Unfortunately, my desires and expectations were way off the mark on this one.

Ms. Linwood has the potential to make this a good series. About two-thirds of the way through the novel, the plot finally began to smooth out and become the outstanding novel I knew it could be. Prior to that point, it was a roller coaster of inconsistent writing and too little show vs tell.

For the first two-thirds of the novel, I really wanted to like it. I wanted to be able to write a glowing review. What I got, was a novel set in a high school/junior college, which felt like it was a repeat of high school for me. It was drawn out, tired and just painful at times with cursing, frequent excessive drinking, which of course led to getting drunk. All of these things came together to create a novel that was juvenile and felt forced.

Now Dangerous had its share of issues, I’m not denying that; however, there are positives as well.

The main characters are very likable and easy to relate to. Ria is up-tight, slightly boy-crazy with her priorities in the right order – friends, boys, studies. Her best friend, Paula, is Ria’s polar opposite in every way. Paula is studious, easy going, and while she does set her sights on one boy, she will never be mistaken for a boy-crazy teenager. The only thing I wish I had more of where the characters are concerned was background. I wish I knew more about them – where they came from, what they like, what they don’t like, what makes them tick (besides boys or studying). As much as I liked the characters and could relate to them, I also felt as if I hardly knew them.

Then for that final third of Dangerous, I simply couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t find enough time to read. I wanted more! It felt like Ms. Linwood had finally found her voice and knew exactly what she wanted to say. The dialog became more natural and flowed easily with the context of the novel itself. As if someone had flipped a switch, the novel suddenly clicked. It all came together. In my opinion, the final third of the novel is what saves it from mediocrity. If not for that magical piece (pardon the magic pun), the novel would have been a shell of what it could have been.

As for the sequels, I’ll likely read the next one for a few reasons. First, I want to see where she takes things from here. Most importantly, I’ll read the second novel to see if Ms. Linwood manages to maintain the momentum she found in the end of Dangerous and carry it over into Book Two. If she can carry it over, there is hope for the series. If she loses it, I likely won’t read past Book Two.

If you are looking for a paranormal novel with magic, witches, wizards and all other things magical, then I would suggest you check out the Harry Potter series, if you haven’t read them already. Also if you are an older teen or a young adult (early twenties), then you might enjoy the House of Night series by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. It’s also about magic but it tends to have some rather intense situations that aren’t really appropriate for teenagers or younger teenagers. Overall, it’s a fantastic series and I highly recommend it.
(reviewed 29 days after purchase)
Review by: Jeann W on April 17, 2012 : (no rating)
I received this book for free through the Goodreads Read to Review author program.

Here's my review cross-posted on Goodreads:

Dangerous follows a unique concept of people born as magic users, with a select few that are infected with magic disease who turn people into killers. This concept drew me into the book and made me want to read more, reminding me of Rogue from Xmen.

I have to admit, the book was a little difficult to get into at the start. It comes off as a very teenage book, focusing mostly on Ria's relationships with her friends and boyfriend instead of the interesting world that has been created. A few parts had me cringing, like the hostility from Adrian and teenage parties and the pillow fight, but once you get past the first 40% of the book it starts to get more enjoyable.

AS it's a self-editing, there were a few typos and grammatical mistakes which kind of detracted from the book, but once I got past that, it was actually quite an enjoyable read. A few interesting developments at the end kept things moving at a fast pace and I was drawn in. I admire how the concept of magic disease is appreciated but wanted to read more about that.

Thanks for the review copy Alycia, I think the story you have created is very interesting and has great potential, I feel after a bit of practice and perhaps an editor the quality of your stories will improve :)
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
Review by: fanny lopez on April 16, 2012 :
Ooook lets start reading the good vrs bad of this book:

Good things
-the plot was something kind of knew, the background of the story its kind of interesting.
-I think its a great how the writer created I world apart of the reality making alive the element world.
-the characters where very funny sometimes the cold-cyniscim of Adrian make LOL many times and the sometimes bitchy-sarcastic Ria. Make. Laught aloooooooot too.
-I like the diferents unique personality the writer gave to each character.

Bad things
-well I think that a little more explanations and details in the scenes would have been great.
-sometimes the scenes became a little predictable.

Its a good debut novel interesting and kind of funny
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)
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