Backdoor Job Hunt Masterpiece

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BACKDOOR JOB HUNT MASTERPIECE “8 easy steps i took to hack my Dubai job legitimately” is a legit format with 99.9% success rate for landing your dream job anywhere in the world. Totally shatters obstacles or resistance and above all this format grants classified access. More

Available ebook formats: epub

About Anijah Augustine Ifeanyi

Anijah Augustine .I. is considered one of those “Ordinary Nigerians” who has achieved extraordinary results in trading the Forex, CFD’s and Cryptocurrency market. He is the CEO of Anixia Capital Ltd.

He’s one of the few successful currency traders in Africa that has also mentored a lot of newbie traders in the continent through his Anixia Capital program titled “Train The Trader”, a result oriented program.

As well as trading, he’s a job search expert who has consulted for so many applicants with 99.9% success rate using the most pragmatic job search strategy ever known to man, the BACKDOOR JOB HUNT MASTERPIECE.

When not at work, Augustine spends time with his long-time sweetheart Ifeoma Antoinette and friends. He plays board-games and football on weekends to keep in shape.

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