He Came For Me! Book One in 'The Protector Series'

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Jazz, driving on her way to TAFE one morning is passed by a gorgeous guy in a red Mazda Rx7. Caught at the stop lights ahead, she finds herself drawn to this stranger as he watches her in his rear view mirror. From the moment she meets him in person her life begins to change! Why does he always seem to be close by, could he be stalking her? Or was their meeting totally innocent? More
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About C.M. Brown

A longtime lover of Fantasy Novels I have decided to put pen to paper and create my own. Many years spent helping high school students write their assignments from years 8 to 12, has given me the experience to forge ahead with this dream! I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and have shared some of the wonders of this area with you in my books. I am married with two teenage children, one studying at University the other in the Senior years of High School. I enjoy reading and writing and spending time relaxing on the beautiful beaches I live near, walking my dog and swimming.

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Reviews of He Came For Me! Book One in 'The Protector Series' by C.M. Brown

Jennifer Ricketts reviewed on March 1, 2013

The cover and title of this book really caught my eye. As I began reading, I wasn't sure what kind of supernatural beings Seb and his friends were; I just knew they weren't "ordinary." I liked that I thought I knew but was unsure; my curiousity and interest kept me turning the pages.

The setting was really cool--I haven't read a book that takes place in Queensland before, and it was enjoyable getting a visual of what living there would be like from this story. The author did a wonderful job describing the area of the Sunshine Coast, and as a result I'd love to visit there someday!

I don't want to go into too much detail concerning the plot so as not to give anything away, but I do want to say that there were several twists and turns in the plot that were fresh and original! I really appreciated the author's unique spin on this fantasy story of young love.

I connected with the main character, Jazz, right away. She isn't your typical delicate flower type of character--she's independent and tougher than I thought she'd be, which was a happy surprise. All of the characters each have his or her unique personality. Bliss was one of my favorite characters--there was so much to like about her. Seb is mysterious and multilayered--there's much more to him that is slowly revealed throughout the book.

I gave this book a four out of five star rating only because of a very slight issue I had with the author's use of exclamation points. I felt the way the dialogue was written conveyed how passionately or dispassionately a character was speaking, and many times an exclamation point wasn't needed in my opinion. This was very minor, however, and I still flew through the book, needing to know what would happen next.

The ending was so good--I definitely need to read the next book to find out what happens next!

I received a copy of this book from a read and review group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.
(reviewed 5 months after purchase)
sonali reviewed on Feb. 3, 2013

Disclaimer: I have received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Although this book had a different and interesting plot than your clichéd paranormal romance, I couldn’t really picture myself there in the book connecting with the characters. It might have to do something with the grammatical errors that were too common in the first few chapters of the book. When I contacted the author about the same, I was told that the story has been written in accordance with the local dialect that is prevalent in the geographical area where the plot of the book is located. As a reader whose not familiar with the regional dialect, I found it extremely difficult to understand what was being said and had to read lines more than once to get the meaning clear. But as I got halfway through the book the errors (atleast what I considered them to be) became much less noticeable and I started enjoying the story.

The book has been written in two perspectives, of Jazz(the female protagonist) and Seb’s (the hot male vampire protagonist).

Jazz (aka Jasmine) is a college student who one day on her way to TAFE finds herself getting tailed by a red Mazda. She feels an instant connection with the driver who is a hot, sexy guy. She hasn't even met the guy and she is looking for him everywhere she goes. Jazz’s character is very unconventional from our otherwise bimbo paranormal female leads that go all gaga over a vampire. She had a very realistic reaction when she got to know that the guy she’s starting to fall for is vampire from another dimension. Thrown in the mix are the bad guys who are after Jazz’s blood because she carries gene that allow these vampires to reproduce!

Seb or Sebastian is the royal prince of Aidensdein who comes to Earth from other dimension with the task of protecting Jazz from the baddies. Its been two years since he has been protecting her(and admiring her…read he is smitten) from afar. But now no more. He’s decided to approach her and make her his own.

Having the story in two perspectives helped me understand seb and Jazz’s differences better. We could understand seb’s need to keep some distance between himself and Jazz. Jazz is very timid and doesn’t confront him about it; instead she wallows in her own misery.

Overall it was an interesting read!
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(reviewed the day of purchase)
Naomi Hopkins reviewed on Sep. 30, 2012

He Came For Me wasn’t a very face paced read, but I did enjoy it. It had a storyline that built slowly towards an intense ending. The Vampires in this story are from another dimension and are able to travel to earth using portals. It is an interesting twist to the normal Vampire stories that have already been told.

We follow the life of Jasmine “Jazz,” who is a normal girl in her late teens. She isn’t a very strong character in this story. She is a quiet girl who appears to be set in a routine- goes to TAFE, goes surfing, goes to work, home to bed. She seems to just float through her life and is unaware of the people that have been monitoring her throughout her whole life. She has some great friends who she has known since she started school and goes out on Friday nights like all single girls. One day as she is headed to TAFE she makes eye-contact with a boy in a red mazda who will change her life forever.

Seb has been on earth for two years and has always had an attraction to the girl he has been set to protect. He can no longer stay away from her and decides to modify the mission to get closer to her. He is a very confident person with a body to die for- a perfectly sculpted athletic body....yum!!

Watching these characters interact is fun to watch. You can see their connection getting stronger but Seb keeps some distance between himself and Jazz, and he doesn’t realise that he is upsetting her. Jazz is very timid and doesn’t confront him about it; instead she wallows in her own misery. But when Seb decides to commit to the relationship you can see her personality lift. She is a very accepting person too and takes the Vampire issue in without really dwelling on it too much.

He Came For Me! was a fun read and at the end of the book I could tell that Jazz’s character has changed. She will be stronger in the sequel, more confident and independent. It will be interesting to see how the story goes from here... I’m looking forward to what comes next.
(reviewed 40 days after purchase)
Emily Rencich reviewed on May 10, 2012

Review originally posted at Doodle's Book Blog

He Came For Me isn't your average run of the mill paranormal book. There are no love triangles, only harmless beings not of this world. Carolyn Brown created a unique twist on vampires in young adult novels today.

As the story unfolds we are looking at the world through Jazz's eyes. She watches as a guy drives by her one morning on her way to class and feels an instant connection. Not only does she find his eyes captivating, but she wonders why there is such a strong pull. She hasn't even met the guy and she is looking for him everywhere she goes. What she doesn't know is that he has always been there, she just never noticed him before.

Jazz is a down-to-earth college student who questions the odd things happening in her town, who lets her curiosity get the best of her, and who actually reacts properly when she finds out the guy who she feels this strong pull towards isn't human. None of that, "Oh, that's cool." She actually has a mild panic attack. To top things off, she doesn't get all gaga over the guy. He's there, great. He's missing for a few days, upset but she'll get over it. Like I said, not your average run of the mill young adult paranormal book.

There were a few other things I loved about this book besides Jazz. To be specific there was one event towards the end that reminded me of a horror movie. You know what I'm talking about. It's the scene where a girl is upstairs, she hears a bump downstairs, so she goes exploring, and something bad always happens. Well, there was a scene like that and something bad did kind of happen. I LOVED IT. I also enjoyed some of the words Carolyn chose to use. There were words that I hadn't seen in a young adult novel, such as specimen, and I grinned every time I read it (3 times). It's the little things that make me happy. Finally, we weren't just dealing in one world, but two. Normally we only see everything playing out on Earth, but in He Came For Me we have two completely different worlds.

Overall, this book was a great read. There was a little bit of content not suitable for a younger audience, but it wasn't as graphic as some books could be. I would recommend this to paranormal lovers 17 and up.

FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.
(reviewed 30 days after purchase)
rebekah romani reviewed on Aug. 22, 2011

Wonderful story world, captivating from the very first page!
Inventive story line with a new take on the supernatrual world and its possablities. The detail to characters is exceptional, with a descriptive analaysis providing visual imagary. An easy and enjoyable read!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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