The First 30 Days to Serenity: The Essential Guide to Staying Sober

While there are many successful books on the market about addiction, The First 30 Days to Serenity: The Essential Guide to Staying Sober is the first actual day-by-day account of staying sober through the first 30 days of recovery, including the thoughts, feelings, conversations, events, stress, tears, family friction, despair and drama of each of those 30 days from the lens of an addict. More

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About Super Star

Super Star – yes that is his legal name – has earned that name by accomplishing what some people would consider impossible: he chose to stay sober one day at a time after surviving an almost 15-year battle with the disease of addiction.

Super Star left the crack houses to mingle with Hollywood’s elite which culminated in the creation of an all-star CD featuring his childhood musical heroes and has devoted his life to educating others about prevention and the disease of addiction.

Super Star is a former computer consultant turned recording artist, anti-drug campaigner, author, professional speaker, sober companion and advocate. He runs a blog dedicated to topics of substance use disorder, recovery, and issues specific to teens. Super Star also recently penned the much anticipated book titled The First 30 Days to Serenity which has received accolades from professionals in the field of addiction.

Super Star is a sought after speaker for radio and print sharing his knowledge and experiences on subjects related to anti-drug, addiction, bullying, self-esteem, and dream catching. His demand has significantly increased as a result of recommendations from professionals in the field of addiction, prevention and education. Super Star communicates in an honest and effective manner offering inspiration and hope to others through his powerful message of rebranding sobriety and dream catching.

Super Star is also a musician who wrote, recorded and co-produced Serenity, a first-of-its-kind CD created in conjunction with his twin brother, Rock Star, solely to combat addiction. It features many musical heroes who have come together to help the twins, Rock Star and Super Star, tell their story. Serenity was created to be a tool to support and encourage recovery for those facing substance use disorder and to educate others about this disease that so many still struggle to understand. Guests on their CD include current and former members of the bands Kiss, Heart, The Goo Goo Dolls, Dokken, Trans-Siberian Orchestra as well as many more. It rocks – musically and inspirationally!

Super Star’s journey led him to develop the ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT. The RSSS mission is to spread awareness of the disease of addiction and decrease the social stigma still associated with it. Super Star’s goal is to engage others in vital conversation about the impact of substance use disorder and enable them see that there is a light out of the darkness; that there is HOPE. The RSSS brand is synonymous with sobriety and making responsible choices. RSSS and Super Star want people to know you don’t need to party or use drugs to be a “star”. His philosophy instills that everyone deserves access to tools that inspire them to be the best they can be and to realize their dreams. RSSS is committed to conveying this message to the public and especially to America’s youth!

The journey through recovery has led Super Star to find his passion within. He has made the courageous leap to relentlessly pursue his vision and make it a reality. He found the resilience to bounce back and persistence to keep pressing forward when doors kept closing in front of him. When no record label would support his Serenity efforts, he took it upon himself to learn the industry and was successful in getting Serenity on the shelves of Hot Topic. When no publishing house expressed an interest in his book, he published it himself in hardcopy and digital formats. The First 30 Days to Serenity is now available through online retailers such as,, and also in select bookstores and academic institutions.

Through his genuine commitment to share his message, Super Star has been able to connect with and establish relationships with some of the most prestigious addiction related organizations in the country. Super Star has been integral in the development of various marketing strategies for RSSS, has crafted the videos associated with RSSS and previously had done most of his own Public Relations work. He has also been a key player in developing a variety of projects to share the message of rebranding sobriety through making responsible choices and dream catching that include the following initiatives:

• Serenity – the CD is currently available for sale at the RSSS website and at Hot Topic Stores

• Skype discussion/presentation of a ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT assembly for middle, high school and college students – Super Star shares the RSSS message through innovative Skype discussions with students and assembly presentations at schools and colleges. RSSS also offers a live presentation for parents and community members to widen the exposure of the message throughout the communities of the schools he presents at. RSSS has already scheduled assemblies and community presentations for the 2011-12 school year in various schools and communities across the US. RSSS has collaborated with National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to include key facts on teenage substance use from the Shatter the Myths booklets. Key messages of the presentation include: Success is achieved by making responsible choices and accepting responsibility through every action, waking up every day and "doing the right thing" will always get you to the right place, believe in yourself no matter what others think, and most importantly … Sobriety is COOL!! Here is a link to a video on the school and community presentations:

• Rockin' Recovery Tour – RSSS is a Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Recovery Month Planning Partner. RSSS’s contribution to Recovery Month is to share our message through a performance of music and theatrical elements. This sober event which is to be held each September for Recovery Month is to bring awareness to the disease of addiction and celebrate recovery; a performance that spreads HOPE for all those affected by addiction! The show features musicians from the CD, Serenity. For 2011, RSSS has Tour stops confirmed for Philadelphia, NYC, Rochester (NY) and pending dates not yet confirmed. A concert especially tailored for teens is also in the works.

• The First 30 Days to Serenity – Super Star shares rock bottom experiences in active addiction and journal entries from his first 30 days in recovery followed by reflections from his recovery perspective one year later. The Foreword for Super Star’s book was written by Robert Lindsey, President/CEO of National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD).

• Blogs – RSSS has a blog site ( Blogs written by Super Star, Rock Star, guest professionals in the field of addiction and youth guest bloggers are posted regularly. In addition, Super Star is a regular blog contributor for and

Super Star has collaborated with renowned national publications, radio shows, and organizations specific to the area of substance abuse, education and prevention with expansive demographics; among them:
– National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
– The Hot Topic Foundation
– Renew Magazine
– Partnership for a Drug Free America (
– National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD),
– The Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)
– National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse
– The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

For more information on ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT initiatives contact Margi Taber at or call 424-216-6173..


This is an amazing book for anyone struggling with an addiction!
According to Robert Lindsey, President/CEO of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), “Rock Star, Super Star are not the usual words associated with a book that tells the whole unvarnished truth and focuses on the remarkable journey of recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. But, truly an inspirational message of Hope, Help and Healing!”


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